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Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine (ISSN 0039- 
7342). Issued four times yearly; fall, winter, spring 
end summer by Sweet Briar College. Periodicals 
postage paid at Sweet Briar, VA 24595 and 
Lyncfiburg, VA 24506 

Send form 3579 to Sweet Briar College, Box E, 
Sweet Briar VA 24595. Telepfione (804) 381-6131. 


presidents message 

Dear Alumnae and Friends of Sweet Briar College, 

As we consider the accomplishments of the past year, we appreciate, once again, how 
much has been made possible by the enduring generosity of our donors. Your contri- 
butions underwrite what we consider to be our most important work: to attract, 
engage, and wholly educate a student body of dynamic and diverse young women. 
The year's successes have strengthened our determination to continue to offer an edu- 
cation that intentionally takes into account that women's lives and learning styles are 
different from those of men. 

The students entering in 1999, like each successive incoming 
class, were increasingly enthusiastic about taking an active role 
in their own education. Our student population — nearly 700 
bright, ambitious, adventurous women — excelled at plunging 
wholeheartedly into remarkable educational experiences. Sweet 
Briar women collaborated with faculty mentors on research, 
landed competitive internships, and traveled to distant comers of 
the world to experience other cultures firsthand. The Sweet Briar 
faculty continued to collect prestigious research grants and earn 
national recognition for accessibility to students. 

A campus designed to inspire frequent student-faculty interaction is an important rea- 
son Sweet Briar continued to attract media attention as a model for the liberal arts 
college of the 21st century. In the past year alone, most historic buildings on the main 
campus were restored in some way. Renovations to the dairy barn made space for the 
Studio Art program, conversion of the caboose and train station near Guion provided 
laboratory and office space for Environmental Sciences, and construction of the 
Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center began. Sweet Briar's master plan, which 
emphasizes updating facilities while maintaining historical integrity, will proceed over 
the next quarter century. 

As the academic year concluded, 1 1 6 graduating seniors joined the ranks of Sweet 
Briar's alumnae. As we welcome the Class of 2000 to our alumnae family, we look 
forward to the college's second century with renewed confidence that our graduates 
and friends will continue to collaborate with us in this exciting enterprise. 

Thank you for your abiding involvement, interest, and support. 

Elisabeth Muhlenfeld 




s message 

Dear Friends, 

Last year you delivered another record year of financial support for your College. We are deeply grateful 
for all that your generosity has meant for our students and faculty, and for the new standard it set for 
ensuring that Sweet Briar remains viable, vibrant and visionary in the new century. You have set in 
motion the possibility for greatness outlined in the College's long-range plan. In the ensuing months and 
years. President Muhlenfeld and I plan to meet with you in groups and individually to acquaint you with 
this blueprint and the crucial role your support will play in making it a reality. I look forward to working 
with you. 

Thank you most profoundly for your loyalty and love for Sweet Briar. 


Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko 

Vice President for Development and College Relations 

The 1999-2000 Total Giving 

$185,535 pother 

The 1999-2000 Honor Roll of Donors reflects the College's abiding gratitude for gifts sent hy members of the Sweet Briar family 
between July I, 1999 and June 30, 2000. Warmest thanks to each donor from all of us at the College. 

This report has been prepared by the Division of Development and Public Relations. We have taken great care to ensure that complete 
and accurate listings appear However due to the large number of donors, to whom we are most grateful, a mistake may have gone 
unnoticed. The College has also recently upgraded to a new administrative software .'iysteni that includes information tm names and 
addresses. As with any .mch venture, mistakes may occur Should you find an error or omissiim, please bring it to our attention. Contact 
the Office of Development. Box G. Sweet Briar. VA 24595 or call (804)381-6161. Please note that an individual's name may appear on 
several lists, and also that some donors have requested that their gifts be aiumynknis. 



girr ciuds 



The Sweet Briar Circle honors 
donors who make gifts of 
$10,000 or more. Thank you for 
the 102 gift,s of this magnitude 
which were received in 1999- 
2000 from these Sweet Briar 
Circle members: 


Mrs. Homer I. Altice 

Juliette M. Anthony '62 

Mr and Mrs. Robert W. Artinion 

Anno Whilaker Bartel '41' 

Ann Ritchey Boruch '62 

Myth Monnich Boyoud '80 

Gordon G. Beemer H'21 

Audrey!. Setts '45' 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Bredin 

Catherine Bornett Brown '49 

Wahet H. Brown H'49 

Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

Mary 5wih Calhoun '31' 

Ann Arnspiger Conipe '69 

Ehzobeth Stanly Cates '63 

Nonnette McBurney Crowdus '57 

Ernest P. Edwords 

Constonce Currie Fleming '40' 

Corel MtMurtry Fowler '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Edword L. Fretwell Jr. 

Nanty Hall Green '64 

Frances W. Gregory '36' 

Virginia Hardin '37 

Mr. ond Mrs. L. Porker Horrell Jr. 

(Adele Vogel '62) 
Betty-Potter Kinne Hillyer '43 
Gladys Wester Horton '30 

Gladys Woodward Hubbard '24* 
Belle Brockenbrough Hutchins '29' 
Lucile Cox Jones '36" 
Noncy Hudler Keuffel '62 
Ernest N. Kirrmonn ' 
Frances Childress Lee '57 
Soro Finnegon Lycett '61 
Mt. and Mrs. Hugh Mocneil 
Julio Groves Martin '42 
Antonio Bredin Mossie '77 
Bonnie Polmer McCloskey 70 
Arthur L. McDougol 
Normo Potteson Mills '60 
Mildred Moon Monlogue '40 
Kathleen Bailey Nager '53 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson Newman 
Alice Perry Pork '65 
1 M. Possono Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. John L Potteson Jr. 
Patricio Powell Pusey '60 
William A. Robertson 
Stephanie Bredin Speokman '68 
Soro Davis Spencer '48 
Serena Ailes Stevens '30 
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Stone 
Mildred Newmon Thayer '61 
Evoline Edmonds Thomo '29 
Frances Thomos' 
Julio Baldwin Waxier '49 
Cornelia Murray Weller '33' 
Elizabeth Smith White '59 
Lois Peterson Wilson '26' 
Florence Barclay Winston '57 
Margaret Jones Wyllie '45 
Susan Snodgross Wynne '72 
Jane Lewis Zollicoffer '50 


Ninety-two President's Circle 

gifts ($5,000 -$9,999) were 

received in 1999-2000. Grateful 

thanks to each of these 



Patricio Sorensen Ackord '41 

Mr and Mrs. A. Marshall Acuff Jr. 

Martha Garrison Anness '48 

Liso Hoggart Arnold '88 

Kolhryn Beard '55 

Bryan Alphin Bente '69 

Joan Moore Biddle '64 

Soroh Porter Boehmler '65 

Mary Mortis Gamble Booth '50 

Alice Cory Former Brown '59 

Mary Lonmon Brown '50 

Catherine Cage Bruns '55 

Nino Wilkerson Bugg '60 

Mr and Mrs. J. Armisteod Burwell Jr. 

(Ethel Ogden '58) 
Eugenie Childress 
Mory Whipple Clark '35' 
Mr ond Mrs. W. Ford Cramer Jr 
Floro Cameron Crichton '46 
Winifred Stotey Dovis '61 
Debtah L. Denemark '70 
Diana G. Dent '50 
D. J. DeRozio 

Charlotte Heuer de Serio '57 
Elizabeth Heoly Downing '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Dudmon 
Kemp V. Dwenger 
Michela A. English '71 
Mr and Mrs. Frederick 0. Evans Jr 
Mary Beth Hnmlin Finke '76 
Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36 
Morgorel Lewis Furse '50 
Forrest L. Goger Jr 
Nancy Corson Gibbes '60 
Claire Dennison Griffith '80 


Mr and Mrs. Bradley Hale 

(Anne Sheffield '54) 
Vesto Murray Hoselden '38 
Soroh Easter Henderson '50 
Mr and Mrs. Victor W. Henningsen Jr 

(Moyde Ludington '48) 
Anno Maty Chidestet Heywood '45 
Elizobeth F Hibbs '29' 
Betsey Sawyer Hodges '50 
Rose Montgomery Johnston '56 
Kathleen A. Kovonogh '74 
Soroh Toms Kreker '39 
Mr and Mrs. Edward W. Lane Jr 

(Helen Murchison '46) 
Frances Griffith Loserson '70 
Elsie Landrom Loyton '50 
Elizabeth Bromhom Lee '48' 
Frances Martin Lindsay '50 
Pomelo Sullivan Livingston '67 
Mr ond Mrs. Cunnie A. Martin Jr 
Mory Lee McGinnis McCloin '54 
A. Porks McCombs' 
Rebecca Towlll McNair '60 
Margol Sour Meyer '60 
Mory Fitzhugh Miller '64 
Virginia Cotes Mitchell '63 
Voughan Inge Motrissette '54 
Mory Johnson Nelson '64 
Undo Sims Newmork '60 
Helen Addington Possono '55 
Joanne Holbrook Potton '52 
Ivono PelnarZoiko 
Ellen Gilliom Perry '45 
Meredith Sione Person '47 
Margaret Croighill Price '41 
Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 
Ann Wesley Ramsey '75 
Elizabeth Zulich Reuter '45 
Mr and Mrs. Billy D. Rhoodes 
Lisa Nelson Robertson '76 
Tracy G. Sovoge '70 
Virginia Nelson Self '56 
Eleonor Bosworth Shonnon '47* 
Fronces Bell Shepherd '55 
Allison Stemmons Simon '63 
Betty Haverty Smith '44 
Morgoret Semmes Slavropoulos '61 
Morgo Stever 

Martha Moupin Stewort '29 
Bonnie Wood Stookey '34 
Kotherine Upchurch Tokvorion '72 
Elviro McMillon Tate '65 
Joan Thiele 

Soroh Everett Toy '28' 
Penelope Logokos Turok '74 
John and David Tyree 
Margaret West Valentine '55 
George F Walker 
Betty Byrne Gill Wore '55 
Connie Burwell White '34 
Fannie C. Zollicofer '80 


THE 1999-2000 

1999-2000 Boxwood Circle 
Commiltee consisted of 73 
members, including all class 
Boxwood Circle Fund Agents 
Betsy Smith While '59 

Lochrone Coleman Smith 76 


Jonet Thorpe '39 
Borboro Nevens Young '41 
Jone Lovelond Byerts '41 
Florence Bogley Witt '42 
Mory Love Ferguson Senders '43 
Anno Chidester Heywood '45 
Helen Elliott Sockwell '48 
Asudrey Lohmon Rosselol '48 
Mortho Monsfield Clement '48 
Mary Fron Brown Ballard '49 
Walter Brown '49 
Anne Sinsheimer '51 
Mary Kimball Grier '53 
Eleanor Johnson Ashby '53 
Louise Aubrey MtFarlond "54 
Chorlotle Heuer de Serio '57 
Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 
Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 
Ann Young Bloom '59 
Ann Pegrom Harris '59 
Betsy Smith White '59 
Vivion Butler Scott '59 
Julie O'Neil Arnheim '61 
Margoret Wodmon Cofosso '61 
Adele Vogel Horrell '62 
McNoir Currie Maxwell '63 
Jone H. Goodridge '63 
Lee Huston Carroll '64 
Susie Glasgow Brown '64 
Rosomond Somple Brown '64 
Evie Day Butler '66 
Sally Twedell Bogley '67 
Borboro Johnson Piickett '68 
Ann Peterson Griffin '68 
Lynn Pearson Russell '69 
Ann Arnspier Conipe '69 
Marguerite Smith Willis (Boyd) '71 
Lynne Monov Springsky '71 
Morion F Wolker '72 
Diane Dole Reiling '73 
Sondro Taylor '74 
Mory Bush Norwood '74 
Mory Beth Hamlin Finke '76 
Jonet Myers Deons '77 
Peggy Holey Sheehon '77 
Julio K. Sutherlond '78 
Elizabeth Wroy Longino '7B 
Cindi Little Townsend '79 
Nancy Webb Corkery '81 
Molly Rogers Cromer '81 
Carol Seorles Bohrer '82 
Ann Morton Young Hobilston '82 
Tracy Gotewood Lyons '83 
Heother Willson Freemon '84 
Lili Gillespie Billings '84 
Corel Anne Dickson '86 
Jeon "Som" Lewis Guergoi '87 
Teresa Pike Tomlinson '87 

Kotrlna Evans Gotti '88 
Katie Keogh Snelling '88 
Kale Robinson Hillestod '89 
Elizabeth Hensley Mortin '91 
Kelley Sullivan Jurgovon '92 
Morgoret McClellon Driscoll '92 
Elizobeth "Beth" Gilkeson '93 
Elizabeth Thigpen Landry '94 
Mory Holmes '94 
Soro D. Selby '96 
Kora Vlosoty '97 
Allison Gerber '98 
Erin Sobotto '99 
Emily Taylor '00 


The Boxwood Circle honors 
those who contribute $ 1 .000 to 
S4.999; 568 Boxwood Circle 
gifts were received in 1999- 
2000. Thanks to all Boxwood 
Circle members! 


Suson Roglond Abrohomson '57 
Eugenia Burnett AHel '42 
Hozel Slerrett Allen '40 
Beverley Shorp Amberg '65 
Mory Barbara Annan '67 
Normo Brodley Arnold '44 
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Arnold 
Eleonor Johnson Ashby '53 
Ann BelserAsher '50 
Jon Huguenin Assmus '69 
Morjorie Whitson Aude '57 
Ashley Rondle Averell '75 
Mr. and Mrs. Guilford C. Bobcock 
Sarah G. Bobcock '83 
Solly Twedell Bogley '67 
Alberto Pew Baker '49 
Nancy Thompson Baker '50 
Dorothy Tobin Baldwin '44 
Noncy Godwin Baldwin '57 
Mory Fron Brown Bollord '49 
Ethel Green Bonto '55 
Brenda Muhlinghous Borger '65 
Joonne Harrier Barker '60 
Potricio Levi Barnett '49 
Florence Rowe Bornick '80 
Merrill Underwood Borringer '54 
Barbara Rockefeller Bortlett '63 
Catherine Price Boss '45 
Mory Brush Boss '62 
Sonjo Howell Boum '65 
Goil Davidson Bozzorre '55 
Sally Skinner Behnke '44 
Colleen Bradley Bell '89 
Lindo Yeoger Beltchev '85 
Suzanne Hardy Benson '48 
Malinda Bradley Bergen '87 
Mofcio Rhodes Berglund '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Gory N. Betz 
Elizobeth Gillespie Billings '84 
Janet Martin Birney '53 
Betty Bean Block '49' 
lucindo Michel Blokely '66 
Clare Newmon Blonchord '60 
Ann Mountcostle Blechta '51 
Ann Young Bloom '59 
Lynn Wotermon Blum '72 

Suzanne Edinger Boos '68 
Sondro Bogort 
Patricio McCloy Boggs '55 
Letitio Ord Bonbrighl '43' 
Cothorine Filzgerold Booker '47' 
Bloir Bunting Both '40 
Laura Hoiley Bowen '56 
Grocey Luckett Bradley '39 
Mr. and Mrs, W Waldo Brodley 
Ann Smith Bretscher '60 
Joanne Raines Brinkley '57 
Phyllis Herndon Brissenden '55 
Mory Dome Stubbs Brood '50 
Mary Jane Hipp Brock '70 
Dr and Mrs. Owen W. Brodie 
Fronces Boiley Brooke '38 
Edith Tonner Broughton '50 
Susan Glosgow Brown '64 
Mory Brunn 

Shonnon Wood Bush '87 
Anne Loumon Bussey '37 
Evelyn Day Butler '66 
Jean Show Byrne '65 
Mr, ond Mrs. William J, Coboniss Jr. 

(Catherine Caldwell '61) 
Corlo Pellegrino Cobot '84 
Morgoret Wodmon Cofosso '61 
Ann Walsh Cohouet '54 
Mr. ond Mrs. Croig J. Cain 
Mr. ond Mrs. Victor J. Cameron 
Judith C, Campbell '50 
Anthony Coprio 
Barbara Hastings Come '69 
Donno Robinson Cart '52 
Jane MunneHyn Carter '50 
Elizabeth Brewer Coughmon '70 
Morydee Wimbish Cholfont '60 
Bettye Thomos Chambers '62 
Ernestine White Chandler '44 
Fay Martin Chandler '43 
Hilda Hude Chopin '45 
Leila Barnes Cheatham '45 
Borboro Derr Chenoweth '38 
Dorothy Montague Cholnoky '50 
Mr. ond Mrs. F Hudnoll Christopher Jr 

(Claire Connon '58) 
Glenys Dyer Church '73 
Ellen Romsoy Clark '49 
Dr, and Mrs. Terrence T Clark 
Virginia Campbell Clinch '29 
Jeonnette Singleton Cloyd '75 
Mary Lee Bell Coffey '69 
Harriotte Blond Coke '48 
Louisa Hunt Coker '56 
Eleanor Myers Cole '46 
Virginia Upchurch Collier '72 
Borboro Trogokis Conner '85 
Dr. ond Mrs. Anthony J. Conte 
Bonnie Cord '66 
Margaret Murchison Corse '50 
Poulo Ayotte Corwin '67 
Jone Ellis Covington '60 
Evelyn Corter Cowles 73 
Jeon Inge Cox '65 
Solly Fishburn Crockett '52 
Suson Bronson CroH '64 
Thomas I. Crowell 
Mr, and Mrs. Overton A. Currie 
Mr. and Mrs. Overton A. Currie Jr. 

Joguelin Ambler Cusick '57 
Rebecca Manning Cutler '27 
Harold R. Donn '75 
Mr, and Mrs, Fronk Dorden 
Alice Edwards Davenport '45 
Jone R. Davenport '70 
Garland Hunter Dovies '50 
Ruth Frye Deoton '54 
Elise Wochenfeld de Popp '55 
Catherine Newman Detering '76 
Margaret Swindell Dickermon '43 
Closey Foulkner Dickey '48 
Eleanor Griggs Diemar '66 
Jonet Bromon Dingle '51 
Alice Warner Donoghy '62 
Mr, and Mrs, David H, Dorminey 
Carol Goodman Doty '87 
Mr, and Mrs, Chris S, Doughtie 
Nancy Pingree Drake '43 
Ellen Clare Gillespie Dreyer '83 
Marie Shields Duke '76 
Colhleen Brooke Dunkle '85 
Elizabeth Space Dunn '59 
Shannon Thompson Eodon '80 
Frances EaHy '62 
Lucy Boyd Lemon Edmunds '63 
Anne Hill Edwards '46 
Kothryn Yeoger Edwords '84 
Mortho Meehon Elgor '67 
Pomelo Koehler Elmets '80 
Eleanor Crosby Erdmon '60 
Morio Word Estefonio '69 
Mr. and Mrs, Thomas C, Eubonks Jr. 
Helen Scribner Euston '65 
KimbeHey McGrow Euston '92 
Heather Colson Ewing '90 
Patricia Dolph Fallon '84 
Beryl Bergquist Farris '71 
Frances McClung Ferguson '80 
Katherine Guerronl Fields '53 
Fronces Johnson Finley '37' 
Kelley Monderson Fitzpotrick '85 
Cotherine Flaherty '80 
Virginio Squibb Flynn '32 
Lindo Knickerbocker Ford '59 
Sarah Tomlinson Foscue '38 
Solly Bianchi Foster '50 
Decco Gilmer Frockelton '41 
Mory Carter Frockelton '72 
Elinor Word Francis '37 
Rebecco Young Frozer '35 
Cloro Coll Frazier '40 
Catherine Gornto Freeman '92 
Heather Willson Freeman '84 
Mary Ann Robb Freer '54 
Shelby French 
Mr, ond Mrs, Eric G. Friberg 
Emily Thompson Gable '55 
Gay Hart Goines '59 
Soroh Belk Gombrell '39 
Bonilee Key Garrett '43 
Kotrina Evons Gotti '88 
Joseph A, Gikhrist Jr,' 
Mory Waterman Gildehous '69 
Elisobeth Elmore Gillelond '50 
Mrs, Williom B, Gillies Jr 
Adelaide Boze Glascock '40 
Saroh Giddens Glendoy '69 
Suzanne Wright Godfrey '75 

Louro Radford Goley '52 

Valerie Gordon-Johnson '74 

Nancy Douthot Goss '55 

Patricio Roby Gotfredson '84 

Patricio Poterson Grohom '79 

Jo Gulick Grant '50 

Modeleine F Green 

Allison Roberts Greene '81 

Dionne Verney Greenway '55 

Mory Kimboll Grier '53 

Ann Peterson Griffin '68 

Jean Lewis Guergoi '87 

Katherine Gumerson '97 

Mory Sutherland Gwinn '65 

Helen Corruthers Hockwell '35 

Mr and Mrs, Fronk P Hall III 

Metto Streit Hollo '55 

Winborne Leigh Hamlin '58 

Mr, and Mrs, Mark J, Honket 

Ruth Gillilond Hardmon '35 

Nancy S, Hordt '74 

Helen Schmid Hardy '40 

David W, Horris 

Elizabeth Trueheort Harris '49 

Jeonnine Davis Harris '80 

Mory Lawrence Harris '79 

Rhoda J, Horris '82 

Solly Williams Harrison '75 

Elisabeth Wallace Hortman '53 

Mortho Mottern Harvey '64 

Ann Pelesch Hozzord '51 

Mory Groetzinger Heard '63 

Jonet Moynord Henderson '60 

Roberto Malone Henderson '57 

Dorothy Compton Marks Herbruck '51 

Mr ond Mrs. Leonord G, Herring 

Jone Burnett Hill '40 

Penelope M. Hill 

Soroh Bottle Hitch Hill '63 

Dr ond Mrs. Bruce Hillner 

Lindo Schwoob Hodges '65 

Esther Jett Holland '43 

Poulo Hollingsworth-Thomos '74 

Bridget O'Reilly Holmes '83 

Lesley Bissell Hoopes '68 

Mr and Mrs, William R, Horbott 

Ella Phillips Hotchkiss '29' 

Anne Stuckle Houston '46 

Kothy Jockson Howe '78 

Mr, and Mrs. Richard L. Howell 

Patricia A. Hoyos '79 

Mr, and Mrs, Douglas C. Hughes 

Jacqueline Mobie Humphrey '60 

Dr and Mrs, Fred 0. Hunker 

Suson Scales Hunt '87 

Kotherine Grosvenor Hutcheson '83 

Lauren MacMonnis Huyett '79 

Kathleen Meredith locobelli '88 

Mory Bailey Izord '52 

Fonchon Lewis Jackson '50 

Soro Collison Jamison '29 

Mr ond Mrs, Leslie A. Jonko 

Elizobeth Woshnbough Jarvis 75 

Lucy Gordon JeHers '39 

Noncy Carter Jewell '50 

Logon Phinizy Johns '36 

Morgery Scott Johnson '57 

Solly Lone Johnson '50 

Shirley Levis Johnson '47* 



Catharine Hardwick Johnston '49 
Dallis Johnson Jones '54 
Noncy Parsons Jones '36 
Louise Corrigon Jordan '39 
Phylhs A. Joyner '55 
Maho H. Konoo '85 
Leon J. Kaplan 
Anne Wimbish Kosonin '59 
Mary A. Keliey '70 
Nartissa Dillord Keliey '39 
Cotherine Grier Kelly '75 
Anne Hoaglond Kelsey '52 
Mr. ond Mrs. James S. Kemper III 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kenefick 
Jane Johnson Kent '48 
Joan R. Kent' 
Bonnie Kestner 

Mr. ond Mrs. William A. Kientz III 
Anlo Kingdon 
Sally Old Kitchin '76 
Cornelia Cholkley Kittler '40 
Ann McKie Kling '74 
Rebecca Faxon Knowles '55 
Jonet Hiestond Roller '63 
Jo Ann Soderguist Kramer '64 
Mr. ond Mrs. Williom A. Kroh 

Margaret Holcomb MocMillon '37 
Elizabeth Hoskell Mock '57 
Kathrino Howie Moclellan '33 
Michael J. Madden 
Meta Bond Magevney '63 
Brooke Patterson Mohlstedt '65 
Morjorie Willetts Maiden '44 
Barbara E. Mallett '79 
Mary Virginia Grigsby Mallett '49 
Richard L. Mongione 
Peachey Lillord Monning '50 
Rebecca Dougloss Mopp '37 
Barbara Favill Marshall '50 
Harriet Woll Martin '65 
Margaret Sheffield Mortin '48 
Emily Wilkins Mason '44 
Elizabeth W. Matheson '64 
Cornelia Long Motson '58 
Emory Furniss Maxwell '74 
McNair Currie Maxwell '63 
Anne Stupp McAlpin '68 
Lenetto Archord McCampbell '85 
Allison Jennings McConce '64 
Stello Moore McClintock '57 
Margaret Graves McClung '53 
Martha Hoffman McCoy '44 

Elizabeth London Krone '81 
Bruce Watts Krucke 
Mrs. Charles J. Kurtz Jr. 
Min K. Ho Kwoon '60 
Mary Pederson Kyger '64 
Elizobeth Todd Londen '50 
Marc-Olivier Langlois 
Jone Lowder '35 
Dorothy Moore Lawson '59 
Ann Tremain Lee '69 
Rebekoh Strode Lee '34" 
Cothorine Bracher Leggett '43 
Marin Howard Leggett '95 
Diane M. Leslie '73 
Dorothy Wood Letts '50 
Kote Sulzberger Levi '38 
Anne Noyes Lewis '43 
Caroline Casey Lindemonn '49 
Susanne Gay Linville '32 
Elizabeth Hanger Lippincott '42 
Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb '59 
Anne Cone Liptzin '61 
Anne Corbiti Little '34 
Helen Missires Lorenz '50 
Valerie Stoddard Loring '59 
Julio Fort Lowe '63 
Susan Posey Ludemon '80 
Catherine A. Lumsden '78 
Meredith Moore Lynn '50 
Megan CoHield Lyon '80 
Frances Graham Macllwinen '63 

Mary Lee McDonald '65 
Louise Aubrey McForlond '54 
Aimee Des Plond McGirt '47 
Sherrie Sneod McLeRoy '74 
Dorothy Woods McLeod '58 
Frances Hunter McOwen '01 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. McOwen 
Carson Freemon Meinen '80 
Carolyn Foster Meredith '61 
Anne Taylor Merrill '69 
Mr. ond Mrs. Charles F Meyer 
Julia Groy Saunders Michoux '39 
Barbara Bolles Miller '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Miller Jr. 
Martha Jean Brooks Miller '41 * 
Sue Lowton Mobley '55 
Denise Montgomery '75 
Dorothy Lear Mooney '78 
Jane D. Mooney '77 
Ann R. Moore '69 
Borboro Bowen Moore '60 
Irene Mitchell Moore '42 
Marie L. Moore '70 
Mokonoh Dunham Morriss '66 
Frances Kirven Morse '68 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morse Jr. 
Miriom Molander Moss '62 
Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 
Grace Bugg Muller-Thym '42 
Elizabeth Doucett Neill '41 
Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson '43 

Jone W. Nelson '66 
Patricio Smith Nelson '48 
Thedo Sherman Newlin '32 
Anne Wolker Newton '38 
Shirley Houseman Nordhem '42 
Marino Nowell 
Anne Borough O'Connor '41 
Janice P O'Donnell '75 
Nancy McVoy O'Neill '43 
Linda J. Odum '72 
Lamar Ellis Oglesby '54 
Allen Dunnington Ohrstrom '50 
Jean C. Old '47 
MoryScully OIney '41 
Kothorine Weisiger Osborne '47 
Cynthia Wilson Ottawoy '57 
Marie Gilliam Pork '50 
Mary Owens Parkinson '61 
Mary Judd Potton '39 
Gray Thomas Payne '75 
Lucretio Croter Peorse '55 
Kathleen Garcia Pegues '71 
Courtney Gibson Pelley '59 
Edna Sysko Peltier '42 
Kathleen Peeples Pendleton '55 
Mr. ond Mrs. Barry A. Perlow 
Elaine Newton Peters '57 
Borksdole Brown Peters '66 
C. Gregg Petersmeyer 
Barbara Bell Peterson '60 
Anne Allen Pflugfelder '54 
Charlotte Prothro Philbin '95 
Mr. and Mrs. M. Phillips 
Terry Faulkner Phillips '51 
Kay Porhom Picho '70 
Johno L. Pierce '75 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Cotesworth Pinckney 

(Helen Roney '66) 
Susan Dern Plonk '73 
Ruth Myers Pleasants '34 
Marie Chopin Plumley '57 
Catherine Tift Porter '44 
Anne Litle Poulet '64 
Florence A. Powell '80 
Marsha Decker Powers '75 
Christine Mendel Prewitt '73 
Barbara Johnson Prickett '68 
Gertrude Prior '29' 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Prothro 
Louise E. Pulizzi '75 
Potricio Owens Purvis '50 
Betty Johnson Roglond '48 
Louise Weston Roiney '74 
Milbrey Sebring Roney '65 
Carolyn King Ratcliffe '60 
Korly Rousch 
Margaret W. Redlern '47 
Patsey Carney Reed '62 
Mr. and Mrs. Somuel F Reld Jr. 
Diane Dole Reiling '73 
Catherine Cox Reynolds '49 
Amondo Steel Rich '79 
Louise Winslett Richardson '60 
Victoria Clarendon Richter '80 
Susan Van Cleve Riehl '47 
Mary Cosby Rinehort '61 
Christoph Ringier 
Betty Frontz Roberts '40 
Marion Mann Roberts '39 

H. Therese Robinson '83 
Ann I Rockwell '80 
Clara Pfeiffer Rodes '55 
Fronces A. Root '80 
Audrey Lohmon Rosselot '48 
Joan DeVore Roth '41" 
Patricio Trougott Rouse '48 
Dorothy Rouse-Botlom '49 
Anne Wilson Rowe '57 
Mary Moore Rowe '34 
Jill Steenhuis RuHoto '80 
Elizabeth Moore Rusk '26 
Lynn Pearson Russell '69 
Betty Jackson Ryan '48 
Christie Colder Salomon '64 
Mogdoleno Solvesen '65 
Betfy Von Dusen Samson '44 
Mary Love Ferguson Sanders '43 
Helen J. Sonlord '42 
Yvonne Leggett Sonford '39 
Judith Welton Sargent '59 
Jean Oliver Sorter '39 
Ellen Horrison Saunders '75 
Fronces Dornette Schofer '70 
Helene P Schewel 
Kotherine A. Schlech '70 
Mrs. Andrew J. Schroder II 
Frances Longino Schroder '44 
Mory Barge Schroder '39 
E. Elaine Schuster '58 
Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott '36 
Beverly Benson Seomons '50 
Mary Lou Morton Seilheimer '63 
Anne Dorden Self '80 
Daniel E. Shannon 
Thomas C. Shelton 
Colten Skinner Shepherd '33 
Lola Steele Shepherd '50 
Joseph F Sherer Jr. 
Anne Sinsheimer '51 
Anne Kleemon Sites '47 
Susan Hendricks Sloymon '60 
Ellen S. Smith '87 
Emily Pleasants Smith '65 
Frances Street Smith '52 
Lochrane Coleman Smith '76 
Mary Virginio Camp Smith '36 
Alice Allen Smyth '62 
Eleanor Potts Snodgross '48 
Helen Elliott Sockwell '48 
Coroline Birdsoll Sory '61 
Patti Birge Spivey '61 
Douglas Woods Sprunt '42 
Melonie Bowen Steglich '78 
Judy Stento 

Morgoret Jones Steuort '54 
Courtney Stevenson '66 
Jean Morris Stevenson '60 
Audrey Stoddard '55 
Janet E. Storey-Honick '73 
Ruth Lowronce Street '27 
Mary Lone Bryan Sullivan '58 
Julio K. Sutherland '78 
Grace E. Sutlle '60 
Lillian Sinks Sweeney 'BO 
Poulett Long Toggort '44 
Margaret Cromwell Tolioferro '49 
Jo Ann Roderick Tankard '90 
Mr. and Mrs. S. Joseph Tornowski 

Jeon G. Taylor '49 

Margaret Taylor 

Ann Collins Teochout 

Douglas Dockery Thomas '62 

Margaret Smith Thomosson '36 

Isabel Goylord Thompson '45 

Jane Arensberg Thompson '61 

Elizabeth Schneider Thornton '80 

Eleonor St. Cloir Thorp '58 

Patricio Smith Ticer '55 

Lido Matthews Tingley '61 

Ruth Ullond Todd '22 

Jane Roseberry Tolleson '52 

Teresa Pike Tomlinson '87 

Deal Tompkins 

Terry Starke Tosh '75 

Newell Bryon Tozzer '55 

Betsy Gilmer Ttemoin '42 

Maude C. Triune 

Morgoret Addington Twohy '48 

Georgene M. Voire '72 

Solly Scholl Von Allen '42 

Anne Hinshow Vanderweil '68 

Dorothy Barnum Venter '35 

Adeline Jones Voorhees '46 

Jane Totmon Walker '60 

Mary Hoskell Walker '66 

Wendy Igleheort Walker '78 

Judith Atkins Wall '61 

Edith Broinerd Walter '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Woodword A. Warrick Jr. 

Margaret Storey Wosson '61 

Helen Grovott Watt '44 

Lee Montague Watts '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Richord D. Webb 

Wendy C.Weiler '71 

Mrs. Richard C. Weiss 

Jane Feltus Welch '55 

Murrell Rickords Werth '44 

Jone Bradley Wheeler '64 

Alice Stonsbury White '52 

Hedi Houg White '64 

Karen Kniskern White '43 

Nancy Storey White '50 

Catherine Cranston Whithom '75 

Jean Probeck Wiont '50 

Elizabeth Colwill Wiegers '59 

Mr. ond Mrs. Stephen L. Wilcoxson 

Jean Guthons Wilkins '85 

Cecil Butler Williams '47 

Jane Dildy Williams '55 

Joan O'Meoro Winont 

Koy Leroy Wing '50 

Bet Bashinsky Wise '75 

Melisso Gentry Witherow '80 

Florence Bogley Witt '42 

Ariona Jones Witike '46 

Johanna Yople Wolski '70 

Diane Duffield Wood '57 

Betty Cocke Wright '45 

Elizabeth H. Wyatt '69 

Anne Joyce Wymon '53 

Dorothy Molone Yates '42 

Jane Heodstreom Yerkes '60 

Borboro Smith Young '71 

Cynthia Nolond Young '40 

Marion Mundy Young '42 

Suzanne Weover 7immer '85 

Louise Swiecki Zingoro '80 




1he Junior Boxwood Circle Comminee 
Lee Foley Dolan '96, Choir 

The Junior Boxwood Circle 
honors young alumnae who 
contribute $l()0-$800. 

depemlinj.' on class year. 

Kelley Dize Anderson '99 
Rachel J. Bornord '99 
Bronwyn E. Beard '98 
Mory Leiitio Harbour Berg '97 
Soroh L. Bell '97 
Virginia W. Blair '98 
Kimberly N. BolzAndolshek '99 
Dana L. Bordvitk '98 
Lynne T. Boyd '99 
Rachel A. Braille '99 
Wondo D. Brockmon '96 
Megan Senecol Burton '99 
Juslino Brie Carllon '95 
Kotherine M. Corr '98 
Morgorel Ann McDonald Carter '97 
Emily Clork '99 
Soro Colherine Clyburn '99 
Margaret E.Y.E. Dally '99 
Lisa Buckingham Darr '95 
Lee Foley Oolon '96 
Soroh J. Dorminey '99 
Amelia E. Dudmon '96 
Kotherine A. Dudmon '99 
Mary Evongeline Easterly '00 
Dawn E. Everett '98 
Melissa Coffey Fitz '98 
Grelchen G. Grovley '98 
English E. Griffith '95 
Elizabeth H. Groves '96 
Tonya N. Grudier '98 
Alison S. Holl '97 
Tracy Kitchen Harris '99 
Courtney Lommers Hemmer '97 
Gwendolyn R. Hickey-Bobtock '95 
Lindsay Hicks '99 
Jessica M. Hiveley '97 
Jean E. Holmes '98 
Dcnno J. Hooglond '99 
Elizabeth Troylor Howard '96 
Margaret H. Jenkins '97 
Jessico E. John '95 
Louro E. Lomb '99 
Morisol G. Loserno '99 
Laura S. Lechler '96 
Kotherine E. Lemming '99 
Condice Broughton Moillord '98 
Anno Welton Martin '96 
Kotherine M. McCartney '97 
Elizabeth M. Mcintosh '97 
Heather A. McLeod '99 
Meredith Davis Mulhern '99 
Shelley M. Shteve '98 
Adefunmi I. Omisode '98 
R. Anne Ponkoski '96 
Dorelle A. Pfeiffer '98 
Meghan M. Pollord '99 
Cynthio Bumgordner Puckett '98 
Kotie Clorkson Robertson '97 
Londis Addison Rollins '97 
Amy A. Sonford '99 

Amy M. Smith '99 
Kristin A. Smith '99 
Lauren D. Smithers '96 
Erin E. Sobotto '99 
Beverley C, Stone '95 
Mory Kolhryn Taylor '99 
Noncy Corcoron Thuringer '96 
Meredith Tillery '99 
Jill A. Triono '99 
Gonnon Hunt Turner '98 
Kelly A. Turney '99 
Lauren E. Volente '98 
Devon L. Vosconcellos '99 
Thereso L Walters '96 
Julie Hildebrand Warren '96 
Jocqueline G. Weiner '98 
Carolyn Pyle Weisemon '98 
Natasha T White 99 
Brondi R. Whitley '99 
Kristo M. Wigginton '99 
Oono R, Woodbury '98 
Erin A. Wortley '98 
Susan Wooldridge Yeotts '95 


Donors of gifts between $500 
and $999 arc recognized by 
membership in The Golden 
Stairs. Three hundred thirty-five 
Golden Stairs gifts were 
welcomed in 1999-2(X)()! 

Mr. and Mrs. Deon Albonis 
Jean Love Albert '46 
Margaret Ryan Ale '76 
Suson Polmer Amoro '85 
Toni Santongelo Archibald '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Jock L. Armentrout Jr. 
Mono Thornhill Armisteod '65 
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory T Armstrong 
Louren Ashwell 
Elizobeth Harrison Austin '55 
Borboro Grncey Backer '71 
Hollie Orr Barton '32 
Heidi Von Patten Bell '80 
Polly Benson-Brown '58 
Solly-Ann Sells Bensur 79 
Sandra Hamilton Bentley '70 
Joan Potter Bickel '54 
Elizabeth Barnes Bird '39 
Ashley Flynn Blonchord '90 
Kotherine Lenoir Blunk '75 
Potricio Ashby Boesth '58 
Pauline Wells Bolton '52 
Jane Merkle Borden '65 
Borboro Sampson Borsch '59 
Desiree M. Bouchot '83 
Deboroh Price Bowman '82 
Kenneth W Brodt 
Betty Suttle Briscoe '34 
Mr. ond Mrs. Richard A. Brodie 
Morgoretto Bredin Brokow '70 
Rosamond Sample Brown '64 
Sharon White Brown '72 
Frances Gilbert Browne '56 
Margaret Price Bruno '83 
Ann-Borrett Holmes Bryan '49 
Anne Cogswell Burris '75 
Frances Simmons Byerly '43 


Victoria Compo Byrd '91 

Foith Colhoun 

Rose Thomas Comp '74 

Mory Housel Corr '38 

Joseph F Carroll 

Lee Huston Carroll '64 

Victorio McCullough Corroll '84 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M, Chenoult 

Courtney Warrick Cherno '84 

Shoron Brodford Christhilf '65 

Morgorel Robertson Christian '47 

Louro Morrissette Clork '85 

Mr and Mrs. James N. Clorke 

Mr. ond Mrs. Dovid R. Cloyton 

Alexandra Carpenter Cole '58 

Lucy Darby Cole '78 

Mory Henningsen Collins '75 

Elisabeth Ward Connors '80 

Carol D. Cooper '71 

Deborah Freeman Cooper '50 

Hortense Powell Cooper '40 

Shirley Sutliff Cooper '55 

Noncy Webb Corkery '81 

Mr. ond Mrs. Kenneth H. Crondoll Jr. 

Bonnie Loyd Crone '50 

Rose Toppin Cronz '75 

Morgorel A. Crow '72 

Virginia Ramsey Crawford '59 

Faith Rohmer Croker '54 

Lynne Smith Crow '64 

Morcio Morrison Curtis '34 

Suzonne Gay Doiley '83 

Dione Dolton '67 

Solly Dobson Donforth '59 

Roberta T Doniei '97 

Carolyn Conley Donley '46 

Sallie Legg De Mortine '49 

Undo C. DeVogI '86 

Direxo Dick Dearie '67 

Marilyn Mondle Dick '46 

Martha Gamble Dillon '86 

Barbara Boiling Downs '64 

Julie Micou Eastwood '51 

Putnam Mundy Ebinger '70 

Thomos Echeverrio 

Mory Eriksen Ertmon '51 

Mary Rich Ewing '36 

Dr ond Mrs. Eric B. Forber 

Mory Berkeley Fergusson '50 

Alice Johnson Fessenden '44 

Lizonne Potts Fisher '75 

Mory Vinton Fleming '46 

Judith Brown Fletcher '71 

Moy Humphreys Fox '70 

Ruth Hoopes Frongopoulos '69 

Page E. Fronson '87 

Coroline Chobot Garner '54 

Anne Chrislovich Gay '73 

Genevieve Homme! Geer '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Donold E. Gibson Sr. 

Anne Kilby Gilhuly '55 

Robert M. Gill 

Allison Miree Gillespie '90 

Jane Piper Gleoson '74 

Mory Ryan Glenn '78 

Louro Hand Glover 86 

Donno Reese Godwin '52 

Mortho D. Gomer 

Ann Mortin Gonyo '85 

Jone H Goodridge '63 
Jone E. Gott '70 
Max Groeber 
Whitley R. Greene '81 
Michelle Whitehead ond Delmor 

Morion Finney Grenn '82 
Elizabeth Pearson Griffin '62 
M. Keating Griffiss '60 
Kotherine C. Grones '79 
Ann Young Hobliston '82 
Mory E. Hannah '62 
Morgorel Troutmon Harbin '42 
Lynn Prior Horrington '58 
Ann Pegrom Harris '59 
Dole Hotter Harris '53 
Edword R. Harris Jr 
Virginio Robinson Horris '59 
Marion Bower Harrison '48 
Karen J. Hortnett '70 
Evelyn Sonders Hougen '55 
Mr. and Mrs. McKinley M. Hayes 
Kotherine A. Heorn '85 
Beverley Crispin Heffernon '75 
Barbara Coin Hegorty '73 
Susan Moseley Helm '66 
Morgorel Pulis Herrick '62 
Kolhryn Robinson Hilleslod '89 
Melissa Schoen Hilt '85 
Kotherine M. Holfner '84 
Ann Jeffers Hogorty '55 
Margaret Millender Holmes '63 
Jessico L. Holzer '70 
Suson Ostronder Hood '51 
Betsy Benoil Hoover '65 
Ino Hamilton Houck '58 
Ellen Warner Hudson '50 
Corol Hays Hunley '81 
Hollom Hurt '67 
Allen W Huszti 

Borboro Gorforth Jackson '55 
Julia Mills Jocobsen '45 
Kotherine Door Jones '43 
Mortho Block Jordon '53 
Ellen Nichols Jump '60 
Mortho Legg Kotz '52 
Beth Anderson Keorns '85 
Keenon Collon Kelsey '66 
Suson Smith Kemp '80 
Dorothy Bornwell Kerrison '60 
Morilyn K. Kolb '71 
Michoel S. Koppisch 
Carol L. Krajewski '90 
Jone Shipmon Kuntz '58 
Dorothy Senghos Lokner 
Dionne Cossedy Lambert '69 
Mr and Mrs. Michael L. Lompton 
Morgorel Johnson Loney '62 
Lutindo Young Larson '73 
Elizabeth Blotkwell Loundon '69 
Mory Scoles Lowson '70 
Emilie Emory Leory '34' 
Morgorel W. Leigh '73 
Amy Joan Lemieux '91 
Ann Crowell Lemmon '60 
Soroh Webb Lent '50 
Elizabeth Grones Leonard '76 
Richard E. Leslie 
Elizabeth M, Lewis '69 

Morgorel Sibley Lewis '46 
Lucio Woods Lindley '59 
Judith Perkins Llewellyn '48 
Mory Slollenwerck Lynch '63 
Patricio Sparks Lyndon '68 
Anne MocClintock '65 
Noncy E. MocMeekin '65 
Julio Eosley Mok '49 
Suson John Moncini '64 
Jean Caldwell MarchonI '52 
Dr and Mrs. A. Dollos Martin Jr. 
Jamie Planck Martin '81 
Borboto Offutt Molhieson '70 
Mr and Mrs. Hamish W H. Maxwell 
Louise Jenkins Moybonk '60 
Antoinette LeBris Moynord '45 
Elizobeth Parker McColl '63 
Carol Blanton McCord '47 
Cynthio A. McKoy '78 
Koren L. McKinley '03 
Dorothea Compbell McMillon '66 
Rebecto McNutt 
Elizabeth Lee McPhoil '37 
M. Elizabeth Medoglio '69 
Joanna Fink Meeks '34 
Tracy Meisenboch 
Lucy Chapman Millar '83 
Chorlotte Toylor Miller '55 
Suzonno Betheo Mills '81 
Margaret Cook Montgomery '60 
Louise P Moore '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomos B. Moring 
Virginia Von Winkle Morlidge '28 
Lydio Plomp Mower '55 
Suson Lykes Mueller '70 
Rosemory Newby Mullen '45 
Corol D. Newman '71 
Mr. and Mrs. Jomes W. Newman Jr 
Korlo Kennedy Newmon '85 
Lindsay Smith Newsom '67 
Betsy Knode Newton '65 
Patricio Jenney Nielsen '48 
Byron Nimocks 
Julio A. Northrop '70 
Mortho Bulkley O'Brien '59 
Denise Wisell O'Connor '71 
Suson C. O'Toole '73 
Kothryn Bolton Overmon '89 
Anno Chao Poi '57 
Mr and Mrs. Andrew P Ponnell Jr. 
Isabel Grayson Parish '53 
Elizabeth Pidgeon Parkinson '64 
Ann N. 8. Porks '39 
Mr. ond Mrs. S. f. Pauley 
Barbara Sloan Peorsoll '49 
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Peek 
Grace S. Perry 
Darlene B. Pierro '69 
Soroh E. Pitts '91 
Cloudio Formon Pleasants '70 
Jonice E, Pogue '71 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Pollock 
Gino A. Pollock '89 
Elizobeth Dykes Pope '83 
Elisobelh Scott Porter '64 
Kothryn Whichord Poston '76 
Mr. and Mrs. Horry T Pringle Jr. 
Allen Boyd Puckett III 
Soroh Rick Putnam '35 


Carolyn Rogers Rainbow 70 
Gail Anderson Romey '64 
Bonnie Domionos Rompone 75 
Cothorine Clark Rasmussen '50 
Elizabeth Kelly Ravitz '85 
Elizabeth D. Rowles '75 
Solly Reohord '30 
Patricia J. Reordon '72 
Gretthen Armstrong Redmond '55 
Yolondo R. Reid '91 
Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Renfrew 
Carroll Weitzel Rivers '57 
Edith Brooke Robertson '50 
Josephine Show Robinson '70 
Barbara Collis Rodes '56 
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Rogers 
Susan Rowot-Steiner '81 
Clarissa M. Rowland 
Margaret Christian Ryan '74 
Margaret Mockie Sanders '71 
Margaret Craig Sanders '50 
Kathryn Smith Schauer '56 
Linda-Jean Smith Schneider '76 
Judith Greer Schuiz '61 
Jonet Monroe Schumann '56 
Mrs. John H. Scott 
Mr. ond Mrs. Robert Scott 
Ann Norwood Scully '64 
Jane Lewis Seeks '70 
Elizobeth Duke Seaman '59 
Mory Miller Sharp '40 
Esther Cunningham Shoy '45 
Jane Russo Sheehon '52 
Wilson E. D. Shepherd 
Sandra Stingily Simpson '57 
Soroh Gorrison Skidmore '56 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Smith 
Julie Littleton Smith '89 
Teresa Powell Smith '82 
Suzetle Morton Sorenson '47 
Nancy Solisbury Spencer '56 
Carol Leslie St. John '75 
Mory Clorkson Stein '82 
Chorlotte Sneod Stifel '52 
Judith Benson Stigle '67 
Valeria Parker Storms '58 
Kothleen Worobec Story '71 

Virginio Butgess Struhsaker '44 

Mr and Mrs. Thomos G. Swales 
Corey Cleveland Swan '70 
Nancy Conkle Swonn '66 
Margaret Robinson Tollmodge '81 
Sandra A. Taylor '74 
Elizabeth Boll Thagord '60 
Jeon Mockenzie Thotcher '71 
Mortho Owen Thotcher '48 
Mr and Mrs. James E. Theodores 
Roy Henley Thompson '62 
Janet D. Thorpe '39 
Dona Reinschmidi Thompkins '65 
Alice Jones Torbett '60 
Mory Murray Trussell '55 
Patricio Tucker Turk Turk '55 
Lori Waller Underwood '85 
Jane Richardson Vieth '46 
Elissa C. Walker '75 
Laura Campbell Walker '68 
Helen Gwinn Wallace '41 
Christine Devol Wardlow '63 
Mr. ond Mrs. Douglas G. Warner 
Patricio Whitoker Waters '44 
Katharine McCardell Webb '70 
Borboro Chose Webber '54 
Longhorne Toiler Webster '58 
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Weiler Jr. 
Charles M. Weis 
Marguerite Geer Wellborn '56 
Helen Littleton White '41 
Mr. ond Mrs. Hugh E White 
Wendelin A. White '74 
Morgoret Richards Wiederseim '78 
Charlotte Moore Williams '67 
Mr ond Mrs. James A. Woods 
Kothleen Horris Wroy '63 
Jill Wentorf Wright '76 
Joan Hennessy Wright '70 
Kotherine Jones Youell '71 
Donno Martin Zohorik '66 
Page McEall Ziebold '60 


The 1999-2000 Junior Bench 
welcomed 355 members who 
sent gifts of $250-$499. 
Thanks to all! 
Anne Ellice Adam '62 
Deborah Butter! Akers '77 
Heather Pirnie Albert '82 
Diono Stout Allen '42 
Richard H. Allen Jr. 
Horriette Hodges Andrews '53 
Victoria L. Archer '81 
Corolyn Scott Arnold '57 
Joonno D. Arios '75 
Betty Boswell Athey '65 
Victoria J. Baker '67 
Mrs. James L. Baldwin 
Mory Oixson Baldwin '67 
Ann Henderson Bonnord '49 
Martha Borchowsky '76 
Jeanne Beord Borden '78 
Mr. and Mrs. Donold A. Borkley 
Suzanne Seaman Berry '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Billings 
Leslie Ludwick Bires '80 
Sadie Allen Blackburn '45 
Anne McNeer Blonken '50 
Louise Cobb Boggs '61 
Mortho Neill Boney '72 
Mory Green Borg '64 
Suson Desmet Bostic '72 
Elizobeth Harder Botzis '93 
Anne Lile Bowden '47 
Elizabeth Rodgers Boyd '84 
Patricio Brown Boyer '49 
Elizabeth Bulkley Bradley '61 
Mollie McDonold Brasfield '60 
Edith Page Gill Breokel! '45 
Ashley Simmons Bright '86 
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Brod 
Rhoda Allen Brooks '71 
Mortho Ake Brouse '36 
John Gregory Brown 
Nancy Dixon Brown '63 
Cecilia A. Bryant '68 
Lurline Tolbert Buppert '65 
Nino Sledge Burke '64 
Deborah Ryan Coirns '74 
Virginia Shipe Cameron '75 
Anne Elliott Caskie '53 
Lynn Mather Chorette '86 
Cynthia Monning Chatham '75 
Eleno Quevedo Chigas '83 
Anne Mocfarlone Clark '45 
Noncy Hamel Clark '52 
Kotherine Wood Clarke '65 
Betty Forinholt Cockrill '44 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cogswell III 
Vivian Yomoguchi Cohn '77 
Malcolm H. Cole Jr. 
Virginio Morks Collier '92 
Mortho Hoys Cooper '76 
Sheila Carroll Cooprider '64 
Mortho Tisdole Cordell '82 
Molly Rogers Cromer '81 
Mortho Boxley Creasy '85 
Suson Hobbs Crowder '65 
Mr and Mrs. Bruce S. Dorney 
Kotherine Robison Dovey '83 

Nancy Dougherty Davidson '82 

Holly Chaikowski Davis '61 

Mary Boyd Dovis '59 

Virginia S. DeBuys '64 

Diane Johnson OeCamp '55 

Betty Emerick Dethlefs '43 

Lynne Gardner Detmer '68 

Natalie Griess Deupree '63 

Cotbleen Gilmore Dietz '75 

Peter B. Dirlom 

Louisa S. Dixon '75 

Diono Muldour Dozier '60 

Mary Mojor Duncan '56 

Loti Kennedy Dunn '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Dunn 

Willio Foles Eckerberg '61 

Joan McCoy Edmonds '47 

Mory Evens Edwords '64 

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Ehlen Jr. 

Jessie Strickland Elcock '46 

Debro A. Elkins '93 

Wendy Worthen Elliott '79 

Jone Compbell Englert '57 

C. Lee Essrig '72 

Stuart Bohonnon Evans '61 

Lisa Faulkner-O'haro '80 

Rose Ann Feldmon '70 

Soroh Kolber Fiedler '66 

Emily Floyd 

Chloe Fort '62 

Alice Mighell Foster '65 

Judy Mundy Fowler '66 

Linda I. Frozier-Snelling '75 

Caroline Bailey Fritzinger '50 

Notolie Roberts Funk '66 

Carol Provence Gollivon '73 

Moxine Corner 

Copel Grimes Gerloch '36 

Cynthia Livingstone Gibert '63 

Elizabeth C. Gibson '48 

Anne Cooke Gilliam '40 

Ellen Wilkerson Given '50 

Suzanne Lockley Glod '51 

Rebecca Frost Good '77 

Lucy Regester Goode '51 

Helen Milner Gordon '77 

Michelle Lennane Gorman '89 

Anne Evans Gorry '64 

Rita Murroy Gourd '50 

Karen Nielsen Grommoticas 73 

Judy Wilson Grant '66 

Catherine Smart Grier '46 

Borboro Murphy Hale '60 

Virginia Moomow Hall '42 

Mory S. Holsey '74 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Homby 

Adelaide H. Hopolo 

Margaret May Harden'73 

Katharine C. Hardin '79 

Kate L. How '92 

Elizabeth Brown-Sermon Hayes '41 

Kotherine Powell Heller '78 

Potricio Neithold Hertzberg '67 

Lucy Nervier 

Virginia Heizer Hickenlooper'38 

Adrionne Mossie Hill'60 

Ann Romsey Hill '78 

Pauline Woodword Hill '31' 

Mory Wheeler Hilliord '43 

Cameron Cox Nirtz '88 
Dorothy Duncon Hodges '57 
Tom Noey 

BorboTo Mothews Holley '54 
Kathryn Levi Hoover '81 
Jane Holdemon Hope '60 
Marilyn Wellborn Hopper '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Horok 
Elizobeth Mason Horsley '90 
Wanda Cronic Howell '74 
Mary Jane S. Oliver Hubbard '62 
Mr. ond Mrs. David R. NuHmon 
Alicia Morkey Nutter '89 
Solly Wright Hyde '65 
Mary Amanda McThenio lodice '55 
Morion Shanley Jacobs '44 
Mory Wilmer Jocobs '76 
Rosemory Bjorge Johnson '40 
Lisa Johnston 
Arnold Susong Jones '36 
Judith Cowen Jones '60 
Ellen Roine Joyner '85 
Amie Lisner Koiser '83 
Gwen Speel Kaplan '60 
Kotherine Knopf Koplon '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonord J. Keating Jr. 
Briggett J. Keith '72 
Janet Sheppord Kelleher '75 
Pomelo Ford Kelley '67 
Carol Turnbull Kidd '59 
Emmo Kyle Kimpel '50 
Susan Walton Kloveness '76 
Polly Shriver Kochon '75 
Dorothea P Kroeger '85 
Mr. and Mrs. Gunther Krohn 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Kruschwitz 
Linda McGuire Lost '58 
Morgoret Gee Lowes '50 
Blair Wolker Lowrence '68 
Carol Wilkinson Lee '76 
Lindo Simmons Leech '94 
Deirdre A. Leiond '68 
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lenz 
Nancy Palermo Lietz '86 
Nancy Robinson Lindberg '78 
Deboroh J. Lindblom 
Korin I. Lindgren '75 
Mario Burroughs Livingston '40 
Edno Osmonski Lohus '72 
Jean Morris Long '54 
Dovid L. Longfellow 
Beotrice Dingwell Loos 46 
Katharine Tilghmon Lowe '57 
Virginio Bromlett Lowronce '54 
Elisabeth Fletcher Lubin '80 
Ann Key Lucas '78 
Elizabeth Hanger Luther '65 
Marcio Brown Lyie '59 
Noncy Coppedge Lynn '61 
Christina Sovoge Lytle '88 
Tonio W. Mocneil '68 
Linda Poole Moggord '75 
Anne Baldwin Mann '78 
Joon Teetor Marder '50 
Nancy Blockwell Marion '74 
Robert G. Marshall 
Stella Wright Mortin '77 
Kothryn Corroll Mathewson '66 
Genevieve Moxon-Stork '00 



Alice E. McBee '41 

Elizabeth Hulchens McCaleb '50 

Noncy Doy McCommond '50 

Deborah Koss McCorthy '77 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard 0. McCadney 

Margaret Kotterjohn McCollom '40 

Mr. ond Mrs. Normon E, McCulloch Jr. 

Harriotte Dodson McDannold '65 

Morjorie McGraw McDonald '60 

Sorrel Mockall McElroy'59 

Morgoret S. McFoddin '75 

Mory Bliss McGroth '85 

Sorah Kennedy McGroorty '77 

Thelmo Houk McGrory '57 

Alice Nicolson Mellvaine '45 

Morgol A. McKee '60 

Mr. ond Mrs. Joseph F. Mikoloitis 

Cotherine Hollberg Minor '90 

Nancy P Moody '54 

Bettie Lee Moore '77 

Solly Hamilton Moore '61 

Chorlotte Orr Moores '55 

Dorothy Myers Morehead '42 

Jenny I. Mortimore 

Jonel Trosch Moulton '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mullen 

Charlotte Sprunt Murchison '46 

Helen Turner Murphy '56 

Mary Petree Murphy '70 

Christina Hoefer Myers '75 

Susan Waller Noding '72 

louro Conway Noson '61 

Carrie Moynord Nichols '81 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nickodem 

Frances Stith Nilsson '72 

Lossie Taylor Noell '41 

Jill Redpoth Nolond '85 

Louise Konsberg Noll '44 

Dorsey Tillett Northrup '75 

Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Norville 


Elizabeth Conner Pace '86 

Mildred O'Neal Palmer '52 
Leila Kucewicz Parhom '63 
Margaret Weimer Porrish '76 
Elizabeth Few Penfield '60 
June Aroto Pickett 53 
Jeonnetle N. Pillsbury '72 
Rulh Pfingsten Polsler '38 
Carol S. Porter '75 
Elizabeth Tyson Postles '31 
Nancy Dutton Potter '98 
Ann Houslein Potterfield '42 
Byrn Currie Pottow '90 
Judith B Powell '69 
M. Anne Powell '88 
Borboro Mendelssohn Price '78 
Cynthia Vaughn Price '31 
Elizobeth Cote Pringle '62 
Elizabeth Kernon Ouigley '48 
Eloise English Rankin '42 
Whitney Jester Ronstrom '65 
Kotherine Rose Rowls '75 
Mary McDuffie Redmond '47 
James M. Renlschler 
Julie Smith Rentschler '80 
Louise Lembeck Reydel '41 
Anne Leovell Reynolds '63 
Marguerite Morgan Reynolds '65 
Melissa Greenwood Riemer '75 
Lynne Riley-Colemon '64 
Peggy Moore Ripley '52 
Georgia Schley Ritchie '80 
Captain and Mrs. Evan D. Robinson 
H. Stuart Comblos Rodwell '70 
Doris Brody Rosen '51 
Frances Meek Rowe '42 
Patricio Holloron Solvadori '50 
Betty Rau Sontandreo '70 
Evelyn Wore Sounders '30 
Ann Orr Savage '48 
Cecil Collins Sconlon '63 
Morgoret Cornwell Schmidt '37 
Kelly B. Schmitt '94 

leke Osingo Scully '78 

Noncy Anderson Shepord '55 

Beverly 0. Shivers 

Virginio Yelverton Showolter '67 

Corol Foote Siono '80 

Mory Loird Silvia '60 

Emily Hunter Slingluff '55 

Wylie Jameson Small '83 

Morgoret Lotterhos Smith '54 

Wendy Weiss Smith '71 

Mr. ond Mrs. Furmon South III 

Mr. ond Mrs. Richotd T Sporks 

Kothorine Osborne Spirtes '75 

Anne Stanley '64 

Noncy Sonders Starr '46 

Jeon Blonton Stein '44 

Ellen R. Stelling '73 

Catherine Lawder Stephenson '39 

Kimberly Louis Stewort '79 

Betty Behlen Stone '53 

Karen Adelson Strauss '76 

Ann Percy Stroud '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard G. Sturgeon 

Marianne Gliveri Svobodo '60 

Martha Madden Swonson '66 

Sondro Lo Staiti Sylvia '59 

Morgoret Towers Talmon '49 

Mollihoi Lawrence Tombyoh '85 

Claire KinnettTole '71 

Elizobeth Tyree Toylor '71 

Elizabeth Smith Taylor '69 

Dorsey Redmond Teague '86 

Kothryn Teller '74 

Griseldo Foges Theberge '60 

Vicky Thomo-Borrette '65 

Cathy Weiss Thompson '74 

Susan Boline Thompson '80 

Joon Voil Thorne '51 

Sherilyn Irving Titus '69 

Jone Fitzgerald Trehefne-Thomos '57 

Sondro Schwortz Tropper '73 

Goyle Longford Turner '71 

Charlotte Davenport Tuttle '41 

Ellen Byrne Utterbock '79 

Mory Einhaus Vollen '72 

Pomelo Triminghom Von Dyck '68 

John Vincent 

Patricio Balz Vincent '39 

Karen H. Woldron '75 

Noncy Cunninghom Watson '75 

Anne Horrell Welsh '55 

Dorothy C. Westby '60 

Sarboro Holman Whitcomb '41 

Margaret Bollard Whitehurst '39 

Patricio Davis Whitehurst '67 

Potritio Calkins Wilder '63 

Roselise Holmes Wilkinson '49 

Elizabeth Horley Willett '84 

Mildred Gill Williomson '38 

Hildee Williams Wilson '89 

Mory Anne Wilson '57 

Lourin A. Wollan 

Dono Dewey Woody '58 

Jone Miller Wright '48 

Joon Bromon Wright '56 

Ann Benet Yellott '51 

Jacqueline Lowe Young '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Elwin J. Zorwell 


Conlrihulors ul SKK) lo S24y 
became members of The 
Hilching Post. This largest gift 
club welcomed 1.480 members 

in l'HH)-2ii(Kl. 

Leiand R. Abbey 
Louise Brondes Abdullah '54 
Morjorie Levine Abroms '52 
Mory Molyneux Abroms '86 
Mory Dobs Acey '60 
Mrs. Victor Ackermonn 
Janice Wiley Adorns '38 
Mr. ond Mrs. Jomes W. Addison 
Judy Barnes Agnew '60 
Eloine 0. Ahnell 
Cecilio Albert '72 
Leslie Carson Albizzolli '90 
Corol R. Albott 
Marion Walker Alcoro '35 
Martha Williams Aldoy '44 
Lt. Col. and Mrs. John L. Alderson 
Harriet McNoir Alexander '86 
Shirley Haywood Alexander '38 
Beverly Alexandre '00 
Julio Hunt Allen '63 
Kathleen Word Allen '40 
Mory Armstrong Allen '29 
Soro Bryon Allen '43 
Suson Sumners Allowoy '67 
Holly Pflug Allport '84 
Loring Harris Amass '70 
Joon Johnston Ambrose '63 
Jane Yordley Amos '63 
Kotherine Amsden '53 
Joon Motter Andersen '51 
Elaine Krouse Anderson '45 
Elizobeth Edwords Anderson '70 
Soroh L. Andres '90 
Augusta Morsholl Andrews '65 
Cothorine Hubbord Andry '85 
Mr. and Mrs. Pot C. Anerollo 
Florence Pye Apy '53 
Deborah Pollock Arce '73 
Laura M. Arceneoux '92 
Pomelo Henery Arey '71 
Elizabeth Kurtz Argo '67 
Jone Louderdole Armstrong '78 
Sollie Bernord Armstrong '76 
Jone Brady Arnold '68 
Lucindo Converse Ash '47 
Susan Wilson Ashcom '66 
Susan Golleher Askew '60 
Heather L. C. Aspinwoll '95 
Betty Orr Atkinson '54 
Morgoret H. Aurond '64 
Nursot I. Aygen '76 
Mrs. Quincy C. Ayres 
Cossondro Smith Babbitt '78 
Ambossodor Horriet C. Babbitt '69 
Suzanne Philion Bobcock '61 
Martha Rugeley Bachmon '44 
Borboro Wesley Bogbey '80 
Maureen Robertson Boggetl '69 
Alberta Zotock Boigent '69 
Mory Trombly Boiley '66 
Susan Lozorus Bailey '85 
Anne Goebel Boin '82 
Groy Boird '62 

Mr. ond Mrs. Robert W. Bake 
Myro Corr Baldwin '36 
Mr. ond Mrs. Neil Baldwin 
Pamela Larson Baldwin '64 
Sydney Holmes Boles '44 
Cecilia MacKinnon Bollard '40 
Mory Hondy Bollentine '59 
Marilyn Hopkins Bomborough '49 
Potricio Carroll Bonkenstein '74 
Cecily Schuiz Bonks '85 
Mr. and Mrs. Julian W. Bonton 
Catherine M. Borker '50' 
Brooks Barnes '43 
Morylew Redd Barnes '83 
Brendo J. Borozzi '82 
Kotherine C. Borretl '83 
Dede T, Bortletl 
Cloro McDonald Bass '52 
Heather L. Bayfield '94 
Robin L. Boyless '80 
BtendaJ. Beon'Ol 
Mono Wilson Beard '51 
Ann M. E. Beotty '90 
Nell Orond Beck '52 
Patricio A. Becker 
Peggy Pottillo Beckhom '56 
Judith Howe Behn '65 
Judith Rives Bell '72 
Kothorine Spootz Bell '41 
Mory Bowns Bell '54 
Mory-Boird Shinberger Bell '67 
Mr. ond Mrs. Fronk P Bellon 
Sophie MocKenzie Belouet '68 
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bender 
Edwono M. Bennett 
Leo Sporks Bennett '83 
Mrs. William Bennett 
Jeon Spillone '90 
Anne Crowford Bent '69 
Melissa Lohr Berge '63 
Leslie Molone Berger '83 
Janet MocForlon Bergmonn '38 
Amondo Priddy Berkey '90 
Pomelo Subronni Bermon '93 
Sarah R. Bermon 
Ethel Gurney Betz '41 
Mr. ond Mrs. Corl S. Biathrow 
Marianne Pownoll Billings '74 
Edith Lasher Birch '64 
Borboro Boker Bird '52 
Ano Serrono Block '83 
Phebe Horris Blockburn '65 
Borboro Bloir 
Noncy Dicks Blonton '36 
Lynn Corol Blou '63 
Victoria Vidol Blum '85 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bolz 
Catherine Sims Bomon 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michoel Bonnell 
Chorlo A. Borchers-Leon '81 
Nancy Hotchkiss Boschen '34 
Louro Lee Bost '76 
Mildred Pickett Bost '30 
Dr. ond Mrs. George M. Boswell Jr. 
Lucio de Oliveiro Bosworth '95 
Elizabeth Babbitt Bowen '90 
Ann Vondeventer Bowles '86 
Jessomine Boyce Bowles '42 
Evelyn Pringle Boyd '62' 



Mr. and Mrs. Jomes N. Boyd 
Benjamin C. Boylston 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Bradford III 
Elizabeth Pierce Brodshaw '56 
Laura Hawkins Brady 70 
Sydney Graham Brady '57 
Barbara A. Brand '71 
Nelly Osinga Branson '75 
Kothryn McLoin Broull '68 
Dione Boll Brendel '78 
Virginia MtGuire BrenI '42 
Anne S. Briber '69 
Anne Mdunkin Briber '43 
tdith Vongehr Bridges-Cone '41 
Robert S. Brinker 
Kathleen D. Britlon '70 
Ashley Wilson Brook '79 
Agnes Veach Brooks '50 
Judith Hartwell Brooks '62 
Lisbeth Gibson Brooks '53 
Anne Carter Brothers '63 
Leslie Wilkinson Brotman '78 
Karen T. Brott 
Barbara Rhodes Brown '35 
Brionna Boswell Brown '82 
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Brown 
Eden Zuckerman Brown '88 
Ellen Moseley Brown '71 
Ellen Hagan Brown '81 
Emily McNally Brown '72 
Groce Wallace Brown '52 
Louro Lee 8rown '63 
Mary Jo Biscardi Brown '86 
Mary Traugott Brown '45 
Nicole Chrislensen Brown 
Pauline Hudson Brown '43 
Rebecca A. Brown '01 
Sara Shallenberger Brown '32 
Virginio Gowen Brown '44 
Dorothy Gilbert Browne '38 
Jane Patton Browning '66 
Shirley Poulson Broyles '54 
Chase Lone Bruns '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bryant 
Isabel Deprosper Bucher '74 
Alice Loncoster Buck '44 
Martha Hedemon Buckingham '55 
Mrs. Barry A. Bump 
Marie Ironmonger Bundy '51 
Isabel Wore Burch '60 
Elisabeth Chambers Burgess '87 
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Burkhardl Jr. 
Terese DeGrondi Busch '76 
Margaret Lloyd Bush '36 
Anne Worboys Buske '61 
Jenny Robinson Bussey '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Butcher 
Elizabeth J. Butler '91 
Helen Pruitt Butler '84 
Lori Soroniero Butterfield '92 
Virginia Lee Butters '66 
Snowdon Durham Byron '59 
Jennifer Brodlieb Cocioppo '92 
Suzanne Yates Cobill '70 
Eugenia Dickey Caldwell '65 
Bedo Carlson Calhoun '37 
Ruth Ellen Green Calhoun '57 
Morgo Ten Broeck Colkin '91 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Callis Jr. 

Anne Estill Campbell '50 

Kotherine H. Campbell '03 

M. Lin Campbell '66 

Sorob Campbell '70 

Sarah Van Winkle Compbell '66 

Susan Graham Campbell '81 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Campbell 

Anita Crossinghom Cannon '77 

Mary Noble Caperton '54 

Susan M. Capozzoli '80 

Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand L. Carongelo 

Bruce E. Carder 

Hollie Powell Cardwell '78 

Lucy Kreusler Corey '50 

Martha Burnet Carlisle '59 

Louro Bowen Cormicbael '79 

Victoria White Corpenter '72 

Nancy Beekmon Carringer '60 

Mory Woltz Carrison '70 

Sigrid Zirkle Carroll '93 

Mr. and Mrs. Williom R. Carson Jr. 

Anne Russell Carter '34 

Anne Faulconer Case '85 

Mory Killorin Coswell '74 

Judith R. Cotlin '54 

Margaret Leigh Coulk '90 

Dr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Cells 

Jane Reeb Chodwick '74 

Judith Sorley Chalmers '59 

Cloro Sasscer Chandler '40 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Chandor 

Lee Anne MocKenzie Choskes '83 

Jennifer Roach Childs '88 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Lynch Christian Jr. 

Kate-Roy Mossie Christian '64 

Ginger Ryon Church '85 

Jone Black Clark '56 

Lynn Adams Clork '61 

Mary Pierce Clark '51 

Carolyn Monteith Clarke '42 

Nan Robertson Clorke '73 

Sally Seorle Clarke '49 

Kirklond Tucker Clorkson '53 

Lucile McKee Clorkson '69 

Jan Schnibbe Cleary '75 

Sarah P Clement '75 

Heather Tully Click '70 

Virginia Skeppstrom Cline '48 

Susan R Cootes '03 

Kotherine Mikell Cochran '76 

Winifred Winter Cocke '58 

Melonie Coyne Cody '76 

Morgina Dunlop Cogswell '67 

Alice G. Cohn '74 

Martha Sweet Colongelo '63 

Robin Rutter Coleburn '72 

Rodes Estill Coleman '51 

Mary Duer Colon '64 

Louise Wilbourn Collier '46 

Cissel Gott Collins '72 

Mr. and Mrs. Michoel E. Collins 

Michoel J. Collins 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Colquitt 

Elinor Humphrey Comer '78 

Frances Ulmer Conley '47 

Jocelyn Palmer Connors '62 

Eleanor Wright Conway '32 

Mory McClure Conway '63 

Morgoret C. Cook '59 

Anne Peyton Cooper '50 
Barbara Bush Cooper '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Cooper 
Valerie Fonnon Cooper '73 
Caroline F Corum '88 
Mrs. Robert 0. Costa '78 
Caroline Webster Cotter '81 
Dorothy Long Cousins '43 
Carolyn Tynes Cowan '50 
Virginia Baldwin Cox '69 
Mary King Crnddock '68 
Paulo Wirtzmon Croighill '63 
Laura Grogon Crone '47 
Primrose Johnston Craven '43 
John T Crawford 
Polly C. Crawford '93 
Louise Martin Creoson '72 
Betsy Salisbury Creekmore '59 
Ann Kiley Crenshow '76 
Cutler Bellows Crockord '72 
Marilyn Hannoh Crocker '46 
Sosan Brush Croh '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Cronin 
Martha Stewart Craslond '71 
Marjorie Word Cross '32 
Jennifer E. Crossland '86 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Crossland 
Eleanor Crossley '67 
Carol Turner Crosthwait '57 
Leono Chang Crozier '56 
Susan Andrews Cruess '79 
Mrs. R. Godwin Crysler 
Lee Cullum '60 

Margaret Bennett Cullum '32* 
Corter Burns Cunningham '71 
Corroll N. Curtis '75 
Robin R. Cutler '66 
Judith Horris Cutting '61 
Kimberly Ann Cutting '93 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Cutting 
Kathryn Ann Czarkowski '95 
Penelope Lone Czorro '75 
St. Claire Hoyden D'Wolf '51 
Lucy Coll Dobney '42 
Chesley Johnson Dole-Arnurius '43 
Mr. ond Mrs. Oonold M. Daley 
Jacqueline Sexton Oaley '40 
Betty McEachern Dolsemer '62 
Mary T Danford '73 
Mr. ond Mrs. Peter V Daniel 
Shirley Show Daniel '41 
Ruth Allen Darlington '71 
Rosemary Ashby Dosbiell '46 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Douer 
Mory Simpson Dougette '55 
Deboroh Wood Dovis '42 
Janet Houstoun Davis'42 
Julia Brooke Davis '81 
Marjorie Thoden Davis '38 
Mory Reynolds Davis '84 
Virginia Cummings Davis '42 
Anno Gilbert Davy '32 
Judith Borthold De Simone '66 
Laurinda King deBeck '63 
Ruth Hemphill DeBuys '41 
Emily Kitchel DeCamp '83 
Calvert G. de Coligny Jr. 
Georgia Riley de Hovenon '68 
Margaret Twohy DeVan '84 

Christine Witcover Dean '68 
Margaret Mohlmon Degler '54 
Mr. ond Mrs, Robert Del Monte 
Kothryn Chondor DelPlato '93 
Virginia Carpenter Delgado '67 
Dionne Delledero '80 
Borbora Beam Denison '60 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dennig 
Beverley Birchfield Derion '59 
Borbaro Tessin Derry '72 
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Dickerson 
Kara D'Ambra Dickey '95 
Margaret Stuart Wilson Dickey '41 
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Dickinson 
Ann King Dietrich '53 
Nancy DingmanCobb '94 
Emily Pitts Dixon '71 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Dixon Jr. 
Alice V Dodd '65 
Beatrice A. Dodd '58 
Vincent J. Doddy 
Mory Tolcott Dodson '38 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert 8. Donald 
Mary Phillips Oonohoe '72 
Ann Thomas Donohue '54 
Virginia Stonley Douglas '67 
Phyllis Tenney Dowd '44 
Joan Lamparter Downs '58 
Michelle Kocik Drag '84 
Kathleen Wolsh Drake '72 
Maud Tucker Drone '38 
Elizabeth White Drbal '77 
Jennifer Toomey Driscoll '92 
Margaret McClellon Driscoll '92 
Mr. ond Mrs. James S. Dudley 
Mr. ond Mrs. Robert J. Duffle 
Dionne Torn Duffy '78 
Emilil Lowson Dunbor '03 
Julia Howell Dunbar '77 
Mimi Galloway Duncan '42 
Patricio Potter Duncan '41 
Jeannette Mondle Dunlap '42 
Ann Mason Dunn '75 
Cello Williams Dunn '61 
Helen C. Dunn '64 
Jane Spiegel Eakin '45 
Hillary B. Ebach 
Barbara Elliott Eddins '58 
Grace DeLong Einsel '52 
Deborah Hart Eiserle '74 
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Elkins 
Marguerite Rucker Ellett '48 
Margaret Ross Ellice '34 
Jacqueline Littell Ellis '58 
Hannah Davis Emig '83 
Bettino Bell Emmons '39 
Dona Dotten Endocott '78 
Alon M. Engler 
Noncie Howe Entenmonn '56 
Kotherine Taylor Erickson '80 
Borbora Duffield Erskine '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Ervin Jr. 
Adelaide Eshboch '78 
Cecile Wotermon Essrig '44 
Jonet Pehl Ettele '57 
Carol Brewer Evans '75 
Elizabeth Cassidy Evans '33 
Helen Wolfe Evans '56 
Julio Johnson Evans '73 

Mr. and Mrs. Chorles R. Eveler 
Caroline Miller Ewing '53 
Drusillo Davis Fodus '86 
Gladden Adorn Folivene '90 
Robbin Richardson Falls '71 
Sue Wokemon Forquhor '63 
Augusta Soul Farrier '39 
Nino Newton Forris '60 
Moydelle Foster Fason '60 
Sarah Norman Faulconer '44 
Tereso Lioy Faulkner '71 
Corma C. Fountleroy 
Noncy Bonfield Feher '64 
Margoret Mather Feldmeier '71 
Mory Jone Roos Fenn '54 
Karen Fennessy-Kelola '86 
Martha White Feola '53 
Helen Schoumleffel Ferree '29 
Corolie Kohn Ferro '40 
Regino Fields '00 
Grace Jones Fishel '52 
Cory Fox Fisher '55 
Eloine Floyd Fisher '57 
Frances Butt Fisher '66 
Emily FitzHugh '61 
Deborah Meister Fitzgerald '77 
Isobel Anderson Fitzgerald '55 
Jonna Stoley Fitzgerald '61 
Margaret Medlock Fitzgerald '31 
Margaret Handly Fitzgerald '67 
Rachel Mays Fitzgerald '73 
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Floherty 
Carey Johnson Fleming '78 
Elizobeth Owens Fletcher '55 
Mory LoVigne Fletcher '82 
Moselle Worsley Fletcher '38 
Carol Remington Foglesong '71 
Carolyn Irvine Forbes '48 
Dovid E. Forbes 
Judy S. Forbes 
Patricio Lynns Ford '51 
Williom W. Foshay Jr. 
Solly Slaughter Foster '73 
Barbara Biggom Fountain '85 
Virginia Watts Fournier '44 
Borbaro Childrey Fowler'61 
Anne Gwinn Fox '57 
Nothalie Robertson Fox '55 
Alexondrio S. Francis '74 
Tomoro Driskill Froncis '80 
Caroline Newman Francisco '92 
Joanne Williams Eraser '51 
L. Lloys Frates '88 
Margaret M. Frozier '89 
Renee Brooks Frederiksen '94 
Corlo de Creny Freed '51 
Helen Plowden Freeman '65 
Mr. ond Mrs. Joseph L. Friend 
Jane Hutcherson Frierson '74 
Patricia Corlin Friese '51 
Ethel L. Froewiss 
Kimberly Wood Fuller '80 
Noncy Bode Fuller '80 
Penn Willets Fullertan '66 
Barboro Ripley Furniss '42 
Caroline D. Gobel 
Joimie Del Monte Golbreath '92 
Heather MocLeod Gale '75 
Virginia Del Greco Golgano '64 



Mrs. Philip Gollery 
Joan Fisth Gollivon '56 
Marionne Schultz Gait '68 
Maria Rixey Gamper '78 
Alice Eskesen Gonzel "IT 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert (. Garcia 
Elizobelh Moore Gardner '58 
Kelly K. Gardner '93 
Jeonne Morrell Garlinglon '48 
Mory Dovis Gorone '81 
Ann Goleley '70 
Fronces Dilworth Goles '80 
Patricio Frowley Goles '59 
Trocy Gotewood '83 
Nicole J. Goulhier '91 
Elizobelh Dershuck Gay '49 
Mory Bryan Goy '72 
Horriel Willcox Georhorl '45 
Eileen P Gebrion '72 
Oonno Miholik Gelogolis '78 
Palricia Mosl George '70 
ChorloHe Goy Gerhardi '80 
Mory Davis Gettel '50 
Amy C. Ghiz '92 
Lucy Martin Gianino '60 
Deborah Porker Gibbs '79 
Katherine long Gibson '50' 

Priscillo Mullen Gowen '34 
Clara B. Graff 
Polmer Gulley Grohom '71 
Mercedes Grovot) Grondin '72 
Louise Mandeville Grant '56 
Priscillo R. Grant '83 
Anne Lee Gravely '62 
Mr. ond Mrs. Rondoll Grovley 
Elizobelh S. Groy '33 
Elizobelh Groy Groy '45 
Jonathan D. Green 
Virginio Chomblin Greene '55 
Catherine Frowery Greer '59' 
Mory Shine Gregg '62 
Evelyn Christison Gregory '56 
Mr. ond Mrs. Williom A. Gregory 
Mory E. Gress '68 
Luro Litton Griffin '78 
Courtney Kneece Grimm '89 
Cecelia Williomson Grinsleod '68 
Marie Pickering Grose '61 
Mr. ond Mrs. Pool H. Grosvenor 
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Groves 
Anilo Perrin Grymes '60 
Mr. ond Mrs. Peyton Grymes Jr. 
Isobelle Viguerie Gsell '86 
Suzanne Collins Gurley '78 

Mory Wore Gibson '83 
Anne Green Gilbert '69 
Linda MocPherson Gilbert '58 
Penelope Walsh Gilbert '72 
Elizobelh P Gilgon '94 
Mrs. Glen Gilson II 
Kathleen Button Ginn '55 
Karen Giorgetti '95 
Kothryn Johnson Gloss '91 
Nancy Jameson Gloss '43' 
Sydney McCompbell Gloss '70 
Morguerile Myers Glenn '39 
Martha Hollon Glesser '45 
Alice Willioms Glover '42 
Rachel Bok Goldman '59 
Kano Roess Goldsmith '91 
Mr. ond Mrs. John K. Goodwin 
Kotherine Veosey Goodwin '49 
Elizabeth Willioms Gookin '44 
Cheryl L. Gormon '84 
Mory Murchison Gornto '69 
Mr. ond Mrs. John H. Gottsche 
Doreen Davis Gove '49 

Ann Clorke Gwinn '68 
Alice Trout Hogon '49 
Katherine E. Magan 81 
Morgot M. Mohn 
Nancy H. Hoighl '75 
Virginia Brent Holies '65 
Morgoret Mueller Holdemon '45 
Borboro Jones Hole '43 
Bergen M, Holl '95 
Mr. ond Mrs. David L. Hall 
Kelly Elizabeth Holl '95 
Jennie Boteson Homby '76 
Doreen Booth Homillon '54 
Dorothy Candler Hamilton '56 
Tracy Drake Hamilton '81 
Lisa Woldrop Hommerschmidt '90 
Lois Streett Homrick '66 
Elizabeth Wood Honcock '63 
Jeonette Kennedy Hancock '55 
John T Honnoh 
Elisobeth Sorter Horden '68 
Mory Hollond Hardin '46 
Carolyn Gough Harding '60 
Sondro Elder Harper '58 

Terrell Luck Harrigon '81 
Patricia Harrington 
Alice King Harrison '42 
Joan Coboniss Horrison '58 
Katherine G. Horrison '56 
Adele Perry Hort '69 
Georgio Herbert Hort '40 
Joanne Morgan Hortmon '45 
Elmo Lile Hortmonn '48 
Lenoro Fiducio Hortmonn '55 
Jone Clark Hortrich '41 
Martha Mitchell Hortzog '67 
Deborah R. Horvey '82 
Connie G. Haskell '70 
Diane Notch '64 
Martha C. Houser '03 
Imogen Brock Howley '38 
Mr. ond Mrs. Felix T Hoynes Jr. 
Isabel Olmsteod Hoynes '37 
Mory Fronces Hozelton '40 
Ann B. Heorin '59 
Elizabeth Biggor Hellmuth '74 
Morgorel Dowson Hellyer '47 
Suson Calhoun Heminway '58 
Mary Frye Hemphill '45 
Mary Brower Henderson '39 
Robin Ashley Hendrickson '95 
Cotherine Goodhort Henson '77 
Harriet Doniel Herd '38 
Sharon McKinney Herman '85 
Eliono C. Hermann 
Heolher Hernondez-Theis '95 
Ann Bonks Herrod '68 
Kristin E. Herzog '70 
Mory Poyne Hester '59 
Corolyn Mopp Hewes '69 
Cynthia Harbison Heye '35 
Mory Hailigon Hibbord '70 
Stochelle Gilmore Hicks '90 
Phyllis Shelton Higginbothom '79 
Chorles L. Hill 
Theodora G. Hill '60 
Iris Potteiger Hinchmon '56 
Eve Godchoux Hirsch '48 
Katherine Cole Hite '88 
Mory Boulwore Hobbs '86 
Louise Chopmon Hoffman '61 
Virginia Faris Hoffman '80 
Dione Hollowoy '69 
Carolyn Hollisler Holmfelt '69 
Emily Morovec Hoh '70 
Anne Gotling Honey '60 
Frances Clordy Hooper '85 
Ashby Clork Hopkins '85 
Joanne Hopkins 
Elizobeth Meode Howord '60 
Ruth Faulkner Howe '48 
Mory Costello Howell '76 
Notholie Ryon Hoyt '72 
Henrietto Hill Hubbard '50 
Janet Rokoczy Hudson '78 
Wesley Foster Hufford '91 
Soroh F Huie '81 
Frances Chichester Hull '41 
Marguerite F. Hume '43 
Arthur F Humphrey III 
Barbara Plomp Hunt '55 
Elizobeth H. Hunt '65 
Mary Chesnutt Hunt '69 

Louise Lambert Hunter '77 
Mr and Mrs. Arthur Hutchison 
Mr. ond Mrs. Mork L. Hyland 
Louise Jockson '71 
T. Holler Jockson Jr. 
Soroh Dolton Jacob '73 
Caroline Miller Jomes '95 
Deonne Dowson Jomes '86 
Susie Venoble Jomison '61 
Borboro M. Jostrebsky '87 
Mr ond Mrs. Gory Joy 
Kathleen Hsu Jeong '64 
Cotherine Vonte Johns '48 
Benito Phinizy Johnson '52 
Mr. and Mrs. Oonold Johnson 
Elizobeth Wolker Johnson '75 
Mr, ond Mrs. Hardy Johnson 
Mory Williams Johnson '73 
Moiro Holwoy Johnson '81 
Sollie Smoll Johnson '61 
Vicky Toof Johnson '54 
Mrs Corl A. Jones 
Chispoh Ivey Jones '75 
Deborah L. Jones '70 
Dono Von Arsdole Jones '64 
Elizobeth Brooks Jones 75 
Helen Cornwell Jones '40 
Lucy Kiker Jones '43 
Margaret Lyie Jones '72 
Peggy Jones '65 
Potricio Domron Joy '48 
Colleen M. Jozwiok 02 
Moniko Koiser '82 
Courtney Monoid Kone '65 
Patricio Swinney Koufmon '70 
Mory H, Keeling '81 
Mr. ond Mrs. Charles J. G. Keck Jr. 
Alice Mitchell Kelsler '70 
Trocy Lohus Keller '92 
Lone Smith Kelley '82 
Poulo Brown Kelley '78 
Colhie C Kelly '70 
Nancy Voughn Kelly '48 
Mory Willis Kempe '35 
Anna Plait Kemper '64 
Jean Felty Kenny '53 
Holly Weover Kenreich '76 
Carol Gamberg Kenyon '77 
Mary Fontaine Keown '63 
Kothryn Woldrop Kerkering '70 
Karen D. Kerlin '83 
Nancy D. Kershner '90 
Beverly Bossett Kimmel '69 
Elizobelh Scott Kimmel '75 
Mr. ond Mrs. Aubrey C. King 
Mory Hoskins King '45 
Susan J, King '78 
Captain and Mrs. John J. Kingston 
Virginio Lynch Kiseljock '84 
Virginio MocKethon Kilchin '59 
Alice Hogon Kliefolh '79 
Claire Hughes Knopp '64 
Undo Whitlow Knight '71 
Louise Conklin Knowles '28 
Solly Mortin Kohrs '59 
Mr. ond Mrs. Jon Koper 
Anne Mercer Kornegoy '66 
Komo Boswell Koudeiko '85 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kovotch 

Morgorel Field Kresge '65 

Joon Lowson Kuhns '57 

Albert A. La Londe 

Borboro Bullis LoFoyette '60 

Shopleigh Donnelly LoPointe '86 

Caro Ardemogni LoRoche '92 

Aileen H. Loing '57 

Victoria Munn ond Bruce Lamb 

Gwen Hoffman Lamb '56 

Muriel Wikswo Lambert 66 

Groyson Horris Lone 83 

Willie Newbury Loosing '62 

Jeonnine Petersen Laskey '75 

Wesley Powell Lessen '89 

Virginia Donald Lothom 81 

Nancy Dew Lalhrop '67 

Melisso Corrington Lourie '86 

Mr. ond Mrs. John J, Lawlor III 

Dione Hunt Lawrence '55 

Katherine Schuhmocher Lowrence '60 

Virginia Tyson Lawrence '58 

Korol A. Lowson '81 

Mr. ond Mrs. Kenneth L Lawson 

Denise Alexondre LeComte '76 

Eleonor Snow Leo '40 

Harriet Harrison Leovell '81 

Abigoil Brodley Ledbetter '75 

Stocey Lawrence Lee '91 

Nancy Fink Leeds '57 

Jocquelin Jocobs Leffers '49 

Corroll Morgan Legge '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Stonley Leming 

Leslie Broginetz Lemish '89 

Leila Fellner Lenogh '46 

Ann Colston Leonard '47 

Mory A. Woodford Leslie'76 

Mark J. Levin 

Elizabeth Randolph Lewis '63 

Deoring Word Lewis '63 

Virginia Sheoff Liddel '52 

Betsy Bell Liles '82 

Rochel McHugh Ully '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. LJnd 

Ann E. Lindquist '92 

Soro McMullen Lindsey '47 

Morcio Pace Lindstrom '66 

Suson Anthony Lineberry '79 

Jone T Lingo 

Miriam Wyse Linsky '50 

Suzonne M. Little '68 

Betty Mundy Uttrell '52 

June Krebs Liversoge '49 

Morilynn Marshall Livingston '74 

Peggy Fossett Lodeesen '58 

Mr. ond Mrs. Potrick P Loftus 

Martha Watson Lombordy '82 

Eve Jackson London '78 

Lillion Dugger London '73 

Mrs. Albert Long 

Rondi Miles Long '66 

Korin Lowson Look '74 

Ann McLeon Loomis 45 

Mr. ond Mrs. Paul A. Louis 

Virginio Poge Love '50 

Mr. ond Mrs. Don C Lay 

Perry Liles Lucas '85 

Jerry Dreisboch Ludeke '54 

Virginia Timmons Ludwick '53 

Stacy Z. Lukonuski '85 




Mary Jone Luke '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Whelon Lussier 

Barney Walker Lutsk '65 

Ary Lotlerhos Lyie '60 

Catherine M. Lynn'64 

Elizabeth Francke Lynn '74 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. MatDonald III 

Brooke Hamilton MacKinnon '62 

Polly Plummer Matkie '49 

Mrs. William H. Macon 

Nancy Drake Moggord '50 

Ella Hanson Mogruder '75 

Helene Bauer Mogruder '57 

Dorothy Campbell Maher '43 

Elizabeth Camlin Maher '46 

Kotherine Cooley Maher '68 

Alice Benton Major '79 

Susonne Elkins Major 70 

Ann Vandersyde Malbon '80 

Ann South Malick '75 

Margaret Milnor Mollory '76 

Anne Williams Monchester '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Moncusi Jr. 

Melisso Griffith Manning '69 

Sherri L Monson '79 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Moraffi 

Kotherine McKelway Morchorterre '86 

Cheryl Mares 

Mr. ond Mrs. Felix D. Morkhom IV 

Lucio K. Marks '94 

Dr. and Mrs. Virgil H. Morsholl 

Mary Seoton Morston '31 

Mortho Benn Martin '64 

Mory-Ellen Martin '67 

Consuelo Michelle Martinez '82 

Marcio Brandenburg Martinson '74 

Eleanor Gilmore Mossie '66 

Kathleen M. Lorenz Mastrongelo 

Elinor Vorys Matthneer '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Linwood S. Mother Jr. 

Ann C. Mothews '69 

Constance Somervell Matter '48 

Dorothy Ulf Mayer '59 

Gay Reddig Mohl '55 

Carol Lord Moyo '60 

Mr. ond Mrs. Howard J. Mayo 

Wendilynn Wood McAfee '81 

Emily Dick McAlister '78 

Eriend Carlton McCaffree '54 

Moddin Lupton McCollie '48 

Stacey D. McCloin '93 

John R. McClenon 

Caroline Miller McClintock '43 

Katharine E. McCoid '88 

Pomelo Droke McCormick '72 

Mary Borbour McCreo '48 

Patricia Robineou McCulloch '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Donogh M. McDonough 

Borrie Jeffrey McDowell '81 

Corter Donnnn McDowell '57 

Captain Joseph M. McDowell 

Nancy B. McDowell '63 

Ann Von Norden McOuffie '51 

Aline Rex McEvoy '65 

Jone McCutchen McFadden '73 

Joan Livingston McFoll '50' 

Koren Jaffa McGoldrick '79 

Mary Boyd McGuire '89 

Sarone McHugh '81 

Jean Mcintosh '65 
Linda A. McKeever '99 
Claudia Antrim McKenno '48 
Joan Boggs McKenzie '58 
Mr. ond Mrs. William G. McKoy 
Morjorie Rebenlisch McLemore 70 
Lynne Potthorst McMillan '69 
Sollie Armfield McMillion '59 
Cynthia Moorheod McNoir '53 
Rebecca Michie McVeigh '87 
Frances deSoussure Meade '68 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Meadows III 
Wendy Schnering Meehon '76 
Rebecca Bottomley Meeker '71 
Miriam Washobaugh Meglon '71 
Anne Milbonk Mell '71 
Suson Somerville Menson '68 
Suzonne Bossewitz Mentzinger '52 
Thelmo M. Merrill '74 
Mary Watt Messer '83 
Louellen Brooks Meyer '85 
Fronces Mollory Meyers '64 
Petsy Goutier Mezey '55 
Rosalinda Guordabossi Michael 77 
Elizabeth Maroffi Mithoud '86 
Freddo Duncombe Millard '49 
Ellen Duvol Miller '44 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Clifford Miller Jr. 
Keithley Rose Miller '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E. Miller 
Mary Webb Miller '57 
Phyllis Thorpe Miller '48 
Royal R. Miree Jr. 
Kotherine Gglesby Mixson '33 
Sarah Bonham Mohle '77 
Betty Sonford Molster '55 
Amy Andrews Monohon '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Withers W. Moncure Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Monnich 
Marion Saunders Montgomery '44 
Elizabeth Broden Moody '67 
Cecilio A. Moore '88 
Margaret Preston Moore '42 
Margaret Space Moore '55 
Kimberly Rodo Moorheod '95 
Ashley Quorrier Moron '91 
Elizabeth Gloser Morchower '67 
Hannah Croighill Morehead '79 
Mr. and Mrs. John L Morgan III 
Kelli Ketchum Morgan '89 
Jacques Morin 

Katharine Fisher Morlond '71 
Carter Heyword Morris '73 
Margaret Moron Morrow '67 
Morion Harvey Morton '67 
Mory Poyne Morton '64 
Myrtle Alston Mott '51 
John C. Mueller 
Ann Porter Mullen '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Mullen 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mulligan 
Valeria Murphey '71 
Catharine Adams Murphy '72 
Joon Douglas Murray '75 
Solly Myers '96 

Frederiko Merrimon Noylor '55 
Judy Gutches Needham '63 
Mellie Hickey Nelson '67 
Nancy E. Ness '85 

Francisco Brockenridge Neumann '61 

Jone Shoesmith Newcomb '48 

Beth Ann Tropold Newton 

Louise Cooke Newton '82 

Margoret K. Newton '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Nexsen 

Borboro Ashton Nicol '74 

Tennessee Nielsen '76 

Mr. and Mrs. Chorles H. Noble Jr. 

Lindsay Crumpler Nolting '42 

Mr and Mrs. David M. Nolton 

Kimberly Knox Norman '85 

Nancy E Norman '86 

Mory Humelsine Norment '68 

Margaret Swonn Norris '45 

Jule Seibels-Northup '68 

Margaret MocKenzie Nowocki '63 

Anne Goyle O'Beirne '41 

Angela Cardomone O'Donnell '41 

Barbara Callahan O'Neill '84 

C. Gail Robins Constantino '67 

Grace Garry Ootes '64 

Susanna Bernard Odence '55 

Lindsley Brown Oehlert '70 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Ogborn 

Corolyn Stomon Ogilvie '38 

Jonel Richards Oikowo 75 

Paige Shiller Okun '88 

Deborah Fischer Oleisky '85 

Lucy Israel Oliver '61 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Olmsteod 

Sue Roth Olson '57 

Robyn Bailey Orchord '86 

Mory A. Osborn 

Mrs. Prime F. Osborn '73 

Dono Freas Ostrowsky '87 

Drucillo Springer Oswalt '78 

Carol Barnard Ottenberg '60 

Christine E. Ottersberg '99 

Josephine Wheotley Overbey '62 

Norma Davis Owen '56 

Horriett Tovenner Owens '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Pockord 

Stacy Lee Roe '87 

Diono Tarride Palmer '80 

Nina Rowles Ponorese '90 

Lucy Blonton Pork '56 

Alice Dobney Parker '32 

Jennifer L Porker '95 

Mory Booth Parker '49 

Corrington Lancaster Pasco '40 

Viola Groveure Potek '66 

Kotherine Kibbee Paterson '69 

Christine Anne Potten '95 

Olivia Conley Potton '53 

Cothryn Gray Paul '69 

Chority Paul '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Berley S. Paxton 

Borboro J. Poyne '71 

Mollie Archer Payne '58 

Aliso Deloney Peorce '90 

Soroh W Peorre '48 

Mory Welles Pearson '39" 

Virginio Shultis Pearson '90 

Mory Thomas Peck '50 

Alma Noll Peckhom '45 

Corol Cole Pelzer '65 

Deborah Haslom Peniston '66 

Andrew H. Perkins 

Hannah Mollory Perkins '44 

Elizabeth G. Perry '73 

Cotherine Connor Peters '73 

Ruth Mogee Peterson '51 

Joan M. Petty '96 

Lee Corollo Pforsich '78 

Harriet Pullen Phillips '43 

Louro Haskell Phinizy '65 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Piepho 

Ida Todmon Pierce '38 

Bonnie Blew Pierie '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pike 

Mr. and Mrs. Bollard F. Pinkord Jr. 

Noncy Mortensen Piper '74 

Allison Bennett Pishko '85 

Elizabeth Browner Pittmon '59 

Kothryn Spencer Pixley '63 

Helen Ploften '41 

Solly Gammon Plummer '54 

Bowdre Budd Poor '46 

Ehzobeth Hicks Pollok '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Dole W Polley Sr. 

Kerry A. Pollock '93 

Richard E. Ponte 

Eleanor Coin Pope '58 

Caryl A. Potter III '98 

Linda Byrd Powell '62 

Annobelle Forsch Proger '43 

Florence Gillem Pressly '42 

Mortho Bennett Pritchett '68 

Borboro Munter Purdue '32 

Leslie Heye Quorrier '62 

Mr. and Mrs. W. R Quesenberry Jr. 

Stacey Honnon Quinn '89 

Melissa Murray Quinones '87 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Quortrup Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donold A. Romsoy 

Cloir Clancy Romsoy '85 

Jon Ramsey 

Leslie Armstrong Ramsey '72 

Nancy Pesek Rosenberger '51 

Mory Scott Rouch '62 

Nancy Messick Roy '52 

Betty Forbes Royburn '56 

Ellen Pringle Read '60 

Kotharine Porter Read '39 

Ann Connolly Reagan '80 

Ann Morrison Reams '42 

Wilmo Covett Records '41 

Ellen Robbins Red '46 

Ann Benson Reece '63 

Patricio Tolbott Reed '76 

Suzanne Evans Reeves '68 

James W. Reid 

Morion Sim Reid '36 

Mr. ond Mrs. Walter A. Reiler Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Reither Sr. 

Page Monroe Renger '67 

Robin Ould Rentsch '60 

Emory Hill Rex '41 

Corol Reifsnyder Rhoods '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie C. Rice 

Celio Loving Richeson '58 

Suson R Richeson '81 

Lynn Mitchell Riddick '52 

Deborah Luby Rie '68 

Elizabeth Gowthrop Riely '67 

Dr. ond Mrs. Gory H. Riggs 

Jennifer Lauren Risey '93 

Mory Reid Roach '74 

Anne Davis Roone '54 

ChoHotte Bottle Robbins '73 

Rachel R Robbins 

Mary Lineberger Roberts '58 

Jane Nexsen Robertson '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Robertson 

Mory McElroy Robertson '84 

Bliss Simmons Robinson '87 

Deborah Schmidt Robinson '89 

Morguerite Brendlinger Robinson '44 

Potricia Dovin Robinson '49 

Ann B. Robison '02 

Ann Venoble Rogers '54 

Rosemary Frey Rogers '34 

Virginia Luscombe Rogers '50 

Nancy Josephs Rohrer '69 

Phyllis K. Rohrlich 

Wllliom D. Romey 

Deborah Worren Rommel '70 

Heather Vorney Rooney '89 

Nan Locke Rosa '53 

David Rosenbloom 

Anne Sorgeont Rosenthol '81 

Amy Biothrow Ross '94 

Ann Train Ross '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnie E Roth Jr. 

Nancy Buckey Rothocker '86 

Elizabeth Moyfield Roughlon '34 

Lillian Simmons Rountrey '35 

Gory Moxwell Rousseau 

Wendy Wise Routh '75 

Elizabeth Beltz Rowe '48 

Eileen M. Rubien '74 

Troylor Rucker '65 

Raymond G. Ruff 

Elizabeth Stough Rush '75 

Suson Clay Russell '81 

Suson Griste Russell '78 

Mr. ond Mrs. Gregory A. Russo 

Cynthia Sincloir Rutherford '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Burt T Ryon Jr. 

Kathleen A. Ryon '75 

Eugenia Bull Ryner '67 

Stephanie Wilt Sage '88 

Ruth Frame Salzberg '58 

Jo Schneider Somp 77 

Ann Temple Somson '35 

Letitio Sanders '62 

Jone M. Sondlin 

Julia Grosvenor Sonford '80 

Lee Addison Sonford '73 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P Sormento 

Noma Greene Sotterfield '46 

Polly Sottler '88 

Lucie Wood Saunders '49 

Elizabeth K. Soyler '85 

Elizabeth Miller Soyler '55 

Sollie E Scorborough 75 

Amelia Dousmon Schoof '80 

Kotherine Maxwell Schellhommer '95 

Potricia Whelon Schenck '82 

Grace Tredwell Schild '82 

L. Angelyn Schmid '87 

Mr. and Mrs. Michoel W. Schmitz 

Elizabeth Kopper Schollaert '64 

Patricio Hossler Schuber '47 

Francis M. Schuler 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Schultheis 




Kathleen Cochran Schuize 73 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Scott 
Elizabeth Shepherd Scott '43 
Nancy Pendergrass Scott '67 
Prudence Sondifer Scott '59 
Isobel Scrlbo '35 
Cornelia Harrison Scribner '62 
Angela M. Scully '77 
Borbara Bradshaw Sedgwick '56 
Amonda Thrasher Segrest '71 
Elizabeth Taylor Seifert '83 
Pomelo Dickens Sellors '83 
Morsholl Metcolf Seymour '64 
Connie Crysler Shofer '78 
Harriet Houston Shoffar '64 
Sharon Booth Shonohon '85 
Pamela Leary Shondrick '66 
Lisa Brundoge Shapiro '77 
Elizabeth Hutchins Shorlond '61 
Elizobeth Cohill Sharmon '84 
Enid Winkelmon Shorpe '57 
Margaret Holey Sheehon '77 
Burney Porrott Sheeks '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Sheinboum 
Dale Shelly '72 
Diane Dietrich Shepherd '50 
Jonet Lewis Shepherd '84 
Mary Ames B. Sheret '82 
Marguerite Stephens Sheridan '34 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Sherrord V 
Mary Alexander Sherwood '53 
Dorothy WyoH Shields '58 
Julio Shields '62 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Shillestad 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenelm L. Shirk 
Foyth Mueller Shirkey '39 
Morjorie Shugorl Short '43 
Anne Jocobson Shromko '56 
Abby Patterson Shultis '66 
Koren Norris Sibley'43 
Penelope Sleketee Sidor '66 
Jone Slock Sigloh '56 
Susonno Judd Silcox '52 
Cotherirre Parker Silverman '43 
Anne Smith Simet '63 
Beatrice Bocker Simpson '48 
Diane Richmond Simpson '51 
Martho L. Simpson 
Estelle T Sincloire '40 
Jessica Sinnott '86 
Elizabeth Sicord Sito '37 
Ruth Longmire Skelton '45 
Mary L. Skinner '71 
Elizabeth Gollo Sklodol '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Slode 
Carter Von Deventer Slotety '49 
Roso McGowin Slaughter '79 
Virginio Borah Slaughter '62 
Kelly Borrowmon Slobodion '74 
Catherine Brownlee Smeltzer '59 
Adel Shinberger Smith '62 
Ann R. Smith '74 
Anne G. Smith '36 
Borboro Hohn Smith '51 
Belle Williams Smith '65 
Bloir Beebe Smith '87 
Caroline Newton Smith '92 
Chloe Mason Smith '51 
Hollie Darby Smith '67 

Hannah Gloss Smith '70 

Helen Oakley Smith '73 

Karen McKenzie Smith '59 

Louise Streeter Smith '50 

Marsha Phillips Smith '74 

Maude Adams Smith '27' 

Ruth Sonders Smith '54 

Sorolyn McAfee Smith '65 

Sheila Haskell Smith '61 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D, Smith 

Noncyellen Keane Smithers '78 

Susonne Willioms Sneod '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. Solivon 

Lorno Allen Sorley '68 

Virginia H, Sorlor-Sumner '62 

Kotherine BIythe Southerlond '69 

Susan Moormon Southworlh '66 

Judith Dunn Spongenberg '64 

Cynthia Hubord Spongier '63 

Cora Morningstor Spiller '50 

Jeonnine Corbett Squires '66 

Elizobeth Selden Stoinbrook '33 

Brent Stoil-Gordner 

Bette Smith Stomols '54 

Ann Henderson Stomets '75 

Sarah Anderson Stanton '89 

Jessico C. Stopleton '92 

Caroline Coleman Stoutberg '62 

Helen Roe Stebbins '37 

Jone Street Steele '56 

Tracy L. Steele '92 

Roy L. Steers Jr. 

Lucindo Lowry Stein '61 

Barbara H. Steiner 

Celio Newberg Steingold '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry U, Stephens 

Jomes f. M. Stephens Jr. 

Janet Cook Stephens '61 

Annie Word Stern '66 

Diane Stevens '6) 

Jesse A. Stewart '74 

Nedro Greer Stimpson '51 

Mr. ond Mrs. Thomas R. Stinnett 

Cordelio Lombert Shtes '47 

Anne Stoddard '68 

Margaret McCarthy Stoeffel '81 

Mr. ond Mrs. John L. Stokes 

Anne Green Stone '53 

Nan Hart Stone '47 

Bonnie Moe Stock '72 

Catherine Holl Slopher '69 

Laura L. Stottlemyer 

Borboro Bourke Stovoll '45' 

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Stover 

Jessie Morr Strohmon '42 

Solly C. Strain '63 

Lynn Gullett Strozzini '67 

Rebecco Finkbeiner Streett '90 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Stringfellow Jr. 

Ann Anderson Stuckey '62 

Beth L. Sullivon '79 

Ellen M. Sullivan '77 

Moy Woters Summerour '75 

Jean Saunders Sumner '88 

Coitlin N. Sundby '94 

Morie E. Sushko '67 

Betsy Stevens Sutton '55 

Dorothy Denny Sutton '44 

Anne Benedict Swoin '39 

Heather Roll Swonson '95 
Patricio Sweeney 
Dr. ond Mrs. James A. Swenberg 
Mary Taylor Swing '58 
Rebecca Trulove Symons '79 
Helen Bradley Torbutlon '89 
Alicia Kay Taylor '90 
Corol W. Toylor 
Elizobeth Stinnett Toylor '93 
Kathleen Wolson Taylor '65 
Nor W. Toylor '27 
Kotherine Mensing Teitgen '44 
Sue RossonTejml '58 
Modeleine Long Tellekomp '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson M. Terry 
Penelope Writer Theis '64 
Amorel G. Thissell '82 
Comellio A. Thomos '03 
Emily B. Thomas '90 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Thomos 
Joan Mossey Thomos '56 
Mory Morrison Thomas '72 
Soroh Rosco Thomos '65 
Alice Wood Thompson '59 
Jessie Silvers Thompson '38 
Joanne Bosserl Thompson '59 
Grace Quirk Thompson '88 
Potricio Beoch Thompson '52 
Mr. ond Mrs. Eugene R. Tinfo 
Jone Twohy Tirrell '72 
Elizobeth McMohon Tolben '57 
Garland Toney Sr. 
Stephanie Arnold Toohey '95 
Bertha Lee Toole '46 
Dr ond Mrs. C. E. Toro-Leyton 
Koty Warren Towers '70 
Cynthio Little Townsend '79 
Loufo Swope Townsend '95 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Trask Jr. 
Mory Kelso Treonor '31 
John C. Trembloy 
Rosemory Dunowoy Trible '71 
Dorindo Davis Trick '82 
Goil Rothrock Trozzo '64 
Laurie Newman Tuchel '80 
Ann Rowland Tuck '48 
Greyson Shuff Tucker '72 
Alexandra Morcoglou Tully '47 
Heidi Belofsky Turk '85 
Mrs, Richard Honcook Turley 
Kathleen Stevenson Turner '64 
Pomelo Myre Turner '75 
Sharon Watts Turner '91 
Carol Wooldridge Tutlle '87 
Potricio Willioms Twohy '58 
Mr, and Mrs. Ronold L. Tyree 
Ainslie Jones Uhl '76 
Florence McGowin Uhlhorn '60 
Linda R. Uihiein '77 
Suzanne Stryker Ullrich '78 
Borboro Clork Utiey '44 
Ursulo Reimer Von Ando '51 
Gypsie Beor Von Antwerp '73 
Ann Pritchetl Von Horn '74 
Borboro Von Ness '50 
Jennifer Valentine Von Ness '92 
Lucy Dennington Von Zondt '73 
Mr, and Mrs, Wilfred C, Vorn 
Claire Cortwright Voughon '78 

Sigrid Corlen Veosey '81 

Melissa Leib Veghle '74 

Morion Wohlgren Vester '84 

Ann May Via '54 

Ann Preston Vick '50 

Hollis Hutchens Volk '80 

Mario Corozzo Voipe '62 

Anno Davies Volwiler '39 

Jerrold R, Voss 

Victoria McClintock Wode '95 

Amy G, Woite '93 

Constance Werly Wokelee '53 

Patricia Tighe Wolden '53 

Mory Brown-Sermon Wolke '38 

Ashley Jones Walker '68 

Julio Snodgross Walker '83 

Catherine Winship Wohers '95 

Mr. ond Mrs. Gory M. Walters 

Soroh Esler Wohers '41 

Carolyn Jones Wohhall '71 

Anne Newton Walther '66 

Euro Coleman Wompler '60 

Downe Cotton Word '81 

Jessico Bemis Word '63 

Anne English Wordwell '65 

Pomelo Compton Wore '55 

Potricio Coxe Wore '59 

Elizobeth Morkgraf Waring '50 

Jone Oxner Waring '58 

Mr. ond Mrs. Richord C. Woring 

Kotherine G. Warner '95 

Morgoret Smith Warner '58 

Diana Duffy Waterman '83 

Patricia W. Waters '77 

Soroh Wotson '70 

Elizabeth Andrews Watts '74 

Soroh Clifford Weaver '95 

Sandra P Webb '03 

Mr. ond Mrs. Lester H. Weekes 

Pomelo S. Weekes '83 

Mr. and Mrs. John P Wegerski 

Ann Eustis Weimer '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Joy M. Weinberg 

Suzonne Reitz Weinstein '60 

Meredith Leslie Welch '65 

Elder Witt Wellborn '67 

Carol Dovis Wells'62 

Suzanne Torgon Weston '68 

Dr. ond Mrs. Gus S. Wetzel II 


Kotherine V Whitby '95 

Mr. ond Mrs. Alan J. White 

Coroline W White '79 

Jesse A. White '86 

Joyce Smith White '49 

Dr, and Mrs, Horold B. Whitemon Jr. 

Ann Morsholl Whitley '47 

Elizabeth D. Whitley '75 

Borboro Smhh Whitlock '40 

M. Lyndon Whitmore 

Morgoret Robertson Whitney '36' 

Julia Lowry Wiemer '71 

Cossondro Wholing Wiermon '85 

Herbert N. Wigder 

Dorothy C. Wilkinson 

Ashby Jenkins Willcox '51 

Eleonor Keen Williams '68 

Elizobeth Plunkett Williams '48 

Jane Warner Willioms '47 

Meredith J. T Williams '95 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W Williams 
Sollie Yon Williams '63 
Slephanio Poporozzi Williams '73 
Josephine Hopp Willinghom '38 
Joanne Oberkirch Willis '42 
Lillion Neely Willis '39 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Willock III 
Kimberly K Willock '89 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles 8. Wilson 
Elizobeth Mumford Wilson '71 
Jone Stephenson Wilson '67 
Morgoret Sefeldt Wilson '73 
Morgoret Street Wilson '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Wilson 
Wendy Hoymon Wilson '60 
Noncy Roy Wiltshire '86 
Emily Coxe Winburn '55 
Betty Leffel Wingote '48 
Claire Giesecke Wingo '30 
Goil Zorwell Winkler '76 
Mary Gordon Winn '66 
Lovolette Dillon Wintzer '35 
Helen Pender Withers '48 
Mary F. Witt '74 
Morcio G. Wittenbrook '72 
Helen B. Wolcott '35 
Mary A. Wolfe '75 
Mory Tripp Wolfensberger '82 
Potsy Perkins Wolverton '62 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Werner 
Christine Sheris Wood '73 
Keitt Matheson Wood '63 
Lenoro Del Greco Wood '60 
Marguerite McDoniel Wood '57 
Mimi Etheridge Wood '44 
Olivio Rhodes Woodin '41 
Anne Little Woolley '83 
Phoebe Sweney Woolley '45 
Nancy Jones Worcester '49 
Rosalie Barringer Wornhom '51 
Mory Denny Scott Wroy '61 
Borboro L Wuehrmonn '71 
Alexondro Bernord Wyllie '86 
Virginia Q. Wynn '46 
Andrea S. von Wiesenthol '78 
Soroh P von Rosenberg '72 
Marilyn Yolom 
Susan Tucker Yankee '50 
Cheri Burritt Yoles '84 
Morshalyn YeorginAllsopp '68 
Lizora Miller Yonce '59 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Young 
Joyce Lenz Young '56 
Soroh E. Young '95 
Susannoh Scogel Young '85 
Comille Willioms Yow '55 
Letha Domeron Zockowski '81 
Copt, and Mrs. Terrence L. Zockowski 
Amanda Ottowoy Zombetti '89 
Jean Romonske Zoniewski '77 
Jonis Thomos Zeonoh '52 
Amy Colondro Zechini '90 
Mory T Ziebold '87 
W Denmon Zirkle 




a umnae run 


1999-2000 Reunion Class Totals and Partidpafion 


Total Gifts 



to Annual Fund 

Gifts+ Pledges 




All Funds 






Reunion Gifts Chairs 

Ann Belser Asher 

Franchon Lewis Jackson 

Jane Lewis Zollicoffer 





Reunion Gifts Chairs 

Sue Lawton Mobley 

Honey Addington Possano 





Reunion Gifts Chairs 

Becky Towill McNoir 

Linda Sims Newmork 

Patti Powell Pusey 





Reunion Gift Choir 

Sara Porter Boehmler 





Reunion Gifts Chairs 

Frances Griffith Loserson 

Bonnie Palmer McCloskey 





Reunion Committee 





Reunion Gifts Chairs 

Pom Koehler Elmets 

Lillian Sinks Sweeney 





Reunion Gifts Choirs 

Jean Guthons Wilkins 

Suzonne Weaver Zimmer 





Reunion Gifts Chairs 

Ashley Flynn Blanchord 

Heather Colson Ewing 





Reunion Gifts Chairs 

Gwen Hickey-Bobcock 

Holly Prothro Philbin 

Alumnae Fund Committee 

Normo Patteson Mills '60 
Alumnae Fund Cbair 

Elizabeth Smith White '59 
Boxwood Circle Co-Cbair 

Lochrone Coleman Smith '76 
Boxwood Circle Co-Chair 

Dorothy Woods Mcleod '58 
National Reunion Gifts Chair 

Atin Stuart McKie Kling '74 
National Reunion Gihs Chair - Elect 

Nonnetfe McBurney Crowdus '57 
Planned Giving Chair 

Lee Foley Dolan '96 
Junior Boxwood Circle Chair 

1999-2000 Alumnae Fund 

TLirough the enthusiastic lead- 
ership of Norma Patteson 
Mills '60, Alumnae Fund 
Chair, and the Alumnae Fund 
Committee, Sweet Briar 
achieved a significant increase 
in the 1999-2000 Alumnae 

With the efforts and support 
of 200-(- dedicated alumnae 
leaders and more than 4.000 
loyal alumnae donors, we: 

1 . Set a new record in the 
Annual Fund with a total of 
$1,911,166 which is 3% 
($52,308) more than last year; 

2. Increased our number of 
$1,000-1- donors (Boxwood 
Circle, President's Circle, and 
Sweet Briar Circle) by 14% 
over last year, bringing this 
year's total to 7 1 8 members; 

3. Concluded another success- 
ful Reunion campaign, raising 
$617,142 (counting unrestinct- 
ed gifts only); 

4. Our overall percentage of 
alumnae participation was 


Warmest thanks to every vol- 
unteer leader and to all of the 
generous donors who helped 
make this year's fund-raising 
effort such a success! 

Reunion Giving 1999-2000 

Led by National Reunion 
Giving Chair Dorothy 
"Dotsie" Woods McLeod '58, 
the 1999-2000 Reunion class- 
es raised $617,142. The Class 
of 1950 Raised $101,130 win- 
ning the Nancy Dowd Burton 
Award for the largest gift in a 
Reunion year. The Class of 
1950. with 72% won the 
Participation Award for class- 
es celebrating the 25th-50th 
Reunion. The Class of 1980, 
with 45% won the 
Participation Award for class- 
es celebrating the 5th-20th 

The purpose of the Reunion 
Giving program is to increase 
unrestricted gifts to the 
Annual Fund; however, we 
recognize and thank all class- 
es for their total gifts to all 

*Reported dollar totals are 
year-end and may differ from 
those announced at Reunion. 

Participation rates are as of 
Reunion Weekend 2000. 



alumnae giving 


Warmcsi thanks to 
each ulumna 
who sent a gift 
to the College 
during 1999-2000. Il is because 
of your strong, on-going support 
that Sweet Briar continues to 
stand at the forelmnt of 
American education ttxiay. 


Humber in Class: 2 
Number of Donors: I 
Percentage ol Partidpation: 50% 
Total Class Dollars: SI 5,000 
Gordon G. Beemer H'2I 


Humber in Class: 3 
Number ol Donors: I 
Percentage of Participation: 33% 
Total Class Dollars: SI, 000 


Number in Class: 5 
Number of Donors: 2 
Percentage of Participation: 40% 
Total Class Dollars: SI 28 
Jane Gulgnord Curry 
Fitzallen Kendall Fearing 


Number in Class: 7 
Number of Donors: I 
Percentage of Parlicipotion: 14% 
Total Class Dollars: SI0,09I 
Gladys Woodward* 


Number in Class: 7 
Number of Donors: I 
Percentage of Participation: 14% 
Total Class Dollars: S20 
Mary I. Sturgis 


Number in Class: 7 
Number ol Donors: 2 
Percentage of Participation: 29% 
Total Class Dollars: S27, 510 
Elizabeth Moore Rusk 
Lois Peterson Wilson" 


Number in Class: 13 
Number ol Donors: 6 
Percentage of Participation: 46% 
Total Class Dollars: S2,776 
Rebecca Manning Cutler 

Julia Reynolds Dreisboch 
Alice Eskesen Gonzel" 
Maude Adams Smith' 
Ruth Lowronce Street 
Nor W Taylor 


Number in Class: 17 
Number ol Donors: 3 
Percentage ol Participation: 18% 
Total Class Dollars: S9,32l 
Louise Conklin Knowles 
Virginia Von Winkle Morlidge 
Soroh Everett Toy' 


Number in Class: 27 
Number of Donors: 13 
Percentage of Participation: 48% 
Total Class Dollars: S339,9I 8 
Mary Armstrong Allen 
Virginia Campbell Clinch 
Helen Schoumleffel Ferree 
Virginia Chaffee Gwynn 
Elizabeth F Hibbs' 
Ella Phillips Hotthkiss' 
Belle Brockenbrough Mulchins' 
Sara Collison Jamison 
Gertrude Prior' 
Dorothea Paddock Seeber 
Martha Moupin Stewart 
Evoline Edmonds Thoma 
Susie Tucker Yates 


Number in Class: 30 
Number of Donors: 8 
Percentage ol Participation: 27% 
Total Class Dollars: S29,839 
Mildred Pickett BosI 
Elizabeth Gorsline 
Charlotte Brown Harder 
Gladys Wester Horton 
Fronces Harrison McGiffert 
Solly Reohord 
Evelyn Wore Saunders 
Serena Ailes Stevens 


Number in Class: 31 
Number of Donors: 7 
Percentage of Parlicipotion: 23% 
Total Class Dollars: SI 1,471 
Mary Swih Calhoun" 
Pauline Woodward Hill" 
Mary Seolon Morslon 
Elizabeth Tyson Postles 
Cynlhio Vaughn Price 
Gillette Hilton Prilchord 
Mary Kelso Treanor 


Number in Ooss: 32 

Number of Donors: 14 
Percentage of Participation: 44% 
Total Class Dollars: S5 1 50 
Hallie Orr Borton 
Sora Shollenberger Brown 
Eleanor Wright Conway 
Morjorie Word Cross 
Margaret Bennett Cullum' 
Anno Gilbert Davy 
Virginio Squibb Flynn 
Solly Ainsworth Gloss 
Susonne Gay Linville 
Thedo Sherman Newlin 
Alice Dobney Parker 
Barbara Munter Purdue 
Gertrude Buist Robert 
Letho Morris Wood 


Number in Class: 55 
Number of Donors: 13 
Percentage of Participation: 24% 
Total Class Dollars: SI 33,238 
Sara Houston Baker 
Lucy Oliver Brooks 
Mory Bornhorl Carlton 
Elizabeth Cossidy Evans 
Elizobelh S. Groy 
Margery Gubelman Hoslert 
Kalherine Oglesby Mixson 
Frances Neville Newberry 
Jane Martin Person 
Cotten Skinner Shepherd 
Elizobelh Selden Sloinbrook 
Chorlotte Tomblyn Tufts 
Cornelia Murray Weller' 

Number in Class: 51 
Number of Donors: 23 
Percentage of Participation: 45% 
Total Class Dollars: SI 2,791 
Helen Honson Bomford 
Nancy Holchkiss Boschen 
Betty Suttle Briscoe 
Anne Russell Carter 
Morcio Morrison Curtis 
Margaret Ross Ellice 
Helen Bean Emery 
Dorothy Turno Gardner 
Priscillo Mullen Gowen 
Emilie Emory Leory" 
Rebekoh Strode Lee" 
Deoring Lewis 
Anne Corbitt Little 
Solillo Fronklin Meons 
Joonna Fink Meeks 
Emily Morsh Nichols 
Dorothy Prince Oldfield 

Rosemory Frey Rogers 
Elizabeth Moyfield Roughlon 
Mory Moore Rowe 
Marguerite Stephens Sheridan 
Connie Burwell White 
Elizabeth Bond Wood 


Number in Class: 63 
Number ol Donors: 21 
Percentage of Participation: 33% 
Total Class Dollars: SI7.I9I 
Marlon Walker Alcoro 
Lois Vonderhoef Benner 
Barbara Rhodes Brown 
Mory Whipple Clark' 
Juliet Halliburton Dovls 
Mory Honeywell Dodds 
Frances Meeks Ford 
Rebecco Young Frozer 
Helen Corruthers Hockwell 
Ruth Gllllland Hordmon 
Cynlhio Harbison Heye 
Mory Willis Kempe 
Jane Lawder 
Sarah Rick Putnam 
Lillian Simmons Rountrey 
Ann Temple Samson 
Alice McCloskey Schlendorf 
Isabel Scrlbo 
Dorothy Bornum Venter 
Lovolette Dillon Wintzer 
Helen B. Wolcott 


Number in Qass: 55 
Number of Donors: 26 
Percentage of Participation: 47% 
Total Class Dollars: S4I 3,333 
Myro Corr Baldwin 
Nancy Dicks Blonton 
Martha Ake Brouse 
Sophia Campbell Brown 
Margaret Lloyd Bush 
Mory BIythe Cunningham 
Mory Rich Ewing 
Elizabeth Morton Forsyth 
Lillian Cobell Gay 
Copel Grimes Gerloch 
Fronces W. Gregory' 
Mory Vogdes Haines 
Logon Phinlzy Johns 
Lucile Cox Jones' 
Noncy Parsons Jones 
Arnold Susong Jones 
Elizobelh Chopman Lacey 
Ablgoll Lesnick Leibowitz 
Morgorel J. Mencke 
Kolhorlne Niles Parker 
Marlon Sim Reld 
Elizabeth PInkerton Scott 

Morgorel Smith Tfiomosson 
Morgorel Robertson Whitney" 
Mory Polndexter Willlnghom 
Adelo Cocke WIntree 


Number in Oass: 47 
Number of Donors: 16 
Percentage of Participation: 34% 
Total Class Dollars: S25,536 
Anne Loumon Bussey 
Bedo Carlson Calhoun 
Elizabeth Boll Fensom 
Fronces Johnson FInley" 
Elinor Word Francis 
Virginio Hordln 
Isabel Olmsleod Hoynes 
Rosolie Holl Hurst 
Morgorel Holcomb MocMlllan 
Rebecca Douglass Mopp 
Mory Cochran Nicholson 
Dorothy Price Roberts 
Morgorel Cornwell Schmidt 
Elizabeth Slcord SIto 
Helen Roe Slebblns 
Marlon Leggett Whyte 


Number in Class: 78 
Number ol Donors: 38 
Percentage of Porticipatian: 49% 
Total Class Dollars: SI 8,362 
Janice Wiley Adams 
Shirley Haywood Alexander 
Emma Gloss Beosley 
Jonel MocForlon Bergmonn 
Fronces Bolley Brooke 
Dorothy Gilbert Browne 
Mory Housel Corr 
Borboro Derr Chenowelh 
Virginia Guild Colmore' 
Florence Coven Crosnoe 
Morjorie Thoden Dovls 
Mary Tolcolt Dodson 
Maud Tucker Drone 
Genevieve Morsh Fisher 
Moselle Worsley Fletcher 
Soroh Tomllnson Foscue 
Elinor Wilson Gammon 
Elizabeth Cumnock Gunn 
Vesto Murray Hoselden 
Imogen Brock Howley 
Horrlet Daniel Herd 
Virginia Heizer HIckenlooper 
Marion Fuller Kellogg 
Kale Sulzberger Levi 
Elizabeth Lockelt Lord 
Fronces Faulkner Mathews 
Anne Old Mercer 
Anne Walker Newton 
Cotolyn Sloman Ogilvie 




Ida Todman Pierce 
Ruth Pfingsten Roister 
Anne Warriner Prince 
Mary Hamilton Schuck 
Jessie Silvers Thompson 
Mary Brown-Sermon Wolke 
Mildred Gill Williamson 
Josephine Happ Willinghom 
Justine Domhoff Wright 


Number in Class: 72 
Number ol Donors: 41 
Percentage ol ParHcipatian: 57% 
Talol (loss Dollars: 528,953 
Elizabeth Barnes Bird 
Grocey Luckett Bradley 
Mobel M. Chipley 
Elizabeth Vonderbilt Crompton 
Bettino Bell Emmons 
Augusta Soul Farrier 
Sarah Belk Gombrell 
Marguerite Myers Glenn 
Mary Brower Henderson 
Lucy Gordon Jeffers 
Louise Corrigon Jordan 
Norcisso Dillord Kelley 
Soroh Toms Kreker 
Elsie Day Mock 
Suzette Boutell McLeod 
Julia Gray Saunders Michoux 
Janet Trosch Moulton 
Ann N. B. Porks 
Mary Judd Potton 
Mary Welles Pearson' 
Elizabeth Perkins Prothro 
Katharine Porter Read 
Marion Mann Roberts 
Yvonne Leggett Sonford 
Jean Oliver Sortor 
Mory Barge Schroder 
Foylh Mueller Shirkey 
Catherine Lowder Stephenson 
Lois Lear Stoops 
Katharine Bonsoll Strong 
Nancy Gotch Svien 
Anne Benedict Svioin 
Jonet 0. Thorpe 
Patricio Bolz Vincent 
Anno Dovies Volwiler 
Jeon Moore von Sternberg 
Lee Montague Wotts 
Margaret Ballard Whitehurst 
Ullion Neely Willis 
Lottie Lewis Woollen 
Mory Mohan Zimmerman 


Number in Class: 88 
Number ol Donors: 38 
Percentage of Participation: 43% 
Total Class Dollars: $45,688 
Hazel Sterretl Allen 
Kathleen Word Allen 
Cecilia MacKinnon Bollard 
Janet Martin Bennett 
Bloir Bunting Both 
Cloro Sasscer Chandler 

Hortense Powell Cooper 
Jacqueline Sexton Daley 
Corolie Kahn Ferro 
Constance Currie Fleming* 
Clara Coll Frazier 
Anne Cooke Gilliam 
Adelaide Boze Gloscock 
Helen Schmid Hordy 
Georgia Herbert Hort 
Virginio Allison Haywood 
Mary Frances Hozelton 
Jane Burnett Hill 
Rosemary Bjorge Johnson 
Kotherine Estes Johnston 
Helen Cornwell Jones 
Margaret Dowell Kearney 
Cornelia Cholkley Kittler 
Eleanor Snow Leo 
Mario Burroughs Livingston 
Margaret Katterjohn McCollom 
Anne Burr McDermott 
Mildred Moon Montogue 
Corrington Loncoster Posco 
Betty Frontz Roberts 
Ruth Meolond Schwortz 
Mary Miller Sharp 
Estelle F. Sincloire 
Anne Conont Weaver 
Borboro Smith Whitlock 
Louise Pugh Worthing 
Helen Pafton Wright 
Cynthio Nolond Young 


Number in Class: 92 
Number ol Donors: 50 
Percentage ol Participation: 54% 
Total Class Dollars: SI 20,387 
Patricio Sorensen Ackord 
Marie Goffney Barry' 
Anno Whiloker Borlel' 
Katharine Spaotz Bell 
Ethel Gurney Betz 
Elizabeth Hudson Boba 
Edith Vongehr Bridges-Cone 
Jane Lovelond Byerts 
Shirley Devine Clemens 
Betty Bortelt Croosdole 
Shirley Show Daniel 
Josephine Harlan Darby 
Ruth Hemphill DeBuys 
Margaret Stuart Wilson Dickey 
Patricia Potter Duncan 
Kotherine Estes 
Decca Gilmer Frockelton 
Laetitio Seibels Frothingham 
Jane Clark Hortrich 
Elizabeth Brown-Sermon Hayes 
Frances Chichester Hull 
Patricia Eoglesfield Kirchhoffer 
Alice E. McBee 
Martha Jean Brooks Miller* 
Mary White Miller 
Elizabeth Harrison Monroe 
Elizabeth Doucett Neill 
Lossie Taylor Noell 

Anne Goyle O'Beirne 
Angela Cordomone O'Donnell 
Mary Scully OIney 
Barbara Thompson Parker 
Helen Plotten 
Margaret Croighill Price 
Wilmo Covett Records 
Emory Hill Rex 
Louise Lembeck Reydel 
Lindo Boyle Richardson 
Joan De Vore Roth* 
Morion Webb Show 
Eunice Foss Sneed 
Gertrude Marill Stonchfield 
Charlotte Davenport Tattle 
Judith Davidson Walker 
Helen Gwinn Wallace 
Soroh Esler Walters 
Elizabeth Loncoster Washburn 
Borboro Holmon Whitcomb 
Helen Littleton White 
Olivia Rhodes Woodin 


Number in Class: 104 
Number ol Donors: 56 
Percentage ol Participation: 54% 
Total Class Dollars: 529,791 
Daphne Withington Adorns 
Eugenia Burnett Affel 
Margaret Cunningham Allen 
Diana Stout Allen 
Jessamine Boyce Bowles 

Virginia McGuire Brent 
Edna Swonn Carter 
Elizabeth R. Chomberloin 
Betty Blockmer Childs 
Carolyn Montelth Clarke 
Borboro Engh Croft 
Lucy Coll Dobney 
Virginia Cummings Davis 
Janet Houstoun Dovis 
Deboroh Wood Dovis 
Dorothea Hatchings Donley 
Mimi Galloway Duncan 
Jeannette Mondle Dunlop 
Borboro Ripley Furniss 
Alice Williams Glover 
Virginio Moomaw Noll 
Margaret Troutmon Harbin 
Frances Caldwell Harris 
Alice King Harrison 
Susan Greer Hendrick 
Anne Bundy Lewis 
Mary Lewis Lewis 
Elizabeth Hanger lippincott 
Jone Toylor Lowell 
Genevieve Mundy Lyttle 
Julio Groves Martin 
Irene Mitchell Moore 
Morgoret Preston Moore 
Dorothy Myers Morehead 
Grace Bugg MullerThym 
Lindsay Crumpler Nolting 
Shirley Houseman Nordhem 
Edna Sysko Peltier 
Ann Houslein Potterfield 
Florence Gillem Pressly 
Eloise English Rankin 
Ann Morrison Reams 
Frances Meek Rowe 
Jeanne Buzby Runkle 
Helen J. Sonford 
Douglas Woods Sprunt 
Jessie Morr Strohmon 
Ruth Jocquot Tempest 
Betsy Gilmer Tremain 
Pottle Early Trippet 
Sally Scholl Von Allen 
Edith Broinerd Waher 
Joanne Oberklrch Willis 
Florence Bogley Witt 
Dorothy Molone Yotes 
Marion Mundy Young 


Number in Class: 103 
Number of Donors: 54 
Percentage of Participation: 52% 
Total Class Dollars: 529,399 
Anne Mitchell Albyn 
Sara Bryan Allen 
Brooks Barnes 
Letitio Ord Bonbright' 
Anne Mdunkin Briber 
Pauline Hudson Brown 
Frances Simmons Byerly 
Dorothy Long Cousins 
Carol Tanner Cover 
Primrose Johnston Croven 
Chesley Johnson Dole-Arnurlus 
Betty Emerick Delhlefs 




Margorel Swindell Dkkermon 
Nancy Pingree Broke 
Bonilee Key Gorrell 
Nonty Jomeson Glass' 
Barbara Jones Hale 
Horriette Morris Holler 
Mory Wheeler Hilliard 
Betty-Potler Kinne Hillyer 
Esther Jett Holland 
Marguerite F. Hume 
Dolores Cheothom James 
Katherine Ooar Jones 
Lucy Kiker Jones 
Jean Latham Jones 
Catharine Bracher Leggett 
Anne Noyes Lewis 
Dorothy Campbell Maher 
Clare Eoger Motthoi 
Coroline Miller McClintock 
Patricia Robineou McCulloch 
Barbara Bolles Miller 
Jane Gregory Moore 
Louise Moore Nelson 
Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson 
Nancy McVoy O'Neill 
Harriet Pullen Phillips 
Annobelle Forsch Prager 
Betty B. Preston 
Mory love Ferguson Senders 
Roselle Foulconer Scales 
Elizabeth Shepherd Scott 
Morjorie Shugort Short 
Karen Norris Sibley 
Cotherine Parker Silverman 
Suzanne Douglas Terry 
Fronces Taylor Trigg 
Anne Williams Tuley 
Peggy Roudin Weinberger 
Janice Fitzgerald Wellons 
Karen Kniskern White 
Foyette McDowell Willett 
Mary Sleiger Wingerd 


Number in Class: 101 
Number ol Donois: 60 
Percentage ol Parlicipation: 5 
Tolol Class Dollars: 525,806 
Martha Willioms Aldoy 
Norma Bradley Arnold 
Martha Rugeley Bochman 
Dorothy Tobin Boldwin 
Sydney Holmes Boles 
Louise Smith Borry 
Solly Skinner Behnke 
Elisobelh Voughon Bishop 
Dorothy Beuttell Blokeman 
Ann Seguin Britt 
Virginio Gowen Brown 
Mildred Foulconer Bryant 
Alice loncaster Buck 
Ernestine White Murroy 
Anita Lippitt Cloy 
Betty Farinholt Cockrill 
Phyllis Tenney Dowd 
Cecile Waterman Essrig 
Soroh Norman Foulconer 
Alice Johnson Fessenden 
Virginia Watts Fournier 


Elizobeth Williams Gookin 
Marlon Shoniey Jacobs 
Jean Ryan Kehl 
Morjorie Willetts Moiden 
Emily Wilklns Mason 
Martha Hoffman McCoy 
Jone Rice McPherson 
Ellen Duvol Miller 
Morion Saunders Montgomery 
Janet Sloples Munt 
Conslonce Budlong Myrick 
Louise Konsberg Noll 
Mary King Oehmig 
Horriett Tovenner Owens 
Hannah Mollory Perkins 
Margmet Eggers Perry 
Dorothy Devore Plott 
Cotherine Tift Porter 
Ann Moore Remington 
Marguerite Brendlinger Robinson 
Betty Von Dusen Samson 
Muriel Abrash Schapiro 
Frances Longino Schroder 
Morgoret Gordon Seller 
Louise Hesson Shelburne 
Betty Haverty Smith 
Jeon Blonton Stein 
Patricio Stickney 
Virginia Burgess Struhsaker 
Dorothy Denny Sutton 
Paulett Long Toggort 
Katherine Mensing Teitgen 
Barbara Clork Utiey 
Patricio Whitoker Waters 
Helen Grovott Watt 
Mabel Breese Wellinghoff 
Murrell Rickords Werth 
MimI Etheridge Wood 
Helen Contey Woodbridge 


Number in Class: 88 
Number ol Donors: 44 
Percentage ol Participation: 50% 
Total Class Dollars: 5265,595 
Elaine Krouse Anderson 
Catherine Price Boss 
Audrey T. Betts* 
Sadie Allen Blackburn 
Edith Poge Gill Breokell 
Betsy Smyth Brown 
Mary Trougott Brown 
Hilda Hude Chopin 
Leila Barnes Cheothom 
Anne Moclorlane Clork 
Alice Edwards Dovenport 
Elizabeth Heoly Downing 
Jane Spiegel Eokin 
Jean Ridler Fohrenboch 
Harriet Willcox Georhort 
Mortho Holton Glesser 
Elizabeth Gray Gray 
Morgoret Mueller Holdemon 
Joanne Morgan Hortmon 
Mory Frye Hemphill 
Anno Mory Chidester Heywood 
Julio Mills Jocobsen 
Anne Dickson Jordan 
Mary Haskins King 


Ann McLean Loomis 
Antoinette LeBris Maynord 
Alice Nicolson Mcllvoine 
Dole Soyler Morgon 
Rosemary Newby Mullen 
Margaret Swonn Norris 
Mio Hecht Owens 
Almo Hall Peckhom 
Ellen Gilliam Perry 
Elizabeth Hicks Pollok 
Elizabeth Zulich Reuter 
Caroline Porrish Seoger 
Esther Cunninghom Shoy 
Ruth Longmire Skelton 
Alice Georhort Stinson 
Borboro Bourke Stovoll' 
Isabel Goylord Thompson 
Phoebe Sweney Woolley 
Betty Cocke Wright 
Morgoret Jones Wyllle 


Number in Class: 104 
Number ol Donors: 42 
Percentage ol Participation: 40 
Total Class Dollars: 520,820 
Jean Love Albert 
Edwino Young Call 
Eleanor Myers Cole 
Louise Wilbourn Collier 
Flora Cameron Crichlon 
Marilyn Hannah Crocker 
Carolyn Conley Donley 
Rosemory Ashby Doshiell 
Marilyn Mondle Dick 
Anne Hill Edwards 
Jessie Strickland Elcock 
Helen Groeff Ellermon 
Anne Stubbs Filzsimmons 
Mory Vinton Fleming 
Lee Stevens Gravely 
Catherine Smart Grier 
Mory Holland Hardin 
Elizobeth Gurley Hevifson 
Mary Taylor Hollowell 
Anne Stuckle Houston 
Jeon Pollord Kline 
Helen Murchison Lone 
Leila Fellner Lenogh 
Morgoret Sibley Lewis 
Elinor Clement Littleton 
Louisa B. Lloyd 
Beatrice Dingwell Loos 
Elizabeth Comlin Moher 
Polmour Holmes Mclntlre 
Charlotte Sprunt Murchison 
Julio Jerman Neol 
Bowdre Budd Peer 
Ellen Bobbins Red 
Judith Boiley Relo 
Legare Thompson Robertson 
Nomo Greene Sotlerfieid 
Mory Vondeventer Saunders 
Nancy Sanders Starr 
Bertha lee Toole 
Adeline Jones Voorhees 
Ariono Jones Wittke 
Virginia Q. Wynn 


Number in Class: 106 
Number ol Donors: 40 
Percentage ol Participation: 38% 
Total Class Dollars: 524,400 
Lucindo Converse Ash 
Elaine Davis Blackford 
Cotharine Fitzgerald Booker* 
Anne Lile Bowden 
Mario Tucker Bowerfind 
Morgoret Robertson Christian 
Frances Ulmer Conley 
Julio Holt Coyle 
Louro Grogon Crone 
Fronces Gardner Curtis 
Elizabeth Ripley Davey 
Joan McCoy Edmonds 
Mory McGuire Gilliam 
Judith Burnett Holsey 
Morgoret Dawson Hellyer 
Gloria Gamble Jones 
Ann Colston Leonard 
Sara McMullen Lindsey 
Carol Blonton McCord 
Aimee Des Plond McGirt 
Jeon C. Old 

Kothorine Weisiger Osborne 
Meredith Slone Person 
Morgoret W. Redfern 
Mary McDuffie Redmond 
Isabel Zulick Rhoods 
Suson Von Cleve Riehl 
Potricio Hossler Schuber 
Eleonor Bosworth Shonnon' 
Anne Kleemon Sites 
Martha C. Smith 
Suzette Morton Sorenson 
Wenllion Jenkins Stollings 
Cordelia Lambert Stites 
Nan Hart Stone 
Virginio Borton Summer 
Alexondro Marcoglou Tully 
Ann Morsholl Whitley 
Cecil Butler Williams 
Jane Warner Williams 


Number in Class: 124 

Number ol Donors: 68 
Percentage ol Participation: 55% 
Total Class Dollars: 544,727 
Mortho Garrison Anness 
Martha Davis Barnes 
Suzonne Hordy Benson 
Julio Blokey Butler 
Martha Mansfield Clement 
Virginia Skeppstrom Cllne 
Horriotte Blond Coke 
Closey Faulkner Dickey 
Marguerite Rucker Ellett 
Carolyn Irvine Forbes 
Jeanne Morrell Gorlington 
Elizabeth C. Gibson 
Woyne Stokes Goodoll 
Elizobeth Anderson Gorrell 
Anne Rylond Ricks Griffin" 
Marion Bower Harrison 
Elma Ule Hortmann 

Moyde Ludington Henningsen 
Eve Godchoux HIrsch 
Ruth Faulkner Howe 
Murray Armstrong Jomes 
Catherine Vance Johns 
Potricio Domron Joy 
Nancy Vaughn Kelly 
Jone Johnson Kent 
Elizabeth Bromhom lee' 
Judith Perkins Llewellyn 
Mory Jone Luke 
Jo Vestal Lyon 
Morgoret Sheffield Martin 
Constance Somervell Matter 
Faith Mottlson 
Maddin lupton McCoille 
Mary Barbour McCreo 
Claudia Antrim McKenno 
Phyllis Tliorpe Miller 

Elviro Whitehead Morse 
Ann Porter Mullen 

Diane King Nelson 

Potricio Smith Nelson 

Jane Shoesmith Newcomb 

Patricio Jenney Nielsen 

Sarah W. Peorre 

Elizobeth Graves Perkinson 

Emily Loftis Peters 

Ardis Frotus Porter 

Elizabeth Kernon Quigley 

Betty Johnson Roglond 

Helen McKemie Riddle 

Frances L. Robb 

Audrey lahmon Rosselot 

Potricio Trougott Rouse 

Elizabeth Beltz Rowe 

Betty Jackson Ryan 

Ann Orr Sovoge 

Beatrice Backer Simpson 

Caroline Haskell Simpson 

Eleonor Potts Snodgross 

Helen Elliott Sockwell 

Soro Davis Spencer 

Mortho Owen Thatcher 

Ann Rowlond Tuck 

Virginia Wurzboch Vardy 

Elizobeth Plunkett Willioms 

Betty Leffel Wingote 

Helen Pender Withers 

Dorothy Wolloce Wood 

Jone Miller Wright 


Number in Class: 91 
Number of Donors: 52 
Percentage ol Participation: 57% 
Total Class Dollars: 545,691 
Alberta Pew Baker 
Mory Fran Brown Bollard 
Marilyn Hopkins Bomborough 
Ann Henderson Bonnord 
Potricio Levi Bornelt 
Katharine Hart Belew 
Elizobeth Wellford Bennett 
Betty Beon Black' 
Potricio Brown Boyer 
Catherine Bornett Brown 
Walter H. Brown H '49 
Anne Fiery Bryan 



Ann-Barren Holmes Bryan 
Solly Searle Clarke 
Elizabeth Ruth Cleover 
Alice Dahm (rone 
June Eoger Finney 
Elizabeth Dershuck Goy 
Kotherine Veasey Goodwin 
Alice Trout Mogon 
Elizabeth Trueheort Harris 
Margaret Preston Hodges Hill 
Corolyn Aubrey Humphries 
Catharine Hardwick Johnston 
Ann Door Jones 
Emily Pruitt Jones 
Jocquelin Jacobs leffers 
Caroline Casey Lindemann 
June Krebs Liversoge 
Polly Plummer Mockie 
Julio Easley Mok 
Mary Virginia Grigsby Mollett 
Sue Corning Monn 
Freddo Duncombe Millard 
Mary Booth Parker 
Borbaro Sloan Peorsall 
Catherine Cox Reynolds 
Potricio Davin Robinson 
lucie Wood Saunders 
Carter Van Deventer Slotery 
Gratia Boice Smith 
Morgoret Cromwell Taliaferro 
Morgoret Towers Talmon 
Jean G. Toylor 
Anne Bush Train 
Julio Boldwin Waxter 
Mary Stevens Webb 
Ann Eustis Weimer 
Joyce Smith White 
Joan McCarthy Whitemon 
Roselise Holmes Wilkinson 
Nancy Jones Worcester 


Number in Class: 125 
Number ol Donors: 88 
Percentage ol Participalion: 70% 
Total (loss Dollars: 5102,930 
Ann Belser Asher 
Nancy Thompson Baker 
Catherine M. Barker' 
Anne McNeer Blonken 
Mory Morris Gamble Booth 
Elizabeth White Bradley 
Mory Dome Stubbs Brood 
Agnes Veach Brooks 
Edith Tanner Broughton 
Mary Lonmon Brown 
Judith C. Campbell 
Anne Estill Campbell 
Lucy Kreusler Corey 
Jane Munnerlyn Carter 
Dorothy Montogue Cholnoky 
Deborah Freeman Cooper 
Anne Peyton Cooper 
Morgoret Murchison Corse 
Carolyn Tynes Cowon 
Kothorine Edwords Croin 
Bonnie Loyd Crane 
Garland Hunter Dovies 
Diana G. Dent 

Mory Berkeley Fergusson 
Carolyn Williams Feussner 
Solly Bionchi Foster 
Coroline Boiley Fritzinger 
Morgoret Lewis Furse 
Genevieve Hommel Geer 
Mory Dovis Gettel 
Kotherine long Gibson' 
Elisabeth Elmore Gillelond 
Ellen Wilkerson Given 
Rita Murray Gourd 
Jo Gulick Grant 
Noncy Franklin Hall 
Soroh Easter Henderson 
Betsey Sawyer Hodges 
Henrietta Hill Hubbard 
Ellen Warner Hudson 
Fonchon Lewis Jackson 
Noncy Carter Jewell 
Solly Lone Johnson 
Emmo Kyle Kimpel 
Elizabeth Todd Londen 
Morgoret Gee Lowes 
Elsie Londrom Loyton 
Soroh Webb Lent 
Dorothy Wood Letts 
Frances Martin Lindsay 
Miriam Wyse Linsky 
Helen Missires Lorenz 
Virginia Page Love 
Meredith Moore Lynn 
Nancy Drake Maggord 
Peochey Lillord Manning 
Joon Teetor Morder 
Barbara Fovill Marsholl 
Elizabeth Hutchens McColeb 
Noncy Day McCommond 
Joan Livingston McFoll' 
Sydney Overstreet Meredith 
Louise P Moore 
Allen Dunnington Ohrstrom 
Marie Gilliam Park 
Mory Thomas Peck 
Patricio Owens Purvis 
Catharine Clark Rasmussen 
Edith Brooke Robertson 
Virginio Luscombe Rogers 
Patricio Halloron Solvodori 
Margaret Craig Sanders 
Helen Weintz Scott 
Julio W. Richordson Shannon 
Diane Dietrich Shepherd 
Lola Steele Shepherd 
Marianne Williams Sizer 
Louise Streeter Smith 
Cora Morningstor Spiller 
Barbara Von Ness 
Ann Preston Vick 
Elizabeth Morkgrof Waring 
Noncy Storey White 
Jean A. Probeck Wiont 
Koy Leroy Wing 
Susan Tucker Yankee 
Virginia Monn York 
Jane Lewis Zolllcoffer 


Number in Class: 103 

Number ol Donors: 54 

Percentage of Participalion: 52% 

Total Class Dollars: $14,524 

Jonn Molter Andersen 

Patricio A. Barton 

Mono Wilson Beard 

Ann Mountcastle Blechta 

Morie Ironmonger Bundy 

Mory Pierce Clork 

Rodes Estill Coleman 

Joan St. John Curtner 

St. Cloire Hoyden D'Wolf 

Jonet Bromon Dingle 

Julie Micou Eastwood 

Mory Eriksen Ertman 

Patricio Lynos Ford 

Joanne Williams Eraser 

Carlo de Creny Freed 

Patricia Corlin Friese 

Margaret Works Gibbs 

Suzanne Lockley Glad 

Lucy Regester Goode 

Angie Voughon Hollidoy 

Ann Petesch Hozzard 

Jean Stopleton Hellier 

Dorothy Compton Marks Herbruck 

Helen Stanley Hollifield 

Susan Ostronder Hood 

Susan Taylor Hubbard 

Louise Coleman Jones 

Sue Taylor Lilley 

Monno Simpson MocLellon 

Joon Widou Marshall 

Eugenio Ellis Mason 

Ann Van Norden McDuffie 

Jane C. Moorelield 

Myrtle Alston Mott 

Frances Browder Nibley 

Ruth Magee Peterson 

Terry Faulkner Phillips 

Mory Krous Pierson 

Audrey Breitinger Post 

Noncy Pesek Rosenberger 

Anno Coolidge Richardson 

Mory Semple Riis 

Doris Brody Rosen 

Margery Davidson Rucker 

Diane Richmond Simpson 

Anne Sinsheimer 

Barbara Hohn Smith 

Chloe Mason Smith 

Nedro Greer Stimpson 

Joan Vail Thorne 

Ursula Reimer Von Ando 

Ashby Jenkins Willcox 

Rosalie Borringer Wornhom 

Ann Benet Yellott 


Number in Class: 130 
Number of Donors: 53 
Percentage of Participation: 41% 
Total Class Dollars: 518,814 
Morjorie Levine Abroms 
Cloco McDonald Boss 
Nell Grand Beck 



1 O Q 9 - 2 


Barbara Soker Bird 
Pauline Wells Bolton 
Grace Wallace Brown 
Nancy Hamel Clark 
Sally Fishburn Crockett 
Keir Henley Donaldson 
Grace Delong Einsel 
Grace Jones Fishel 
Edilh Marsh Fonda 
Pride Binger Forney 
Cynthia A. Fowie 
Mary Ford Gikhrist 
Donno Reese Godwin 
Louro Radford Goley 
Catherine Yerkes Grant 
Brigitte C. H. Guttstodt 
Cornelio Dumos Hertf 
Mary Bailey Izard 
Benito Phinizy Johnson 
Mortho legg Katz 
Anne Hooglond Kelsey 
Carroll Morgan Legge 
Virginia SheoH Liddel 
Betty Mundy Littrell 
Jean Caldwell Morchont 
Suzanne Bossewitz Mentzinger 
Katharine Show Minton 
Leila Booth Morris 
Jane Ramsoy Olmsted 
Mildred O'Neal Palmer 
Joanne Holbrook Potton 
Louise Kelly Pumpelly 
Joon Stewart Rank 
Nancy Messick Roy 
Lynn Mitchell Riddick 
Peggy Moore Ripley 
Jane Russo Sheehon 
Susanna Judd Silcox 
Fronces Street Smith 
Ann Whittinghom Smith 
Charlotte Sneod Slilel 
Louise Worlield Stump 
Mory Kimball Temple 
Patricio Beach Thompson 
Jane Roseberry Tolleson 
Catherine Kinneor Troin 
Carolyn Block Underwood 
Alice Stansbury White 
Noncy Trosk Wood 
Jonis Thomas Zeonah 


Number in Class: 121 
Number ol Donors: SO 
Percentage of Participalion: 41% 
Total Class Dollars: $30,904 
Kotherine Amsden 
Nancy Bomor Andrews 
Horriette Hodges Andrews 
Florence Rye Apy 
Eleanor Johnson Ashby 
Sollie Gayle Beck 
Mary Littlejohn Belser 
Jonel Martin Birney 
Lisbeth Gibson Brooks 
Patsy Phillips Brown 
Anne Elliott Coskie 
Kirkland Tucker Clorkson 
Ann King Dietrich 

Jane Yoe Duggon 
Caroline Miller Ewing 
Mortho White Feolo 
Kotherine Guerrant Fields 
Dorotheo M. Fuller 
Sato Ironmonger Greer 
Mary Kimball Grier 
Dole Hotter Harris 
Elisabeth Wolloce Hortmon 
Virginia Eorley Holt 
Morilyn Wellborn Hopper 
Martha Black Jordan 
Jean Felty Kenny 
Jane Perry Liles 
Virginio Timmons Ludwick 
Alice Triick McClements 
Cynthia Moorheod McNoIr 
Kathleen Bailey Noger 
Nan E. O'Keeffe 
Isabel Grayson Parish 
Olivia Contey Potton 
June Arato Pickett 
Midge Chace Powell 
Josephine Wells Rodgers 
Non Locke Rosa 
Mory Alexonder Sherwood 
Jane Collins Sjoberg 
Betty Behlen Stone 
Anne Green Stone 
Carol Exnicios Tucker 
Constonce Werly Wokelee 
Patricio Tighe Walden 
Barbara Buxton Wough 
Jane Westbrook 
Douglas Phillips Whitmarsh 
Anne Joyce Wymon 
Jocqueline Lowe Young 


Number in Class: 130 
Number ol Donors: 60 
Percentage of Participation: 46% 
Total Class Dollars: 526,980 
Louise Brandes Abdullah 
Betty Orr Atkinson 
Merrill Underwood Borringer 
Mory Bowns Bell 
Joan Potter Bickel 
Jo Nelson Booze 
Beverly Smith Bragg 
Anne C. Brooke 
Shirley Poulson Broyles 
Soroh M. Bumbough 
Mory Noble Caperton 
Judith R. Cotlin 
Nancy H. Cornwoll 
Foith Rohmer Croker 
Barboro Wilson Daniell 
Borboro P Day 
Ruth Frye Deoton 
Morgoret Mohlman Degler 
Page Croyder Oiehl 
Ann Thomas Donohue 
Mory Jone Roos Fenn 
Susan Bassett Finnegan 
Mory Ann Robb Freer 
Coroline Chobot Garner 
Doreen Booth Hamilton 
Anne Sheffield Hole 

Barbara Mothews Holley 
Karen Looker Hyde 
Vicky Toof Johnson 
Dollis Johnson Jones 
Bruce Watts Krucke 
Morilyn Clock Leathers 
Poge Brydon Leslie 
Helen Smith Lewis 
Jean Morris Long 
Virginia Bromlett Lowronce 
Jerry Dreisboch Ludeke 
Elinor Vorys Motchncer 
Erlend Carlton McCoffree 
Mory Lee McGinnis McCloin 
Louise Aubrey McForlond 
Jeon Crocker McMillan 
Nancy P Moody 
Voughon Inge Morrissette 
Lamor Ellis Oglesby 
Kay McLaughlin Patrick 
Anne Allen Pflugfelder 
Solly Gammon Plummet 
Margaret Morris Powell 
Kotherine Willcox Reilond 
Morgoret Ewort Riter 
Anne Davis Roane 
Ann Venoble Rogers 
Cynthia Sinclair Rutherford 
Morgoret Hobbs Show 
Margaret Lotterhos Smith 
Ruth Sanders Smith 
Bette Smith Stomots 
Ann Collins Teochout 
Ann May Via 
Barbara Chose Webber 


Number in Class: IIS 
Number ol Donors: 83 
Percentage ol Participation: 72% 
Total Class Dollars: S73,S34 
Elizabeth Harrison Austin 
Ethel Green Banta 
Goil Davidson Bozzarre 
Kothryn Beord 
Morcio Rhodes Berglund 
Patricio McCloy Boggs 
Phyllis Herndon Brissenden 
Nancy R. McCroy Brisson 
Catherine Cage Bruns 
Chose Lane Bruns 
Mortho Hedemon Buckinghom 
Joan Kells Cook 
Shirley Sutliff Cooper 
Mory Simpson Dougette 
Diane Johnson DeComp 
Elise Wochenfeld de Popp 
Cory Fox Fisher 
Isabel Anderson Fitzgerold 
Elizabeth Owens Fletcher 
Nothalie Roberlson Fox 
Emily Thompson Goble 
Anne Kilby Gilhuly 
Kathleen Button Ginn 
Nancy Douthat Goss 
Virginia Chomblin Greene 
Dionne Verney Greenwoy 
Sue Godfrey Gregory 
Constance Hill Holl 

Metto Streit Hollo 
Jeonette Kennedy Honcock 
Lenoro Fiducio Hartmonn 
Evelyn Sonders Hougen 
Ann Jeffers Hogorty 
Borboro Plomp Hunt 
Mary Amanda McThenio lodice 
Borboro Gorforth Jockson 
Phyllis A. Joyner 
Rebecco Faxon Knowles 
Diane Hunt Lawrence 
Anne Williams Manchester 
Gay Reddig MoyI 
Catherine Roberts McHoney 
Petsy Goutier Mezey 
Chorlotte Toylor Miller 
Sue Lovrton Mobley 
Betty Sonlord Molster 
Morgoret Spoce Moore 
Denny Williams Moore 
Charlotte Orr Moores 
Lydio Plomp Mower 
Frederiko Merrimon Noylor 
Judy Trevor Nettles 
Patricio Kilmer Norris 
Susanna Bernord Odence 
Helen Addington Possano 
Renis Siner Poton 
Lucretio Crater Peorse 
Kathleen Peeples Pendleton 
Sue Storkey Roglond 
Gretchen Armstrong Redmond 
Clara Pfeiffer Rodes 
Agnes F Borden Soblston 
Elizabeth Miller Soyler 
Burney Porrott Sheeks 
Nancy Anderson Shepord 
Frances Bell Shepherd 
Emily Hunter Slingluff 
Audrey Stoddard 
Betsy Stevens Sutton 
Patricio Smith Ticer 
Newell Bryon Tozzer 
Mary Murray Trussell 
Potricio A. Tucker 
Morgoret West Valentine 
Ruth Campbell VonDerpoel 
Retto Jelks Vonce 
Pomelo Compton Ware 
Betty Byrne Gill Wore 
Jane Feltus Welch 
Anne Lyn Horrell Welsh 
Jone Dildy Williams 
Emily Coxe Winburn 
Comille Williams Yow 


Number in Class: 127 
Number ol Donors: 60 
Percentage ol Participation: 47% 
Total Class Dollars: S8,S67 
Ann Greer Adorns 
Sally Whittier Adorns 
Peggy Pottillo Beckham 
Louro Hoiley Bowen 
Elizabeth Pierce Bradshow 
Joon Phelps Burkett 
Jone Block Clock 
Barbara Dornoll Clinton 

Louisa Hunt Coker 
Louise Golleher Coldwell 
Horriet Y Cooper 
Leono Chang Crozier 
Suson Cloy Dishoroon 
Mory Major Duncan 
Helen Hortmon Ellis 
Nancie Howe Entenmonn 
Helen Wolfe Evons 
Joon Fisch Gollivon 
Ellen Bordley Gibbs 
Louise Mondeville Gront 
Evelyn Christison Gregory 
Mory Koonz Gynn 
Dorothy Candler Hamilton 
Kotherine G. Horrison 
Elizobeth Meade Hastings 
Denny Dolon Henkel 
Iris Potteiger Hinchmon 
Janet Caldwell Irwin 
Gwen Hoffmon Lamb 
Solly Hyde McMillin 
Cotherine Lotterhos Mills 
Anne Carroll Mulhollond 
Helen Turner Murphy 
Mory Thornton Oppenhimer 
Virginio Echols Orgoin 
Normo Dovis Owen 
Lucy Blonton Pork 
Elizabeth Porker Paul 
Poulo Purse Pointer 
Jane Eiser Rather 
Betty Forbes Royburn 
Barbara Collis Rodes 
Ann Train Ross 
Gory Moxwell Rousseau 
Janet Monroe Schumann 
Borboro Brodshow Sedgwick 
Anne Jocobson Shromko 
Jone Slock SIgloh 
Soroh Garrison Skidmore 
Nancy Salisbury Spencer 
Jone Street Steele 
Leilo Thompson Torotus 
Soroh Shorp Taylor 
Joon F Mossey Thomos 
Dorothy Urner 
Marguerite Geer Wellborn 
Ann Rowell White 
Elizabeth Hodgin Williams 
Joon Bromon Wright 
Joyce Lenz Young 


Number in Qass: 141 
Number of Donors: 63 
Percentage of Participation: 4S% 
Total Class Dollars: 560,712 
Susan Rogland Abrohamson 
Carolyn Scott Arnold 
Morjorie Whitson Aude 
Noncy Godwin Baldwin 
Koy Diane Moore Bowles 
Sydney Graham Brady 
Joanne Roines Brinkley 
Mory London Smith Brugh 
Ruth Ellen Green Calhoun 
Louisa Morton Chute 
Susan Stevens Cooley 




Carol Turner Croslhwail 
Nannette McBurney Crowdus 
Jaquelin Ambler Cusick 
Charlotle Heuer de Serio 
Margaret Llebert Dobbins 
Jane Campbell Englert 
Janet Pebl Etiele 
Suzanne Gipson Fornhom 
June Mills Fenner 
Elolne Floyd Fisher 
Carol McMurtry Fowler 
Anne Gwinn Fox 
Dorothy Duncan Hodges 
Betty Folmar Hunt 
Margery Stott Johnson 
Joan Lawson Kuhns 
Aileen H. Laing 
Anne McGroth Lederer 
Nancy Fink Leeds 
Katharine Tilghmon Lowe 
Christine Smith Lowry 
Elizabeth Haskell Mack 
Helene Bouer Mogruder 
Stella Moore McClintock 
Carter Donnon McDowell 
Anne Ford Melton 
Betty Murden Michelson 
Mary Webb Miller 
Carolyn Westfall Monger 
Barboro Kelly O'Connor 
Sue Roth Olson 
Barbara Folge Openshaw 
Cynthia Wilson Ottoway 
Virginio Marks Paget 
Anna Chao Pai 
Helene Perry 
Elaine Newton Peters 
Marie Chopin Plumley 
Eleanor Johnson Ponder 
Carroll Weitzel Rivers 
Anne Wilson Rowe 
Enid Winkelmon Sharpe 
Elaine Steele Shults 
Sandra Stingily Simpson 
Enid W Slock 

Elizobeth McMohon Tolbert 
Jane Fitzgerald Treherne-Thomos 
Mary Anne Wilson 
Florence Barcloy Winston 
Diane Duffield Wood 
Marguerite McDaniel Wood 
Dogmar Holmogyi Yon 


Number in Clan: 154 
Humber of Donors: 66 
Percentage ol Porticipalion: 43% 
Jolal Class Dollan: $24,558 
Cecile Dickson Banner 
Polly Benson-Brown 
Chorlotte Coon Biren 
Patricio Ashby Boesch 
Marietta Eggleston Burleigh 
Ethel Ogden Burwell 
Mary Johnson Campbell 
Adele Scott Coruthers 
Claire Cannon Christopher 
Edith Knopp Clark 
Winifred Winter Cocke 

Alexondro Carpenter Cole 
Marion Thorington Conover 
Elizabeth Fairfield Creighton 
Shirley McCollum Davis 
Betty Sivolls Davis 
Beatrice A. Dodd 
Joon Lomporter Downs 
Juliet Tucker Dudley 
Ann Plumb Duke 
Barbara Elliott Eddins 
Mary Sample Edmonds 
Jacqueline Littell Ellis 
Ann McCullough Floyd 
Elizabeth Moore Gardner 
Nancy Howboker Gilbert 
Linda MacPherson Gilbert 
Winborne Leigh Hamlin 
Sandra Elder Horper 
Lynn Prior Harrington 
Joan Cobaniss Harrison 
Susan Calhoun Heminwoy 
Ino Hamilton Houck 
Jane Shipmon Kuntz 
Linda McGuire Lost 
Virginia Tyson Lawrence 
Judith Graham Lewis 
Peggy Fossett Lodeesen 
Cornelio Long Matson 
Joon Baggs McKenzie 
Dorothy Woods McLeod 
Lettie Hurlbert North 
Mollie Archer Payne 
Ruth Carpenter Pitts 
Eleanor Coin Pope 
Stephanie Butan Profaci 
Celio Loving Richeson 
Mary Lineberger Roberts 
Anne A. Robinson 
Ruth Frame Solzberg 
Betty Phillips Sanford 
E. Elaine Schuster 
Dorothy Wyott Shields 
Elizabeth Gollo Sklodal 
Elizabeth Smith Stone 
Valeria Parker Storms 
Mary Lane Bryan Sullivan 
Mary Taylor Swing 
Sue Rosson Tejml 
Eleanor St. Clair Thorp 
Patricio Williams Twohy 
Jone Oxner Waring 
Morgoret Smith Warner 
Longhorne Toiler Webster 
Elizabeth Kemper Wharton 
Dana Dewey Woody 


Number in Class: 143 
Number of Donors: 73 
Percentage of Participation: 51% 
Total Class Dollars: S48,l 25 
Mary Handy Ballentine 
Karen Herschbach Botes 
Ann Young Bloom 
Barbara Sampson Borsch 
Julia Wotts Buchanan 
Elisabeth Chambers Burgess 
Potricia Chandler Burns 
Snowdon Durham Byron 

Mary Cooke Carle 
Martha Burnet Carlisle 
Judith Sorley Chalmers 
Virginia Nossib Collett 
Morgaret C. Cook 
Virginia Ramsey Crawford 
Betsy Sollsbury Creekmore 
Solly Dobson Donforth 
Mary Boyd Davis 
Beverley Birchfleld Derion 
Anne Fisher Duncklee 
Elizabeth Space Dunn 
Tobb Thornton Forinholt 
Susan Perry Farmer 
Linda Knickerbocker Ford 
Gay Hon Gaines 
Jone Wheeler Garcia 
Patricia Frowley Gates 
Rachel Bok Goldman 
Catherine Frowery Greer* 
Ann Pegram Harris 
Virginia Robinson Harris 
Ann B. Hearin 
Mary Payne Hester 
Aline Payne Hudgins 
Ann Gumoer Johnson 
Anne Wimbish Kosonin 
Carol Turnbull Kidd 
Virginia MocKethon Kitchin 
Solly Martin Kohrs 
Dorothy Moore Lawson 
Judy Nevins LeHordy 
Lucia Woods LIndley 
Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb 
Elizabeth Meyerink Lord 
Valerie Stoddard Loring 
Marcio Brown Lyie 
Sandra Moddox 
Kothleen Mother 
Dorothy Ulf Mayer 
Sollie Armfleld McMlllion 
Jone Jamison Messer 
Martha Bulkley O'Brien 
Courtney Gibson Pelley 
Elizabeth Browner Piftmon 
Sally Hole Riggs 
Meriweother Hogerty Rumrill 
Alice Parker Rutledge 
Judith Welton Sargent 
Sarah Moyfield Schreiner 
Prudence Sondifer Scott 
Elizabeth Duke Seomon 
Joonn Derrickson Slights 
Catherine Brownlee Smeltzer 
Karen McKenzie Smith 
Jacqueline Hekma Stone 
Patricio Davis Sutker 
Sandra La Stoiti Sylvia 
Joanne Bossert Thompson 
Patricio Coxe Wore 
Barbara Lewis Weed 
Cay Ramey Weimer 
Elizabeth Smith White 
Elizabeth Colwill WIegers 
Llzoro Miller Yonce 


Number in Class: 144 
Number ol Donors: 97 
Percentage of Participation: 67% 
lotal Class Dollars: 5689,055 
Mary Dobs Acey 
Judy Barnes Agnew 
Susan Golleher Askew 
Joanne Harrier Barker 
Marianne Muse Beard 
Clore Newman Blanchord 
Mollie McDonald Brasfield 
Ann Smith Bretscher 
Nino Wilkerson Bugg 
Isabel Wore Burch 
Louise Phinney Caldwell 
Nancy Beekmon Carringer 
Morydee Wimbish Cholfont 
Anne Rienecke Clorke 
Elizabeth Quoile Clement* 
Jane Ellis Covington 
Lee Cullum 

Barbara Beam Denison 
Diana Muldour Dozler 
Kothy Knox Ennis 
Eleanor Crosby Erdman 
Suzanne Styer Ericksen 
Nino Nevrton Forriss 
Moydelle Foster Foson 
Lucy Martin Glonino 
Nancy Corson Gibbes 
M. Keating Griffiss 
Anita Perrin Grymes 
Barbara Murphy Hale 
Dorothy Grant Holmstod 
Carolyn Gough Harding 
Elizabeth Forsyth Horrls 
Janet Maynord Henderson 
Theodora G. Hill 
Adrionne Mossie Hill 
Anne Gotling Honey 
Jone Holdemon Hope 
Elizabeth Meade Howord 
Patricia Russell Howard 
Jacqueline Moble Humphrey 
Margaret Kistler Jackson 
Mary Claiborne Johnston 
Judith Cowen Jones 
Ellen Nichols Jump 
Gwen Speel Kaplan 
Dorothy Bornwell Kerrison 
MIn K. Ho Kwaon 
Barboro Bullis LoFoyette 
Kotherine Schuhmacher Lawrence 
Ann Crowell lemmon 
Goil P Lloyd 
Ary Lotterhos LyIe 
Deborah Lone Lyon 
Louise Jenkins Maybonk 

Carol Lord Mayo 
Moline Gilbert McCallo 
Morjorie McGraw McDonald 
Kothryn Mendelson McDonald 
Morgot A. McKee 
Rebecca Towill McNair 
Morgot Sour Meyer 
Norma Potteson Mills 
Margaret Cook Montgomery 
Barbara Bowen Moore 
Betsey Bellsle Morelond 
Elizabeth Buechner Morris 
Linda Sims Newmark 
Carol Barnard Ottenberg 
Charity Paul 
Elizabeth Few Penfield 
Barboro Bell Peterson 
Patricio Powell Pusey 
Carolyn King Rotcliffe 
Ellen Pringle Read 
Robin Quid Rentsch 
Louise Winslett Richordson 
Mory Laird Silvia 
Susan Hendricks Sloymon 
Elizabeth Shwob Stephen 
Angle K. Schmidlopp Stephens 
Jean Morris Stevenson 
Shirley Hoyman Sudduth 
Grace E. Suttle 
Marianne Oliveri Svobodo 
Elizabeth Boll Thogord 
Grlseldo Foges Theberge 
Alice Jones Torbett 
Florence McGowin Uhihorn 
Sarah Underbill Vlault 
Jone Totman Wolker 
Gale Young Walker 
Luro Coleman Wompler 
Suzanne Reitz Weinstein 
Dorothy C. Westby 
Wendy Gail Hoyman Wilson 
Lenoro Del Greco Wood 
Page McFoll Ziebold 


Number in Class: 155 
Number of Donors: 64 
Percentage of Participation: 41% 
Total Class Dollars: S66,461 
Simone Aubry 
Suzanne Philion Bobcock 
Suzanne Seoman Berry 
Annabel Pagan Blokey 
Louise Cobb Boggs 
Elizabeth Bulkley Bradley 
Anne Worboys Buske 
Cotherlne Caldwell Cobaniss 
Margaret Wodman Cafasso 
Julio Johnson Chopin 
Lynn Adoms Clark 
Dale A. Cooper 
Judith Harris Cutting 
Holly Choikowskl Davis 
Judith Rohrer Davis 
Winifred Storey Davis 
Celio Willioms Dunn 
Willio Poles Eckerberg 
Stuart Bohannon Evons 
Emily FItzHugh 




Jonna Staley Fitzgerald 
Marion Lucas Fleming 
Barbara Childrey Fawler 
Rosalie Owings Grant 
Marie Pickering Grose 
Jeanne Bounds Hamilton 
Louise Chapman Hoffman 
Moria Garnelt Hood 
Morybelle L. Iliff 
Susie Venoble Jamison 
Sallie Small Johnson 
Anne Cone Liptzin 
Soro Finnegon Lycett 
Nancy Coppedge Lynn 
Annobelle Ansley McGee 
Corolyn Foster Meredith 
Patricio Stanton Meyer 
Solly Hamilton Moore 
Nell L Morlidge 
Laura Conway Noson 
Francisco Brackenridge Neumann 
Lucy Israel Oliver 
Ann Prichord Pace 
Mary Owens Parkinson 
Judith Greer Schuiz 
Elizabeth Hutchins Shorlond 
Sheila Haskell Smith 
Christine Reyelt Snyder 
Caroline Sirdsall Sory 
Potti Birge Spivey 
Morgoret Semmes Stovropoulos 
Lucindo Lowry Stein 
Virginio Lutz Stephen 
Janet Cook Stephens 
Diane Stevens 
Mildred Newmon Thayer 
Jane Arensberg Thompson 
Lido F Matthews Tingley 
Elizabeth Jones Turner 
Judith Atkins Wall 
Morgoret Storey Wosson 
Stephanie Borutio Welch 
Emily Wholey Whipple 
Mary Denny Scott Wroy 


Number in Class: 153 

Number ol Donon: 66 

Percentage of Panicipation: 43% 

Talal Class Dollars: $317,586 

Anne Ellice Adam 

Juliette M. Anthony 

Gray Boird 

Ann Ritchey Boruch 

Mory Brush Boss 

Evelyn Pringle Boyd' 

Judith Hortwell Brooks 

Bettye Thomas Chambers 

Gloria Mederer Colemon 

Jocelyn Polmer Connors 

Kim Potmore Cool 

Betty McEothern Dolsemer 

Alice Warner Donoghy 

Loti Kennedy Dunn 

Frances Early 

Chloe Fort 

Anne Lee Grovely 

Mary Shine Gregg 

Elizabeth Pearson Griffin 


Mory E. Honnoh 
Adele Vogel Horrell 
Anne Johnson Henderson 
Morgoret Pulis Herrick 
Mory Jone S. Oliver Hubbord 
Nancy Hudler Keuffel 
Margaret Johnson Laney 
Willie Newbury Lansing 
Page Nelson Loeser 
Mory Stekelee MocDonold 
Brooke Hamilton MacKinnon 
Deborah Glazier Michoel 
Undo Emery Miller 
Miriom Molonder Moss 
Morgoret deLoshmutt Newlyn 
Tolise Gathings Norwood 
Jean Gontt Nuzum 
Josephine Wheotley Overbey 
Elizobelh Farmer Owen 
Frances Oliver Polmer 
Undo Byrd Powell 
Elizobelh Cole Pringle 
Leslie Heye Quorrier 
Kote Webb Rogsdole 
Mary Scott Rouch 
Patsey Carney Reed 
Fernando Costelli Sommis 
Letilio Sanders Sanders 
Cornelia Harrison Scribner 
Julio Shields 
Grocia Walker Slater 
Virginia Borah Slaughter 
Adel Shinberger Smith 
Alice Allen Smyth 
Judith Whitocre Snider 
Virginia H. SortorSumner 
Caroline Colemon Slaulberg 
Ann Percy Stroud 
Ann Anderson Stuckey 
Anne Allen Symonds 
Douglas Dockery Thomos 
Roy Henley Thompson 
Mario Corozzo Volpe 
Elizabeth Fleet Wolloce 
Carol Davis Wells 
Patsy Perkins Wolverton 
Sue Hunt Wright 


Number in Class: 162 
Number ol Donors: 82 
Percentage ol Participation: 51% 
Total Class Dollars: 554,216 
Susan R. Alexander 
Julio Hunt Allen 
Joon Johnston Ambrose 
Jane Yardley Amos 
Lucy Otis Anderson 
Leo Osborne Angell 
Barbara Rockefeller Bortlett 
Elizabeth M. Beole 
Jean Young Behon 
Melissa Loht Berge 
Lynn Corol Blau 
Anne Carter Brothers 
Lauro Lee Brown 
Suzonne Jones Consler 
Undo Reierson Burchord 
Elizobeth Stanly Coles 


Colherine Dillingham Coverly 
Martha Sweet Colongelo 
Kolhorine Blockford Collins 
Mory McClure Conway 
Paulo Wirtzmon Croighijj 
Mortho Kirchheimer Culbrelh 
Lourinda King deBeck 
Natalie Griess Oeupree 
Lucy Boyd Lemon Edmunds 
Anne Wrightson Efird 
Sue Wokemon Forquhor 
Anne Pinckney Gay 
Cynthia Uvingstone Gibert 
Jane H. Goodridge 
Elizobeth Wood Hancock 
Mory Groetzinger Heard 
Sarah Bottle Hitch Hill 
Margaret Millender Holmes 
Carol Crowley Korm 
Mory Fontaine Keown 
Janet Clark Knudsen 
Jonet Hieslond Koller 
Elizobeth Randolph Lewis 
Deoring Word Lewis 
Rachel McHugh Ully 
Julio Fort Lowe 
Mary Stollenwerck Lynch 
Frances Graham Mocllwinen 
Melo Bond Mogevney 
McNoir Currie Moxwell 
Elizobeth Parker McColl 
Noncy B. McDowell 
Mory Trobue Meyer 
Barbara Yocom Miller 
Virginio Corwin Millo 
Virginia Cotes Mitchell 
Judy Gutches Needhom 
Joan Newholl 
Nancy Nix-Kornokis 
Morgoret MacKenzie Nowocki 
Ann Clute Obenshoin 
Leilo Kucewicz Porham 
Corolyn Clark Pegg 
Kothryn Spencer Pixley 
Ann Benson Reece 
Ruth Pomplin Reeves 
Anne Leovell Reynolds 
Cecil Collins Sconlon 
Mory Lou Morton Seilheimer 
Anne Smith Simet 
Allison Stemmons Simon 
Cynthio Hubord Spongier 
Solly C. Stroin 

Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz 
Prudence Gay Stuhr 
Kotherine Hoskell Subromonion 
Judith Johnson Vorn 
Barboro Sullivan Wonomoker 
Jessico Bemis Word 

Christine Devol Wordlow 
Patricio Colkins Wilder 
Sollie Yon Williams 
Sarah Hiti Winston 
Keitt Motheson Wood 
Nancy W Wood 
Kathleen Harris Wray 


Number in Class: 166 

Number of Donors: 75 

Percentage of Participation: 45% 

hial Class Dollars: 538,551 

Elizabeth McGuire Appel 

Adrienne Ash 

Morgoret H. Aurond 

Pomelo Larson Baldwin 

Edith Losher Birch 

Anne Booth 

Mory Green Borg 

Susan Glosgow Brown 

Rosomond Sample Brown 

Nina Sledge Burke 

KoleRoy Mossie Christian 

Barbara Uttle Chuko 

Mory Duer Colen 

Sheila Carroll Cooprider 

Susan Bronson Croft 

Lynne Smith Crow 

Emily Ward Culp 

Virginia S. deBuys 

Helen C. Dunn 

Mory Evons Edwards 

Anne Pruitt Everett 

Nancy Bonlield Feher 

Virginia Del Greco Golgono 

Noncy L. Gillies 

Anne Evons Gorry 

Noncy Holl Green 

Martha Mottern Horvey 

Dione Hatch 

Potricio Todd Higley 

Suson Thorndike Hunt 

Kathleen Hsu Jeong 

Jillion Cody Jones 

Dona Von Arsdole Jones 

Anno Plott Kemper 

Claire Hughes Knopp 

Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer 

Noncy Newell Lennon 

Catherine M. Lynn 

Susan John Moncini 

Mortho Benn Martin 

Elizobeth W Motheson 

Melody McCormick 

Frances Mollory Meyers 

Mory Fitzhugh Miller 

Mory Payne Morton 

Carol Lowdon Mollis 

Dogmor Sloll Murphy 
Kotherine Johnston Myott 
Mory Johnson Nelson 
Groce Gorry Dates 
Elizobelh Pidgeon Porkinson 
Elisobelh Scon Porter 
Anne Ulle Poulel 
Gail Anderson Romey 
Lynne Riley-Colemon 
Barboro Burns Roper 
Christie Colder Salomon 
Elizabeth Kopper Scholloert 
Ann Norwood Scully 
Morsholl Metcoll Seymour 
Harriet Houston Shoffer 
Susonne Willioms Sneod 
Judith Dunn Spongenberg 
Anne Stanley 
Alice Poles Stewart 
Stephanie Stokes 
Penelope Writer Theis 
Goil Rothrock Trozzo 
Kolhleen Stevenson Turner 
Corolyn Peyton Walker 
Hedi Houg White 
Wendy E. Wilkens 
Morgoret Street Wilson 
Barboro Boiling Woodword 
Mary Boykin Wortley 


Number in Class: 161 
Number of Donors: 81 
Percentage ol Participation: 50% 
Total Class Dollars: 555,009 
Beverley Sharp Amberg 
Augusta Morsholl Andrews 
Betty Boswell Athey 
Noncy Moog Aubrecht 
Brendo Muhlinghous Borger 
Sonjo Howell Bourn 
Judith Howe Behn 
Phebe Horris Blackburn 
Soroh Porter Boehmler 
Jone Merkle Borden 
Beatrice Totten Britton 
Morgoret Cuthbert Broaddus 
Lurline Tolbert Buppert 
Jeon Show Byrne 
Eugenia Dickey Caldwell 
Melindo Musgrove Chapmon 
Shoron Bradford Christhilf 
Kotherine Wood Clarke 
Jean Inge Cox 
Susan Hobbs Crowder 
Alice V Dodd 
Helen Scribner Fusion 
Alice Mighell Foster 
Helen Plowden Freeman 


Mory Sutherland Gwinn 
Virginia Brent Hoiles 
Gabrielle Fraser Hole 
L. Pryor Hale 
Juliet Young Hancock 
Elizabeth Sutton Heoly 
Linda Schwoob Hodges 
Betsy Senoit Hoover 
Sarah McCrody Hubbard 
Elizabeth H. Hunt 
Solly Wright Hyde 
Peggy Jones 
Courtney Monord Kane 
Kotherine H. Knopf Kaplan 
Margaret Field Kresge 
Mory Pederson Kyger 
Olivio McGregor Leon 
Elizabeth Hanger Luther 
Barney Wolker Lutsk 
Anne MocClintock 
Noncy E. MacMeekin 
Brooke Patterson Mohlstedt 
Harriet Woll Martin 
Emory Willioms McCoy 
Harriotte Dodson McDonnald 
Jean Murray McDermid 
Mory Lee McDoi;ald 
Susan Strong McDonald 
Aline Rex McEvoy 
Jean Mcintosh 
Suson Fedeler Mills 
Solly Beer Murray 
Betsy Knode Newton 
Alice Perry Park 
Notolie Lemmon Parker 
Carol Cole Pelzer 
Louro Haskell Phinizy 
Milbrey Sebring Roney 
Whitney Jester Ronstrom 
Marguerite Morgan Reynolds 
Carol Reifsnyder Rhoads 
Alice Haywood Robbins 
Traylor Rucker 
Magdoleno Solvesen 
Soralyn McAfee Smith 
Emily Pleosonts Smith 
Belle Williams Smith 
Jone Homill Sommer 
Elviro McMillan Tote 
Kathleen Watson Taylor 
Vicky Tbomo-Barrette 
Soroh Rosco Thomas 
Poyson Jeter Tilden 
Oono Reinschmidt Thompkins 
Kotharine Weinrich Von Geel 
Anne English Wordwell 
Meredith Leslie Welch 


Number in Class: 190 
Numberof Donors: 75 
Percentage of ParHcipotion: 39% 
lolal Class Dollars: S17,932 
Soro Green Ansell 
Susan Wilson Ashcom 
Mory Trembly Bailey 
Lindo Wallace Boiley 
Lucinda Michel Blokejy 
Frances Watson Bond 

H. Virgino Pennel Brooks 
Morgoret Rogers Brown 
Jane Patton Browning 
Evelyn Day Butler 
Virginia Lee Butters 
M. Lin Campbell 
Soroh Von Winkle Campbell 
Robin R. Cutler 
Clare Loyd Davison 
Judith Barthold De Simone 
Eleanor Griggs Diemar 
Ann C. Dreher 
Sally Dunham 
Laura Penick Felt 
Soroh Kolber Fiedler 
Mary-Fleming Willis Finloy 
Frances Butt Fishet 
Judy Mundy Fowler 
Penn Willets Fullerton 
Natalie Roberts Funk 
Catherine Ireys Gondel 
Ann Winfree Gooch 
Judy Wilson Grant 
Ann Crowe Griffin 
Lois Streett Hamrick 
Grace Butler Johnson 
Keenan Colton Kelsey 
Anne Mercer Kornegoy 
Muriel Wikswo Lombert 
Mary Behnke Lorsen 
Marcia Pace Lindstrom 
Rondi Miles Long 
Julie Whitehurst MocKinlay 
Eleanor Gilmore Mossie 
Kothryn Carroll Mathewson 
Sarah Dean McGill 
Dorotheo Campbell McMillan 
Morgoret Henning Minnick 
Marilyn Gorabront Morris 
Susan Parker Morrison 
Mokonoh Dunham Morriss 
Margaret Gillmer Myers 
Jone W. Nelson 
Marsha Dumas O'Connor 
Josephine Nolond Old 
Violo Groveure Potek 
Deborah Hoslom Peniston 
Andrea Pearson Pennington 
Helen Roney Pinckney 
Shoron Price Quill 
Diono Simrell Savory 
Pamela Leary Shandrick 
Abby Patterson Shultis 
Penelope Steketee Sidor 
Eileen Hodges Smoll 
Suson Moormon Southworth 
Louro Saunders Sprotley 
Jeonnine Corbett Squires 
Annie Word Stern 
Courtney Stevenson 
Jone Utiey Strickler 
Horriette Horsey Sturges 
Nancy Conkle Swann 
Martha Modden Swonson 
Sidney Turner 
Victoria Chainski Verity 
Anne Newton Wolther 
Mary Gordon Winn 
Donno Martin Zohorik 


Number in Class: 189 
Number of Donors: 81 
Percentage of Participation: 43% 
Jolol Class Dollars: SI 7,357 
Susan Sumners Allowoy 
Mory Barbara Annan 
Elizabeth Kurtz Argo 
Solly Twedell Bogley 
Victoria J. Baker 
Mory Dixson Baldwin 
Carroll Randolph Barr 
Mory-Boird Shinberger Bell 
Beverly Brodshow Blake 
Peggy Kennedy Brown 
Elizobeth R. Brown 
Soro H. Brydges 
Katharine Bornhordt Chase 
Ellen Kelley Cinq-Mors 
Morgino Dunlop Cogswell 
Stephanie Ewalt Coleman 
C. Gail Robins Constontine 
Poulo Ayotte Corwin 
Eleanor Crossley 
Diane Dolton 
Direxo Dick Dearie 
VIrginio Carpenter Delgodo 
Virginia Stanley Douglas 
Martha Meehon Elgor 
Linda A. Fite 

Margaret Hondly Fitzgerald 
Suson Soriero Golbreoth 
Jill Berguido Gill 
Constance V. Quereau Graf 
Loura Pratt Gregg 
Martha Mitchell Hartzog 
Charlotte Hoskins Herbert 
Patricio Neithold Hertzberg 
Hollom Hurt 
Victoria Jones 
Pomelo Ford Kelley 
Barbara Tillman Kelley 
Dorothy Dono King 
Nancy Dew Lothrop 
Pamela Sullivan Livingston 
M. Lynn Lyie 

Josephine Wiens MocMichoel 
Mory-Ellen Martin 
Judith Powell Martin 
Judy Addison Moyberry 
Judith Haskell McCarthy 
Mory Gillespie Monroe 
Elizabeth Broden Moody 
Elizobeth Gloser Morchower 
Lucille Orr Morrison 
Morgoret Moron Morrow 
Marion Horvey Morton 
Carole E. Munn 
Mellie Hickey Nelson 
Lindsay Smith Newsom 
Britton Hossell Nielsen 
Kristin Amundson Ogley 
Morgoret Pittmon Potterson 
Bonnie Blew Pierie 
Pomelo Pryor 
Page Monroe Renger 
Elizabeth Gowthrop Riely 
Eugenia Bull Ryner 

Nancy Townsend Schlochter 
Nancy Pendergross Scott 
Stella Renchord Seomons 
Rose Smith Sharp 
Virginia Yelverton Showolter 
Hollie Darby Smith 
Judith Bensen Stigle 
Lynn Gullett Strozzini 
Marie E. Sushko 
Madeleine Long Tellekomp 
Mory Bell Timberlake 
Suson Tucker 
Anne Dearborn Vance 
Elder Witt Wellborn 
Ann Denton Wells 
Patricio Davis Whitehurst 
Charlotte Moore Williams 
Jone Stephenson Wilson 


Number in Class: 189 
Number at Donors: 77 
Percentage ol Participation: 41% 
Total Class Dollars: S92,034 
Jone Brody Arnold 
Elizabeth Pennell Bedrosion 
Sophie MocKenzie Belouet 
Jocqueline Isroel Blokeslee 
Suzanne Edinger Boos 
Kothryn McLoin Broult 
Cecilia A. Bryont 
Marilyn Meyers Buckey 
Eugenie Corr 
Octovio Wood Cooper 
Mory King Croddock 
Suson Brush Croft 
Electa Hoffmon Culver 
Christine Witcover Dean 
Constance Williams de Bordenove 
Georgia Riley de Hovenon 
Lynne Gardner Detmer 
Jennie Lyons Fogorty 
Jeanne Brassel Ford 
Marianne Schullz Golt 
Kathleen Obenchoin Gloss 
Elizabeth Miller Green 
Mory E. Gross 
Ann Peterson Griffin 
Cecelia Williamson Grinsteod 
Ann Clorke Gwinn 
Elisabeth Sorlor Harden 
Elizabeth D. Harvey 
Rickey L. Hendricks 
Ann Bonks Herrod 
Lesley Bissell Hoopes 
Conover Hunt 
Alice Preston Jocobs 
Brenda Dorden Kincoid 
Susan Herbert Kyle 
Bloir Walker Lawrence 
Deirdre A. Leiond 
Suzanne M. Little 
Candida Connord Low 
Patricio Sparks Lyndon 
Tonio W. Macneil 
Kotherine Cooley Moher 
Judith Horbottle Moselli 
Anne Stupp McAlpin 
Amy Thompson McCandless 

Barbara Bailey McNeol 
Francine Frote McNeill 
Frances deSoussure Meode 
Suson Somerville Menson 
Frances Kirven Morse 
Morgoret K. Newton 
Mory Humelsine Norment 
Jule Seibels-Northup 
Barbara Johnson Prickett 
Martha Bennett Prilchett 
Suzanne Evans Reeves 
Deborah A. Luby RIe 
Morguerito Chandler Riggoll 
Christina Bocchioni Schieffelin 
Andrea Beerman Sonfield 
Lorna Allen Sorley 
Stephonie Bredin Speokmon 
Celio Newberg Steingold 
Anne Stoddard 
Michol S. Twine 
Pamela Triminghom Van Dyck 
Anne Hinshow Vonderweil 
Ashley Jones Walker 
Louro Campbell Walker 
Sandy Waters 
Ann A. Webster 
Suzanne Torgon Weston 
Eleanor Keen Williams 
Wonda Hunt Williams 
Margery Jackson Wingenboch 
Betsy M. Wolfe 
Morsholyn Yeorgin-Allsopp 


Number in Class: 178 
Number ol Donors: 80 
Percentage ol Participation: 45% 
Total Class Dollars: $24,229 
Judith Daniel Adams 
Jon Huguenin Assmus 
Harriet V. Coons Babbitt 
Maureen Robertson Raggett 
Alberta Zotock BoigenI 
Elizabeth Bench Boker 
Kotherine Hutton Barry 
Penny Proctor Beebe 
Anne Crawford Bent 
Bryan Alphin Bente 
Morcio Bernboum 
Loroine Kneip Bradley 
Anne S. Briber 
Jean Rushin Brown 
Gretchen Lynn Buis 
Anne Richards Camden 
Ann Arnspiger Conipe 
Barbara Hastings Come 
Lucile McKee Clarkson 
Mory Lee Bell Coffey 
Virginia Baldwin Cox 
Carolyn Jones Elstner 
Barbara Duffield Erskine 
Maria Word Estefonio 
Ruth Hoopes Frongopoulos 
Suson Roessel Gibson 
Anne Green Gilbert 
Mory Waterman Gildehous 
Morion Phyllis Girord 
Sarah GIddens Glenday 
Mory Murchison Gornto 



r^ M O D C 

Elizabeth Taylor Hamilton 
Adele Perry Hort 
Carolyn Mapp Hewes 
Dione Holloway 
Carolyn Hollister Holmfelt 
Edna Cunningham Horning 
Sally Boucher Hovermole 
Alice Powers Hudson 
Mary Chesnutt Hunt 
Kimberly Johnson-Smith 
Joan Sheets Jones 
Beverly Bossett Kimmel 
Oianne Cossedy lamberl 
Elizabeth Blockwell Laundon 
Ann Tremoin lee 
Elizabeth M. Lewis 
Virginia Taylor Lopez 
Melindo Koester Lopez 
Melisso Griffith Manning 
Ann C. Mothews 
Lynne Potthorst McMillan 
M. Elizabeth Medaglia 
Anne Taylor Merrill 
Joan Adrionce Mickelson 
Keithley Rose Miller 
Evelyn Ookes Miller 
Janet Abney Moore 
Ann R. Moore 
Katherine Kibbee Palerson 
Cathryn Gray Poul 
Nancy Wendling Peacock 
Virginia Stanford Perdue 
Darlene 8. Pierro 
Judith B. Powell 
Bettye Kobbs Pruitt 
Patricio Parkinson Riley 
Jane Nexsen Robertson 
Nancy Josephs Rohrer 
lynn Pearson Russell 
Kotherine BIythe Southerland 
Catherine Hall Stopher 
Elizabeth Smith Toylor 
Sherilyn Irving Titus 
Sharon Singletory VonzanI 
Mary Nelson Wode 
Suzanne Thompson Wolkins 
Cherrie Wheeler Weolherford 
Hcden Ridley Winborne 
Elizobeth H. Wyott 


Number in (loss: 196 
Number of Donon: 91 
Percenlage of Participolion: 46% 
Tolol Clois Dollars: S52,020 
Loring Harris Amass 
Elizabeth Edwards Anderson 
Sarah Embrey Bass 
Carol Covington Bellonby 
Sondro L Hamilton Bentley 
Deborah Ohier Bowman 
Laura Hawkins Brody 
Kathleen D. Britton 
Mory Jane Hipp Brock 
Undo Williams Buttrill 
Suzanne Yates Cohill 
Sarah Campbell 
Mary Woltz Carrison 
Katherine Cummings Catlin 


Elizabeth Brewer Coughmon 

Jonno Creoser Clorkson 

Heother Tully Click 

Suson Holbrook Daly 

Jane R. Davenport 

Debroh L. Denemork 

Virginia Eldridge Eaton 

Putnom Mundy Ebinger 

Rose Ann Feldmon 

Elso Jones Forter 

May Humphreys Fox 

Relding Clark Gollivon 

Ann Goteley 

Potricia Mast George 

Sydney McCompbell Glass 

Jane E. Gott 

Deborah D. Hand 

Karen J. Hortnett 

Connie G. Haskell 

Kothryn Barnes Hendricks 

Kristin E. Herzog 

Mory Halligon Hibbord 

Emily Morovec Holt 

Jessica L. Holzer 

Margorel Sharp Howell 

Carolyn Barr Hoyt 

Morgoret Arnold Jackson 

Deborah L. Jones 

Patricio Swinney Kouhnan 

Alice Mitchell Keister 

Mory A. Kelley 

Colhie C. Kelly 

Barbara LoLonce Kelly 

Patricio Calhoun Kelly 
Kothryn Woldrop Kerkering 
Virginia Klise Kidd 
Poge M. Kjellstrom 
Mary Scales Lowson 
Susonne Elkins Major 
Barbara Offutt Mothieson 
Bonnie Palmer McCloskey 
Morjorie Rebenlisch McLemore 
Marie L. Moore 
Susan Lykes Mueller 
Mary Petree Murphy 
Mory Blencowe Murray 
Mary Kyger Normon 
Lindsley Brown Oehlert 
Koy Porhom Picho 
Elizabeth Holloway Playforlh 
Cloudio Formon Pleosonts 
Anne 0. Purinton 
Wollis Wickhom Roemer 
Morcio Pollock Rogsdole 
Carolyn Rogers Rainbow 
Mary Clemens Randolph 
H. Stuart Comblos Rodwell 
Oeboroh Warren Rommel 
Betty Rau Sonlandrea 


Tracy G. Savage 
Fronces Dornette Schafer 
Katherine A. Schlech 
Jane Lewis Seoks 
Katherine Litchfield Seale 
Hannah Glass Smith 
Corey Cleveland Swan 
Diana Councill Sweeney 
Solly A. Taylor 
Koty Warren Towers 
Suson Hompton Vernooy 
Phyllis BIythin Word 
Sorah Wotson 
Katharine McCardell Webb 
Elizobeth McLemore White 
Sarah Nutt Wigert 
Johanna Yople Wolski 
Joan C. Hennessy Wright 


Number in Oass: 204 
Number ol Donors: 85 
Percenlage of Participation: 42% 
Total (loss Dollars: S22,356 
Mary Ookey Aiken 
Pomelo Henery Arey 
Borbora Grocey Backer 
Mary H. Barnes 
Rebecca Rondolph Boyers 
Dorothy Wetzig Brond 
Barbara A. Brand 
Undo Lewis Brauer 
Rhodo Allen Brooks 
Wendy Norton Brown 
Ellen Moseley Brown 
Judy M. Cohn 
Maureen Conway 
Anne Helms Cooper 
Carol D. Cooper 
Martha Stewart Croslond 
Carter Burns Cunningham 
Ruth Allen Darlington 
Jon M. Dickel 
Emily Pitts Dixon 
Carolyn Thomos Dold 
Michela A. English 
Robbin Richordson Falls 
Beryl Bergquist Forris 
Teresa Lioy Faulkner 

Margaret Mather Feldmeier 
Judith Brown Fletcher 
Corel Remington Foglesong 
Potricia I. Fuller 
Borbora Davis Godbout 
Palmer Gulley Grohom 
Suson E. Greenwald 
Morjorie Montgomery Hebord 
Alice Edens Hudgins 
Deborah Proctor III 
Louise Jackson 
Alison Jones 

Frances Barnes Kennamer 
Undo Whitlow Knight 
Marilyn K. Kolb 
E Lodi Kysor 
Noncy Closer LoGow 
Kotherine Wilson Lamb 
Sally Uptegrove Lee 
Louise Dempsey McKeon 
Rebecco Bottomley Meeker 
Miriam Woshobough Meglan 
Anne Milbonk Mell 
Beverly Von Zondt Mickley 
Jeonnette Bush Miller 
Katharine Fisher Morlond 
Anne Wiglesworth Munoz 
Valeria Murphey 
Caroline Turtle Murray 
Carol D. Newman 
Denise Wisell O'Connor 
Mory Bell Porks 
Barbara J. Payne 
Alix Sommer Peorce 
Kathleen Gorcio Pegues 
Jacqueline E. Penny 
Jonice E. Pogue 
Cynthia Gridley Pruden 
Mory Lymon Roy 
Aliso Yust Rowe 
Margaret Mockie Sanders 
Patricia A. Schwolm 
Amondo Thrasher Segrest 
Mory L Skinner 
Wendy Weiss Smith 
Kathleen Worobec Story 
Mortha Roton Terry 
Jeon Mockenzie Thatcher 
Elodie Taylor Thompson 
Rosemary Dunowoy Trible 

Goyle Longford Turner 
Noncy Liebowitz Voss 
Corolyn Jones Walthall 
Wendy C. Weiler 
Gale Hull Whetzel 
Julio Lowry Wiemer 
Elizobeth Mumlord Wilson 
Borbora L. Wuehrmonn 
Barbara Smith Young 
Diona L Zeidel 

Number in Class: 198 

Number of Donors: 77 

Percenlage ol Participation: 39% 

fatal Class Dollars: S30.U9 

Cecilia Albert 

Suson Norton Allen 

Jeon M. Andrews 

Judith Rives Bell 

Lynn Wotermon Blum 

Martha Neill Boney 

Suson Desmet Bostic 

Elizabeth Williams Bowman 

Sharon White Brown 

Emily McNolly Brown 

Ellen Apperson Brown 

Patricio R. Brown 

Noncy Hogor Bruetsch 

Victoria White Carpenter 

Robin Rutter Coleburn 

Virginio Upchurch Collier 

Cissel Gott Collins 

Kate Willioms Cox 

Louise Martin Creoson 

Cutler Bellows Crockord 

Barbara Tessin Derry 

Mory Phillips Donohoe 

Kathleen Wolsh Drake 

Rhonda Griffith Durham 

C. Lee Essrig 

Potricio C. Closgens Fisk 
Mory Carter Frockelton 

Betty Works Fuller 
Mory Bryan Gay 
Eileen P Gebrion 
Janet Nelson Gibson 
Penelope Walsh Gilbert 
Kothryn Keys Grohom 
Mercedes Gravott Grondin 
Lauren Mobley Horrell 
Morsho Albert Hougen 
Nathalie Ryan Hoyt 
Mortho Bugg Hughes 
Suson D. Jensen 
Margaret Lyie Jones 
Briggett J. Keith 
Alice Johnson Krendel 
Joan F Longenberg 
Rosorio Broche Leporulo 
Edna Osmonski Loftus 
Borboro J. McCleove 
Pomelo Drake McCormick 
Dorothy Courington McGinley 
Koren Medford 
Mory Varn Moore 
Cotharine Adorns Murphy 
Susan Woller Noding 
Elise Webb Neelond 

1999-2000 HONOR ROLL OF D 

Frontes Slith Nilsson 
Undo J. Odum 
Jeonnetle N. Pillsbury 
Virginio Stevens Purcell 
Leslie Armstrong Ramsey 
Potricio J. Reordon 
Gail Garner Resch 
Charlo Leonard Reynolds 
Dale Shelly 

Stephanie Hormon Simonard 
Joan Hobbs Spisso 
Bonnie Moe Stook 
Kotherine Upchurch Tokvorian 
Coroline Busby Talbot 
Mory Morrison Thomas 
Jone Twohy Tirrell 
Greyson Shuff Tucker 
Georgene M. Voiro 
Mory Einhous Vollen 
Soroh P von Rosenberg 
Frances Schroder While 
Virginia Shields White 
Marcia G. Witlenbrook 
Susan Snodgross Wynne 

Number in Class: 223 
Humber of Donors: 78 
Percentage ol PorHcipalion: 35% 
Jolal Class Dollars: SI 5,1 69 
Cynthia Bekins Anderson 
Deborah Pollock Arce 
Jeanne Schoefer Bingham 
Joan Eltonheod Bromley 
Susan I. Bundy 
Glenys Dyer Church 
Non Robertson Clarke 
Elizabeth Thayer Clough 
Deirdre S. Conley 
Valerie Fonnon Cooper 
Jocquelyn Fisher Cortright 
Evelyn Carter Cowles 
Susan M. Craig 
Laura Montague Cross 
Mary T Dnnford 
Susan Hancock Duke 
Julio Johnson Evans 
Betsy Buchanan Fishbock 
Rachel Mays Fitzgerald 
Solly Slaughter Foster 
Carol Provence Gollivon 
Margaret Cheesewright Garner 
Anne Chrislovich Gay 
Ann Major Gibb 
Louise Blakeslee Gilpin 
Karen Nielsen Grommoticos 
Mory Beverley Taylor Hague 
Louise Towers Hordoge 
Margaret May Harden 
Alice Stewart Harper 
Barbara Coin Hegarty 
Gillian M. Heptinstoll 
Marion McKee Humphreys 
Saroh Dalton Jocob 
Mory Williams Johnson 
Dionne Wood Keyser 
Lucindo Young Larson 
Morgoret W. Leigh 
Diane M. Leslie 

Christine Eng Leventhol 
Lillian Dugger London 
Molly Dunn Martin 
Anne Billings McDougoll 
Jane McCutchen McFadden 
Alice Mclnnis 
Wendy Hoilmon Mitchell 
Carter Heyword Morris 
Langhorne King Murray 
Roberta Harmon O'Neil 
Susan C. OToole 
Mary A. Osborn 
Susan Rockwell Potten 
Susan Kirby Peocock 
Elizabeth G. Perry 
Catherine Connor Peters 
Susan Dern Plonk 
Christine Mendel Prewitt 
Kimfaerly Riccordi Ramsey 
Pomelo J. Rasche 
Diane Dole Roiling 
Chorlotte Battle Robbins 
Lee Addison Sanford 
Kathleen Cochron Schutze 
Helen Oakley Smith 
Korol Kroetz Sparks 
Ellen R. Stelling 
Patricio Cesok Stephenson 
Janet E. Storey-Honick 
Sandra Schwartz Tropper 
Gypsie Bear Von Antwerp 
Lucy Dennington Van Zondt 
Mary Von Gundy Waller 
Locy Williams 

Stephonia Paporozzi Williams 
Sharon L. Sanders Williams 
Morgoret Sefeldt Wilson 
Lisa Fowler Winslow 
Christine Sheris Wood 


Number in Class: 232 

Number ol Donors: 73 

Percentage ol Participation: 31% 

Total Class Dollars: 526,140 

Constance Norweb Abbey 

Lucy Bryan Ballard 

Patricio Carroll Bankenstein 

Victoria Bates 

Marianne Pownoll Billings 

Cheryl A. Willits Booth 

Karia J. Kline Bradshow 

Ellen Bass Brady 

Isabel A. Deprosper Bucher 

Deborah Ryan Cairns 

Rose Thomas Camp 

Jane Reeb Chodwick 

Sara R Clary 

Alice G. Cohn 

Undo Kemp Couch 

Cecilia A. Linebough Dove 

Deborah Hart Eiserle 

Alexondria S. Francis 

Jane Hutcherson Frierson 

Moira Fulton 

Elizabeth Redwine Garner 

Susan Stephens Geyer 

jone Piper Gleoson 

Nancy Nields Gordon 

Valerie Gordon-Johnson 
Mory S. Holsey 
Nancy S. Hordt 
Elizabeth Biggor Hellmuth 
Leslie Elbert Hill 
Alice A. Hodges 
Winton Smoot Hollodoy 
Paulo Hollingsworth-Thomos 
Nancy Leo Houghton 
Wondo Cronic Howell 
Kathleen A. Kavoncgh 
Ann McKie Kling 
Elizabeth Nicholson Lewis 
Morilynn Morsholl Livingston 
Korin Lowson Look 
Elizabeth Froncke Lynn 
Nancy Blackwell Marion 
Emory Furniss Maxwell 
Sherrie Sneod McLeRoy 
Thelmo M. Merrill 
Borboro Ashton Nicol 
Tana Meier Porseliti 
Noncy E. Crumpler Povelko 
Nancy Mortensen Piper 
Louise Weston Rainey 
Soroh Rebentisch Randolph 
Mory Reid Roach 
Eileen M. Rubien 
Morgoret Christian Ryan 
Kotherine Vuicich Schinasi 
Kelly Borrowman Slobodion 
Marsha Phillips Smith 
Ann R. Smith 
Jesse A. Stewart 
Mary Foster Strickland 
Kristin Amylon Swain 
Deborah Griffin Tanner 
Sandra A. Taylor 
Kothryn Teller 
Cathy Weiss Thompson 
Penelope Logokos Turok 
Ann Pritchett Van Horn 
Melissa leib Veghte 
Deborah Comalier Walker 
Elizabeth Andrews Watts 
Wendelin A. White 
Mildred L. Hill Wilk 
Mary F. Witt 
Mary Satterfield Worrell 


Number in Class: 212 
Number ol Donors: 91 
Percentage ol Participation: 43% 
Total Class Dollars: 545,442 
Dolores-May Scott Arias 
Joanna D. Arios 
Ashley Crawford Rondle Averell 
Constance Crocker Betzendahl 
Kotherine Lenoir Blunk 
Nelly Osingo Branson 
Patricio A. O'Molley Brunger 
Anne Cogswell Burris 
Virginia Shipe Cameron 
Cynthia Manning Chatham 
Amanda Weber Clark 
Jan Schnibbe Cleory 
Soroh P Clement 
Jeannette Singleton Cloyd 

Mory Henningsen Collins 
Rose Toppin Cronz 
Carroll N. Curtis 
Penelope Lone Czarra 
Cothleen Gllmore Diet: 
Louisa Seibert Dixon 
Ann Moson Dunn 
Sarah Johonn Ellison 
Carol Brewer Evans 
Elizabeth Anne Potts Fisher 
Linda L. Frozier-Snelling 
Heather MacLeod Gale 
Suzonne Wright Godfrey 
Patricia Wade Goolsby 
Nancy H. Haight 
Sally Williams Harrison 
Beverley Crispin Heffernon 
Elizabeth Washobough Jarvis 
Elizabeth Walker Johnson 
Elizabeth Brooks Jones 
Chispoh Ivey Jones 
Janet Sheppord Kelleher 
Catherine Grier Kelly 
Elizobeth Scott Kimmel 
Polly Shriver Kochon 
Jeonnine M. Petersen Laskey 
Abigail Bradley Ledbetter 
Korin I. Lindgren 
Linda Poole Moggord 

Kotherine Rose Rawls 
Melisso Ann Greenwood Riemer 
Wendy Wise Routh 
Elizobeth Stough Rush 
Kothleen A. Ryan 
Ellen Harrison Saunders 
Sallie F. Scarborough 
Anne Ross Shipe 
Katharine Osborne Spirtes 
Cynthia Smith Spotswood 
Carol Leslie St. John 
Ann Henderson Slamets 
Linda Lucas Steele 
Nan Stuart 

May Waters Summerour 
Terry Storke Tosh 
Cory Anderson Trainor 
Nancy Wilson Tucker 
Pomelo Myre Turner 
Celio Gerrord Veselka 
Karen H. Woldron 
Elisso C. Walker 
Nancy Cunningham Watson 
Catherine Cranston Whithom 
Elizabeth D. Whitley 
Worden Willis 
Bet Boshinsky Wise 
Mary Alma Wolfe 

Ella Honson Magruder 
Ann South MoJick 
Linda Carroll Matthews 
Bonnie Walton Moyberry 
Margaret S. McFaddin 
Denise Montgomery 
Joan Douglas Murray 
Christina Hoefer Myers 
Dorsey Tillett Northrup 
Patricio Tucker O'Desky 
Jonice Patricio O'Donnell 
Jonet Ruth Richards Oikowo 
Gray Thomas Payne 
Johna Leigh Pierce 
Carol S. Porter 
Marsha Decker Powers 
Louise Elizabeth Pulizzi 
Cecilia Robertson Queen 
Bonnie Domionos Rompone 
Elizabeth D. Rowles 

Number in Class: 184 
Number ol Donors: 56 
Percentage ol Participation: j 
Total Class Dollars: SI 9.781 
Margaret Ryon Ale 
Sallie Bernord Armstrong 
Nursot I. Aygen 
Mortho Borchowsky 
Cotherine J. Borrier 
Phyllis Schulmon Bell 
Laura Lee Bust 
Susan Goiser Burke 
Terese DeGrondi Busch 
Cornelia Radford Butler 
Kotherine Mikell Cochran 
Melanie Coyne Cody 
Catherine Cotlett Collins 
Martha Hoys Cooper 




Ann Kiley Crenshaw 
Marie Shields Duke 
Mary Beth Homlin Finke 
Catherine Adorns Gosharn 
Melanie Archer Groelzer 
Kelsey Canady Grilfo 
Jennie 8aleson Hamby 
Robin Rodger Heller 
Hilary Speore Hewitt 
Mary Costello Howell 
Mary Wilmer Jacobs 
Jane De Butts Kates 
Holly Weaver Kenreich 
Solly Old Kitchin 
Oenise Alexondre LeComte 
Carol Wilkinson lee 
Elizabeth Crones Leonard 
Mary Woodford Leslie 
Corolyn Coldwell lindou 
Morgoret Milnor Mollory 
Marilyn K. McClellond 
Caroline Bickel McLoughlin 
Wendy Schnering Meehan 
Tennessee Nielsen 
Margaret Weimer Porrish 
Corel Fiske Plott 
Kothryn Whichord Poslon 
Patricia Tolbott Reed 
Norma Keblett Roadcop 
Liso Nelson Robertson 
Lindo-Jeon Smith Schneider 
Elliott Grohom Schoenig 
Roweno Von Tuyl Schubert 
Kari Andersen Shipley 
Kathoryn Kelly Smith 
Lochrane Colemon Smith 
Karen Adelson Strauss 
Deborah Mossie Thurman 
Ainslie Jones Uhl 
Gail Zorwell Winkler 
Anne Brown Wise 
Jill Wentorf Wright 


Number in Class: 155 
Number ol Donors: 50 
Percentage ol Participation: 32% 
Total Class Dollars: S36,629 
Deboroh Butteri Akers 
Ramono K. Akins 
Martha Branch Alexander 
Anne Fomon Armstrong 
Sarah Longstreth Bradley 
Anita Crossinghom Connon 
Vivlon Yomoguchi Cohn 
Gloria R Cowan 
Renee Honson Crowder 
Elizabeth White Drbal 
Julia Howell Dunbar 
Deborah Meister Fitzgerald 
Dobney Bragg Foshee 
Rebecca Frost Good 
Helen Milner Gordon 
Potricio Wornom Henry 
Catherine Goodhort Henson 
Louise Lambert Hunter 
Martho Crowe Jones 
Carol Gomberg Kenyon 
Virginia Lou Morckesono Lorence 


Fronces Dimmitt Redmond Malone 

Stella Wellborn Wright Martin 

Antonio Bredin Mossie 

Deborah Koss McCarthy 

Ellen Sellers McDowell 

Soroh Kennedy McGroorty 

Rosolindo Guordobossi Michoel 

Sarah Bonhom Mohle 

Jone D. Mooney 

Bettie Lee Moore 

Loretto Fitzgerold Nowlon 

Lucy Eubank Peok 

Elvira Cosh Pecora 

Borboro Bernick Peyronnet 

Kathleen Louise Roantree Renken 

Jo Schneider Samp 

Angelo M. Scully 

Carolyn Willioms Seeling 

Elizabeth Conway Selden 

Lisa Brundoge Shapiro 

Morgoret Holey Sheehon 

Maggie Shriver 

Wendy Congdon Stonton 

Elizabeth Little Stevens 

Ellen M. Sullivan 

Deboroh L. Thocker 

Undo R. Uihiein 

Potricio W. Woters 

Jean Romonske Zoniewski 


Number in Class: 21 1 

Number of Donors: 73 

Percentage ol Participation: 35% 

Total Class Dollars: $13,875 

Priscillo Powell Adams 

Jane Lauderdale Armstrong 

Cynthio Whitley Aumon 

Cassandra Smith Babbitt 

Jeanne Beard Borden 

Drusillo Holl Bishop 

Julie Pfautz Bodenstob 

Lizobeth Lombert Bowden 

Dione Boll Brendel 

Allison Egbert Brokow 

Leslie Wilkinson Brotmon 

Susan Heitmiller Busch 

Hollie Powell Cordwell 

Lucy Dorby Cole 

Elinor Humphrey Comer 

Celia Corley-Dovis 

Mozeppo M. Costa 

Lenore L. Cox 

Elizabeth Hurley Deimel 

Dionne Torn Duffy 

Marietta Jones Eddy 

Dono Dotten Endocott 

Adelaide Eshboch 

Anne Riordon Flaherty 

Corey Johnson Fleming 

Mory Goodwin Gomper 

Mario Rixey Gomper 

Donna Mihollk Gelogotis 

Mary Ryan Glenn 

Catherine Corole Mellow Gohermann 

Eelen Humphrey Goro 

Euro Litton Griffin 

Suzanne Collins Gurley 

Kotherine Powell Heller 


Ann Ramsey Hill 
Jonet Rokoczy Hudson 
Ellen Ouinn Jones 
Ann Thrash Jones 
Paula Brown Kelley 
Susan J. King 
Nancy Robinson Lindberg 
Eve Jackson London 
Ann Key Lucas 
Catherine A. Lumsden 
Anne Boldwin Mann 
Emily Dick McAlister 
K. Holly McGlolhlin 
Cynthia A. McKoy 
Mory Mulvihill McKenno 
Dorothy Leor Mooney 
Cotherine Taylor Moore 
Carol Walton Cordell Mullins 
Drucilla Springer Oswalt 
Elizabeth G. Perkinson 
Lee Corollo Pforsich 
Rebecca S. Pitts 
Borboro Mendelssohn Price 
Meredith Borst Ouillmon 
Susan Grisle Russell 
leke Osinga Scully 
Connie Crysler Shofer 
Nancyellen Keone Smithers 
Melonie Bowen Steglich 
Mary Page Stewart 
Julio K. Sutherland 
Suzanne Stryker Ullrich 
Cloire Cortwright Voughon 
Andreo S. von Wiesenthol 
Wendy Igleheort Walker 
Sue Ellen Guinn Webb 
Margaret Richards Wiederseim 
Elizabeth M. Williams 
Ann H. Youger 


Number in Class: 196 
Number ol Donors: 55 
Percentage ol Participation: 28% 
Total Class Dollars: $12,176 
Poge Breokell Beeler 
Solly-Ann Sells Bensur 
Mory McBride Bingham 
Jody N. Booze-Doniels 
Ashley Wilson Brook 
Loura Bowen Cormichoel 
Pomelo Weiler Colling 
Louise Mueller Cook 
Suson Andrews Cruess 
Louise Pritchortt Dodson 
Wendy Worthen Elliott 
Sorah Colhoun Engrom 
Louise Wright Erwin 
Cloro Jockmon Gorbett 
Sandra Jean Erieboch Gershenfeld 
Deborah Parker Gibbs 
Patricia Poterson Graham 
Kotherine C. Grones 
Kristinn Furches Horcum 
Kothorine C. Hardin 
Catherine E. Harold 
Mory Lowrence Horris 
Elizobeth G. Hester 
Phyllis Shelton HIgginbotham 

Lisa C. Hite 

Louren MocMonnis Huyett 
Elizabeth C. Kelly 
Alice Hogon Kliefoth 
Solly Byron LoBorre 
Celio Brown Lee 
Susan Anthony Lineberry 
Alice Benton Mojor 
Sherri Lynn Monson 
Keren Joffo McGoldtick 
Pomelo Romsdell Mitchell 
Alison Mitchell 
Honnoh Croighill Morehead 
Corby Honcock Pine 
Prudence Sounders Pitcock 
Amanda Howe Steel Rich 
Nancy Hatch Schwortzmiller 
Mory Jo Hoydonek Shovo 
Cynthio Lee Sinchok 
Rosa McGowin Sloughter 
Amy Kimon Smith 
Cathy Calello Staples 
Kimberly Louis Stewort 
Beth L. Sullivon 
Rebecca Trulove Symons 
Beth Bogdon Tetroull 
Cynthio Little Townsend 
Ellen Byrne Utterbock 
Lynn V. Westine 
Nancy C. While 
Caroline W White 


Number in Class: ISO 
Number ol Donors: 76 
Percentage ol Participation: 42% 
Total Class Dollars: $56,615 
Toni Sontongelo Archibald 
Barbara Wesley Bogbey 
Florence Rowe Bornick 
Robin L. Boyless 
Myth Monnich Boyoud 
Heidi Howard Van Patten Bell 
Anne Mulhollond Benedict 
Leslie Ludwick Bires 
Jenny Robinson Bussey 
Susan M. Copozzoli 
Lisa Corongelo 
Eilhne Broderick Carlln 
Elisobeth Word Connors 
Sally True Dow 
Dionne Delledera 
Mory Wolch Doe 
Swee-Lon Wong Dolon 
Cory Dollord 

Shannon Thompson Eodon 
Pomelo Koehler Elmets 
Kotherine Taylor Erickson 
Liso Faulkner-O'horo 
Fronces McClung Ferguson 
Cotherine Flaherty 
Tomaro Driskill Francis 
Wondo McGill Fry 
Kimberly Wood Fuller 
Nancy Caroline Bode Fuller 
Fronces Dione Dilworth Gates 
Chorlotte Gay Gerhordt 
Juonito Frost Giusli 
Mary Sturkle Greenberg 

Claire DennJson Griffith 
Mortho Gose Griffith 
Jeonnine Davis Horris 
Pomelo Willett Houck 
Virginia Foris Hoffman 
Catherine Mills Houlohon 
Susan Smith Kemp 
Pomelo Kobtock 
Amy Compbell Lomphere 
Solly Gray Lovejoy 
Elisabeth Fletcher Lubin 
Susan Posey Ludemon 
Megon Coffield Lyon 
Ann Vondersyde Molbon 
Emily Quinn McDermott 
Corson Freemen Meinen 
Amy Andrews Monnhon 
Nancy Holdsworlh Moore 
Judith Wright Noel 
DIano Lenore Torride Palmer 
Florence A. Powell 
Elizabeth Hardin Rondoll 
Ann Connolly Reogon 
Julie Smith Rentschler 
Victorio Clarendon Richter 
Georgia Schley Ritchie 
Ann T. Rockwell 
Frances A. Root 
Jill Steenhuis Ruffato 
Julia Grosvenor Sonford 
Amello Dousmon Schaaf 
Anne Dorden Self 
Carol Lee Foole Siona 
Leslie Williams Summers 
Elizobeth B. SweoringenEdens 
Lillian Sinks Sweeney 
Susan Bollne Thompson 
Elizabeth Schneider Thornton 
Laurie Joon Newman Tuchel 
Hollis Hutchens Volk 
Janet Louise Hughes Wiles 
Melissa Gentry Witherow 
Louise Swiecki Zingoro 
Fonnie C. Zollicofer 


Number in Class: 201 
Number ol Donors: 54 
Percentage ol Participation: 27% 
Total Class Dollars: $12,257 
Horriet Bielitsky Anderson 
Victoria L. Archer 
Joy Gillio Boiocco 
Olivia Anne Chaplin Boker 
Chorlo A. Borchers-Leon 
Ellen Hogon Brown 
Susan Graham Compbell 
Barbara Bush Cooper 


Caroline Webster Cotter 
Molly Rogers Cromer 
Julio Brooke Dovis 
lori Jons Dowson 
Margoret Medlock Fitzgerold 
Shoron McGroth Gardner 
Mory Dovis Gorone 
Noncy L. Golden 
Whitley Riggs Greene 
Allison Roberts Greene 
Kotberine E. Hogon 
Trocy Drake Homilton 
Terrell Luck Horrigon 
Eleonor Fronk Hozard 
Kotbryn Levi Hoover 
Sarah F. Huie 
Moiro Molway Johnson 
Mory H. Keating 
Elizobeth London Krone 
Virginia Donald Latham 
Korol A. Lowson 
Harriet Harrison Leavell 
Nancy Dabbs Loftin 
Clair Folcon Moasbach 
Nina Brown MocDonold 
Jomie Planck Martin 
Wendilynn Wood McAfee 
Barrie Jeffrey McDov<ell 
Sorone McHugh 
Suzanno Bethea Mills 
Corrie Moynord Nichols 
Henrietto White Palmer 
M. Claire McDonnell Purnell 
Susan P Richeson 
Anne Sorgeont Rosenthal 
Susan Rowot-Steiner 
Suson Clay Russell 
Mary Boehling Schwartz 
Karen Battle Smith 
Catherine Cassidy Smith 
Mory Reese Craighill Snow 
Margaret McCarthy Stoeffel 
Margaret Robinson Tallmadge 
Sigrid Corlen Veosey 
Downe Cotton Ward 
Lelho Domeron Zackowski 


Number in Class: 194 
Number ol Donors: 50 
Percentage of Participalion: 26% 
Total Class Dollars: 56,865 
Victoria Lee Adoms 
Heother Pirnie Albert 
Anne Grace Goebel Boin 
Brendo Joyce Borozzi 
Fronces Fowler Bauerle 
Patti Snodgross Bordo 
Oeboroh Price Bowman 
Brionno Boswell Brown 
Elizabeth Gontt Castles 
Lisa A. Church 
Mortho Tisdole Cordell 
Cynthia McMechon Curry 
Nancy Dougherty Davidson 
Anne Morris Dickerson 
Elizabeth Kyle Donahue 
Ethel Burwell Dowling 
Jane R. Dure 

Elizabeth Engelsmonn Flonigon 
Mary LaVigne Fletcher 
Lucile Redmond Flournoy 
Morion R. Finney 
Ann Young Habliston 
Anne Edmunds Hansen 
Rosemary C. Hordy 
Rhodo J. Harris 
Deboroh R. Harvey 
Lucie Stephens Holland 
Katharine N. Johnson 
Moniko Kaiser 
Frances Lane Smith Kelley 
Lynda Leibel 
Betsy Bell Liles 
Martha Watson Lombordy 
Consuelo Michelle Martinez 
Catherine Adams Miller 
Louise Cooke Nevrton 
Sally Shopard Peek 
Rachel Millrood Perlman 
Elizabeth Sheets Reed 
Patricia Whelon Schenck 
Grace Tredwell Schild 
Mory Ames Booker Sheret 
Teresa Powell Smith 
Beverly Townsend Smith 
Mory Clorkson Stein 
Amoret G. Thissell 
Dorinda Dovis Trick 
Potsy Griffith Van Etten 
Barboro Bryant Williams 
Mory Tripp Wolfensberger 


Number in Class: 180 
Number ol Donors: 49 
Percentage of Participation: 27% 
Total Class Dollars: SI 1,935 
Anne Chopin Albert 
Sarah G. Bobcock 
Carol V. Borlow 
Marylew Redd Barnes 
Kotberine C. Borrett 
Leo Alison Sparks Bennett 
Leslie Molone Berger 
Ana Serrano Block 
Desiree M. Bouchot 
Margoret Price Bruno 
Lee Anne MocKenzie Chaskes 
Elena Quevedo Chigos 
Suzanne Gay Doiley 
Kotberine Robison Dovey 
Emily Kitchel DeCamp 
Ellen Clare Gillespie Dreyer 
Hannah Davis Emig 
Mary Wore Gibson 
Priscilla R. Gront 
Bridget O'Reilly Holmes 
Mary Rebecca Coggin Hubert 
Amy Painter Hur 
Kotberine Grosvenor Hutcheson 
Suzanne Noncy Bolog Ingram 
Amie Warren Eisner Kaiser 
Karen D. Kerlin 
Marguerite Young Kock 
Alice Cutting Loimbeer 
Grayson Harris Lone 
Jeanne H. Lewis 

Tracy Gotewood Lyons 
Mory Watt Messer 
Lucy Chapman Millor 
Corol Jean Hodley Molnor 
Elizabeth Sprogue O'Mearo 
Amy Boyce Osoki 
Barbara Rose Page 
Elizabeth Dykes Pope 
Dione White Ramsey 
H. Therese Robinson 
Elizabeth Taylor Seifert 
Pomelo Dickens Sellers 
Wylie Jomeson Small 
Morgery Johnson Springer 
Julia Snodgross Walker 
Diana Duffy Waterman 
Ellen B. Choney Webster 
Pomelo S. Weekes 
Anne Little Woolley 


Number in Class: 197 
Number of Donors: 44 
Percentage of Participation: 22% 
Total Class Dollars: S7,970 
Caroline Judith Reece Aquino 
Colleen Morgoret Kuebel Berthelot 
Elizobeth Gillespie Billings 
Elizobeth Rodgers Boyd 
Elizabeth McShan Budd 
Helen Pruitt Butler 
Elizabeth Boyer Caldwell 
Victoria McCullough Carroll 
Courtney Warrick Cherno 
Gertrude G. Collins 
Mary Reynolds Dovis 
Margoret Twohy DeVon 
Michelle Kocik Drag 
Kotbryn Yeager Edwards 
Patricia Dolph Fallon 
Heather Willson Freeman 
Cheryl L. Gorman 
Patricio Roby Gotfredson 
Knren Goodspeed Hertlein 
Kotberine M. Hoffner 
Marguerite Kramer Kircher 
Virginia Lynch Kiseljock 
Coren Jeanne Crovoth Marshall 
Cathy Cosh Mays 
Diono Crandoll Nielsen 
Barboro Callahan O'Neill 
Laura Yancey Peery 
Alicia Foirris Petrone 
Shannon Young Roy 
Elisabeth Burwell Reicbord 
Anne H. Richards 
Mory McElroy Robertson 
Elise Corlen Robison 
Jone Marie Sieger Sciullo 
Elizabeth Cohill Shormon 
Jonet Lewis Shepherd 
Mary Cronz Smith 
Trocy Gloves Spalding 
Vernice Lois Thompson 
Marion Wohlgren Vester 
Wendy Hylond Warren 
Sophie Desprez Whilehouse 
Elizabeth Horley Willett 
Cheri Burritt Yates 


Number in Class: 184 
Number of Donors: 61 
Percentage of Participation: 33% 
Total Class Dollars: S22,I46 
Susan Palmer Amoro 
Cothorine Hubbard Andry 
Susan Lazarus Bailey 
Cecily Schuiz Bonks 
Dale Anderson Bonfield Banning 
Linda Anne Yeager Beltchev 
Thereso Ellen Birch 
Victoria Eva Vidal Blum 
Ellen Carver Burlingame 
Anne Foulconec Cose 
Romi Williams Chodwick 
Jennifer Leigh Ryon Church 
Lauro Morrissette Clark 
Joyce M. Coleman 
Barbara Trogakis Conner 
Susan Podesta Cozzi 
Martha Baird Boxley Creasy 
Cothleen Brooke Dunkle 
Heather Homonnoy Finly 
Barbara Biggom Fountain 
Ann Martin Gonyo 
Kotberine A. Heorn 
Sharon Anne McKinney Herman 
Melissa Schoen Hitt 
Frances Clordy Hooper 
Asbby Clark Hopkins 
Ellen Roine Joyner 
Moho Homed Ali Konoo 
Beth Jane Anderson Keorns 
Kama Boswell Koudelko 
Dorothea Patricio Kraeger 
Lourie Anne Limpitlow Krambeer 
Leanne Weber Kreis 
Mortho Shorter Lanier 
Brigid McGlynn Lengyel 
Stacy Lynn Zackowski Lukonuski 
Lenetta Archord McCompbell 
Mory Bliss McGroth 
Louellen Brooks Meyer 
Jane Cox Murray 
Noncy E. Ness 
Korlo Kennedy Newman 
Jill Redpoth Nolond 
Kimberly Knox Norman 
Gale S. Oertii 
Deborah Fischer Oleisky 
Allison Bennett Pishko 
Patricio Clair Clancy Ramsay 
Elizabeth Kelly Rovitz 
Elizabeth Kennedy Soyler 
Sharon Booth Shonohan 
Mollibai Mory Lawrence Tambyoh 
Julie Dee Shields Thompson 
Christine Corcoran Trouth 
Heidi Belofsky Turk 
Lori Lee Waller Underwood 
Madge Hall Vosteen 
Cassandra Whaling Wiermon 
Jean Gutbans Wilkins 
Susannah Scogel Young 
Suzanne Weaver Zimmer 


Number in Class: 233 
Number of Donors: 58 
Percentage of Participation: 25% 
Total Class Dollars: S6,290 
Mary Molyneux Abrams 
Suson Finn Adoms 
Horriet McNoir Alexander 
Kirsten Bailey Atkinson 
Ann Braden Vondeventer Bowles 
Ashley Simmons Bright 
Mory Jo Biscordi Brown 
Rushton Haskell Collagbon 
Lynn Mather Chorette 
Sorel Virginia Cousins 
Jennifer E. Crosslond 
Linda C. DeVogt 
Christine Novrotil Deeter 
Mary Forinholt Denious 
Emery Jones Dickson 
Mortho Gamble Dillon 
Anne Merrimon Duffy 
Drusilla Dovis Fodus 
Patricio S. Glick 
Lauro Hand Glover 
Alyson Jane Carey Goods 
Isobelle Viguerie Gsell 
Elizabeth Nott Hall 
Colleen A. Hondte 
Mory Boulware Hobbs 
Deonne Dawson James 
Elizabeth Carol Richeson Jones 
Shannon H. Kuehlwein 
Shopleigh Donnelly LoPointe 
Melissa Corrington Laurie 
Karyn Horcum Levy 
Suson Monn Levy 
Horriette Cooper Liederboch 
Nancy Palermo Lielz 
Morioh Smith Malik 
Kotberine McKelwoy Marchorlerre 
April Adelson Marshall 
Rebecca Young Metro 
Elizabeth Moroffi Michoud 
Mary B. Morrow 
Mary Corinne Neole 
Beth Ann Tropold Newton 
Elizabeth Kelly Stevens Norman 
Robyn Bailey Orchard 
Mory Beth Miller Orson 
Elizabeth Conner Pace 
Noncy Suckey Rothacker 
Mary Johnson Ryan 
Catherine Collender Souls 
Jessica Michelle Sinnott 
Anne G. Smith 
Dorsey Redmond Teague 
Anne P Toxey 
Virginia Hoynie Woinstein 

* deceased 



Jesse A. While 
Nancy Kay Wiltshire 
Louonne Pahel Woody 
Alexandra Bernard Wyllie 


Humber in Oass: 191 

Humbei of Donon: 41 
Pemnlage ol Porlicipalion: 21% 
Tolol Class Dollars: S9, 1 50 
Molindo Bradley Bergen 
Undo Rowlond Blount 
Shannon Wood Bush 
Kristen Kreossig Corler 
Anna Gollonl Carter 
Pomelo Misroll Cusick 
Corol Goodman Doty 
Dono I. Driver-Rogers 
Heidi Schult7 Figler 
Page E. Fronson 
Amy Tetteh Griffin 
Jean Lewis Guergoi 
Susan Scales Hunt 
Barbara M. Jostrebsky 
Julie Geddes Johnson 
Leslie Ross Kellogg 
Sydney E. Morlhinson 
Heather Dovenport McCostlain 
Louise Gilliam McGrody 
Molly McNomoro 
Rebecca Michie McVeigh 
Rebecca A. Mills 
Elizabeth Cunningham Morgan 
Mary Robison Dotes 
Dona Freos Ostrowsky 
Caroline C. Owen-Houde 
Stocy Lee Poe 
Melisso Murray Ouinones 
Bliss Simmons Robinson 
Lee Carroll Roebuck 
Hilary Harris Solley 
L Angelyn Schmid 
Blair Beebe Smith 
Carol Sue Jones Smith 
Ellen S. Smith 
Paige Anne Toylor 
Teresa Pike Tomlinson 
Corol Wooldridge Tuttle 
Jennifer Corol Wise 
Georgionno Conger Wolcott 
Mary T. Ziebold 


Number in Class: 152 

Humber ol Donors: 34 

Percentage ol Participalion: 22% 

Total Class Dollars: S5,905 

Christine Diver Ans 

Eden Zuckermon Brown 

Jennifer Ann Roach Childs 

Lee Ann E. Conord 

Leslie Corrodo 

Caroline F. Corum 

Hilary von Mour Franz 

L. Lloys Frotes 

Kotrino Evans Gatti 

Amy Gould'Pilz 

Susonna Brooddus Hickman 


Cameron Cox Hirtz 
Katherine Cole Hite 
Kathleen Meredith locobelli 
Moia Free Jolenok 
Beverly Freeman Kump 
Jennifer Crowley Lewis 
Christina Savage Lytle 
Kolhorine E. McCoid 
Cecilio A. Moore 
Paige Shiller Okun 
Heidi Ann Metzger Potter 
M. Anne Powell 
Jennifer Bach Rosen 
Stephanie Wilt Sage 
Polly Softler 
Mary S. Stockburger 
Jean Saunders Sumner 
Grace Ouirk Thompson 
Liso Noelle Thompson 
Marjorie Holthaus Tomaso 
Erin Philion Babcock Wallace 
Soro Ammor Whitt 
Courtenay Fraley Williams 


Number in Class: 198 
Number ol Donors: 32 
Percentage ol Participation: 16% 
Total Class Dollars: S3,890 
Colleen Bradley Bell 
Kristo Biggs Phillips 
Margaret M. Frozier 
Liso Wollen Gardner 
Michelle Lennone Gormon 
Courtney Kneece Grimm 
Latone Spencer Hill 
Kothryn Robinson Hillestad 
Wesley Powell Lessen 
Leslie Braginetz Lemish 
Ruth Toul Magnusson 
Monica C. Mohoney 
Mory S. Mason 
Mary Boyd McGuire 
Donna A. Meyer-Hodgert 
Amy Jenkins Millicon 
Meri Tiffini Minotel 
Kelli Ketchum Morgan 
Kothryn Bolton Overman 
Elizabeth Reid Donold Owen 
Gina Armeni Pollock 
Slocey Honnon Quinn 
Deborah Schmidt Robinson 
Eden L Rue 
Julie Littleton Smith 
Anne Haw Spencer 
Soroh Anderson Stanton 
Helen Bradley Torbutton 
Louro Lowson Trevey 
Kimberly K. Willock 
Hildee Willioms Wilson 
Amonda Ottowoy Zombetti 


Number in Class: 163 

Number of Donors: 42 
Percentage of Participalion: 26% 
Total Class Dollars: S8,421 
Leslie Cotton Albizzotti 


Soroh L Andres 

Ann M. E. Beotty 

Jean Spillone 

Amando Priddy Berkey 

Ashley Flynn Blonchord 

Elizabeth Babbitt Bowen 

Amy E. Burton 

Morgoret Leigh Coulk 

Heother Colson Ewing 

Gladden Adam Folivene 

Ulrike M. Fischer 

Brondi Beck Fowler 

Dolly M. Gorcio 

Allison Miree Gillespie 

Lisa Woldrop Hommerschmidt 

Cecilia Schultz Hoynie 

Stachelle Gilmore Hicks 

Elizabeth Mason Horsley 

Claudia Schmidt Hunt 

Nancy 0. Kershner 

Carol L. Krojewski 

Karen Molmquist Lookso 

Anne Richardson Lackey 

Constonce Toylor Elz Logon 

Corole Leigh Witherington Lumpkin 

Rachel Renzy Meimo 

Cotherine Hollberg Minor 

Nino Rowles Ponarese 

Aliso Deloney Peorce 

Virginia Shultis Pearson 

Mory Noff PhilpoM 

Bryn Margorel Currie Pottow 

Kristen K. Redick 

Vonesso K. Rhodes 

Kathleen Cushmon Slock 

Rebecca Finkbeiner Streett 

Jo Ann Roderick Tonkord 

Alicia Koy Taylor 

Deno Burnhom Wong 

Anne Morie Workman 

Amy Colondra Zechini 


Number in Class: 143 

Number ol Donors: 30 

Percentage ol Parlicipation: 21 % 

Total Class Dollars: 53,520 

Elizabeth J. Butler 

Victoria Compo Byrd 

Morgo Meeks Ten Broeck Calkin 

Mory Anne Farmer 

Anne Crow Galanides 

Nicole J. Goulhier 

Kothryn Johnson Gloss 

Kona Roess Goldsmith 

Jee H. Hahm 

Morion W. Hedgpeth 

Koren I Hott 

Wesley Dover Foster Huffard 

Jacqueline M. Kjono 

Stocey Lowrence Lee 

Amy Joan Lemieux 

Megon Reod Lindberg 

Michele Williams Lusby 

Ashley Quorrier Moron 

Carlin McKenno Moroney 

Down Monohon Nelson 

Sarah E. Pitts 

Mory Lonford Price 

Yolondo R. Reid 

Potience Richeson 

Wendy Elizabeth Pressel Sullivan 

Penelope Todler 

Stephanie Paige Ronton Troutman 

Sharon Watts Turner 

Kothryn Hogist Yunk 

Suzanne M. Ziesmonn 


Number in Class: 151 
Number of Donors: 37 
Percentage of Participation: 25% 
Total Class Dollars: S6, 133 
Louro M. Arceneoux 
Diono J. Brodford 
Natasha Slontill Bullotto 
Lori Soroniero Butterfield 
Jennifer Brodlieb Cocioppo 
Laurie Taylor Gork 
Virginia Marks Collier 
Judy S. Currie 
Elkin G.A. Cushmon 
Jennifer Toomey Driscoll 
Margaret McClellon Driscoll 
Kimberley McGrow Euston 
Jill S. Fohy 

Caroline Newman Francisco 
Cotherine Gornto Freeman 
Joimie Del Monte Golbteoth 
Amy C. Ghiz 
Kate L How 

Catherine Driskill Hindmon 
Morgoret Ledyord Hopkirk 
Keeley Sullivan Jurgovon 
Tracy Taylor Loflus Keller 
Coro Ardemogni LoRoche 
Kristin J. Uljegren 
Ann E. Lindquist 
Julio Honneken Linzo 
Lindsay Jenkins Matthews 
Noro S. Oney 
Tricio Pheil Howbecker 
Susan G. Schmidhouser 
Coroline Newton Smith 
Jessica C. Stopleton 

Tracy L Steele 
Erico M. Thomson 
Jennifer Valentine Von Ness 
Melindo S. Wick 
Carolyn Griffin Yeoger 


Number in Oass: 175 

Number of Donors: 31 

Percentage of Parlicipation: 18% 

Total Class Dollars: 52,090 

Bernodette Insoloco Abroms 

Jennifer Jorvis Bollard 

Pomelo Subronni Sermon 

Elizobeth Benson Harder Botzis 

Julio Skilinski Brooks 

Sidney Couthen Bullord 

Dana Varnodo Campbell 

Sigrid Zirkle Corroll 

Ashley V Celis 

MorissG Ashe Cole 

Michelle MocMurtrie Constable 

Polly C. Crawford 

Kimberly Ann Cutting 

Beth M. Davis 

Kothryn Chondor DelPloto 

Dionne Hayes Doss 

Debro A. Elkins 

Kelly K. Gardner 

Suson Messikomer Horenkamp 

Catherine M. Jonnik 

Stocey D. McCloin 

Laurie A. Palmer 

Kerry A. Pollock 

Erin Currie Reilly 

Jennifer Lauren Mooney Risey 

Wendy D. Stevenson 

Tracy Anne Stuart 

Elizabeth Stinnett Taylor 

Catherine R. Viette 

Amy G. Woite 

Trocie Allen Webber 



Number in Class: 126 

Number of Donors: 26 

Percentage ol Participation: 21% 

Total Class Dollars: S2,085 

Heolher L. Bayfield 

Colherine S. Bloik 

Jamee Thompson Briggs 

Aline H. Carter 

Amalia De Simone Colbert 

Allison Vollmer Douglass 

Lenora L. Farringlon 

Renee Brooks frederiksen 

Elizobelh P. Gilgan 

Amelia McDaniel Johnson 

Undo Simmons Leech 

Undo S. E. Lombordo 

Lucia K. Marks 

Mory-Lindo Morris 

Slocey Eisenberg Poyne 

Amy Jean Ross 

Amy Biothrow Ross 

Kelly B. Schmiti 

Kotherine W. Schupp 

Elizabeth Riccobono Shiffler 

Belinda Smith Struckmeyer 

Grelo Eustace Sullivan 

Lori Harris Summers 

Coitlin N. Sundby 

Erin N. Curpier Whipple 

Ginger Amon While 


Number in Class: 146 
Number ol Donors: 52 
Percentage ol Participation: 36% 
Total Class Dollars: 510,635 
Mory Gafford Snider Adomchik 
Heather L C. Aspinwoll 
Lucia de Oliveira Bosworth 
Sarah Joy Butcher 
Justina Brie Carlton 
Kelly Amanda Coggshall 
Kothryn Ann Qarkowski 
Uso Buckingham Dorr 
Kara D'Ambro Dickey 
Eleonor L Dickinson 
Lido Anne Elliott 
Yana Wogg Gordephe 
Karen Giorgetti 
Jill B. Goolsby 
English E. Griffith 
Bergen M. Hall 
Kelly Elizabeth Hall 
Molly Becherer Hasty 
Robin Ashley Hendrickson 
Heather Leigh Hernandez-Theis 

Gwendolyn R. HickeyBabcock 
Caroline Denise Miller James 
Jessica E. John 

Moren Elizabeth Howard Leggetl 
Jill D. Formon Lezcono 
Susan Thompson Hickman Mason 
Sheilo Ann Miller 
Kimberly Rodo Moorheod 
Jennifer Christina Noble 
Erin K. Oney 
Jennifer L. Parker 
Christine Anne Patten 
Charlotte Prothro Philbin 
ShonaToro Regon 
Doniela N. Ricci 

Kotherine Maxwell Schellhommer 
Shelby A. Snyder 
Beverley C. Stone 
Heather Lyn Roll Swanson 
Stephanie Michelle Arnold Toohey 
Laura Swope Townsend 
Lysso Ann Vought 
Eileen Yates Von Herbulis 
Victoria McClintock Wade 
Catherine Winship Walters 
Kotherine G. Warner 
Sarah Clifford Weaver 
Kotherine V Whitby 
Meredith J. I Williams 
Lee Suzanne Roman Winn 
Susan Jean Wooldridge Yeotts 
Sarah E. Young 


Number in Class: 177 
Number ol Donors: 40 
Percentage ol Participation: 23% 
Total Class Dollars: S2,502 
Rachoel Boyd Belmonte 
Wondo D. Brockmon 
Natalie J. Brown 
Kotherine L. Campbell 
Claire A. E. Christensen 
Shannon Fountain Cochran 
Wynn Cole 
Kelly A. Collins 
Rachel A. Cooper 
Amy M. Dougherty 
Lee Foley Dolon 
Amelia E. Dudman 
MelissQ Broderick Eaton 
Catharine King Fink 
Robin Bettger Fishburne 
Stephanie P. Franz 
Melissa Snyder Giggenbach 
Heather E. Goodwin 
Elizabeth H. Groves 

Alexandria Hiriborne 
Elizabeth Troylor Howard 
Sandy K. Jennlngs-Neblett 
Nicole L. Johnson 
Laura S. Lechler 
Eileen R. MocMurtrie 
Mnry Anno Welton Martin 
Frozier W. Miller 
Anne L. Osterholm 
R. Anne Ponkoski 
Cynthia Rokow Prewitt 
Soroh E. Reidy 
Yolondo Dovis Saunders 
Janine Poris-Mesonko Schofield 
Lauren D. Smithers 
Kay M. Thomos 
Nancy Corcoran Thuringer 
Jennifer M. Trzupek 
Theresa L. Walters 
Julie Hildebrand Warren 
Cynthio L Wilkerson 


Number in Class: 150 

Number ol Donors: 45 

Percentage of Participation: 30% 

Total Class Dollars: $3,751 

Nessim A. Al-Yofi 

Mary Leticio Harbour Berg 

Sarah L Betz 

Alison A. Burnett 

Jill E. Butcher 

Amy L. Compbell 

Margaret Ann MocDonold Carter 

Melonie L. Chriscoe 

Annette C. Dusenbury 

Amy E. Everett 

Stephanie J. Garcia 

Jill E. Govitt 

Jessica D. Grass 

Kotherine Gumerson 

Renee E. Gunn 

Alison S. Holl 

Kristen McCowon Hartley 

Courtney Lommers Hemmer 

Jessica M. Hiveley 

Margaret H. Jenkins 

Kotherine L. Johnston 

Rondo J. Lehenbauer 

Kothryn Hall Lombordi 

Conner C. Louis 

Amy T. Louthon 

Kotherine M. McCartney 

Elizabeth M. Mcintosh 

Holly James McMickle 

Virginia R. Miller 

Rebecca D. Moats 

Stephanie M. Papponikou 

Maio E. Pearson 

Kerri A. Rowlings 

Amy Cook Rexrode 

Kotie Clarkson Robertson 

Lindemann M. Rollenhogen 

Landis Addison Rollins 

Kotherine K. Seder 

Sophie L. A. Simonord 

Tosho M. Swales 

Jennifer J. Swisher 

Cassondro L. Thomos 

Courtney L Totushek 
Megan Keiko Usui 
Leigh C. Wilson 

Number in Class: 191 

Number of Donors: 56 

Percentage of Participation: 29% 

Total Class Dollars: $3,734 

Susan L. Aronholt 

Chontel N. Bartlett 

Mornie Tokaruk Botes 

Bronwyn E. Beard 

Stephanie H. Belk 

Karen J. Bender 

Mary Gheen Bennett 

Virginia W. Bloir 

Dono L. Bordvick 

Kelly L. Bowmon 

Melindo S. Brown 

Emily Virkus Colle 

Kotherine M. Corr 

Jessico A. Cronin 

Toro M. Day 

Hazel A. Diggs 

Dawn E. Everett 

Melisso Coffey Fitz 

Poitris Parker Gallon 

Allison A. Gerber 

Grelchen G. Grovley 

Tonyo N. Grudier 

Margaret R. Harris 

Chorlotte A. Higgins 

Jeon E. Holmes 

Joanne E. Hopkins 

Kim E. Izquierdo 

Crayton N. Benson Knox 

Brigette R Loib 

Carolyn M. Leddy 

Astrid M. 6. Liverman 

Condice Broughton Moillord 

Fionna J. Motheson 

Anno K. Meres 

Angela Elliott Merrick 

Sarah E. Nolton 

Adefunmi I. Omisode 

Melissa Rolhwell Pembrooke 

Dorelle A. Pfelffer 

Jayme L. Colobrese Pomroy 

Cynthia Bumgordner Puckett 

Serena K. Putegnot 

Shelley M. Shreve 

Amanda B. Stroupe 

Tricio Mohono Summers 

Erikka E. Sund 

Scarlett E. Swain 

Heather A. Thomas 

Gannon Hunt Turner 

Lauren E. Volente 

Anne-Cloire L. Wockenhul 

Jacqueline G. Weiner 

Carolyn Pyle Weiseman 

Kristy E. Winsteod 

Dono R. Woodbury 

Erin A. Wortley 


Number in Class: 170 

Number of Donors: 63 

Percentage ol Participation: 37% 

Total Class Dollars: $5,948 

Kelley Dize Anderson 

Mishjo J. Anthony 

Aimee E. Armenlrout 

Rachel J. Barnard 

Kimberly N. Bolz-Andolshek 

Lynne T Boyd 

Jessica A. Brondrup 

Rochel A. Brotlie 

Amy Gibbs Brown 

Megan Senecol Burton 

Christine R. Carl 

Aracelie L. Castro 

Melissa L. Cicotello 

Emily Clark 

Soro Catherine Clyburn 

Morgoret E.YE. Dally 

Jessica L. Dennig 

Sarah J. Dorminey 

Kotherine A. Dudman 

Soroh M. Elkins 

Sarah Kingsley Foley 

Leslie E. Hoger 

Tina R. Hansel 

Kristin K. Hard 

Leslie N. Hardy 

Julie A. Horju 

Tracy Kitchen Harris 

Melissa G. Henning 

Lindsay Hicks 

Torroh M. Holly 

DonnoJ. Hoogland 

Mary Kotherine Farmer Hughes 

Laura E. Lamb 

Morisol G. Loserno 

Kotherine E. Lemming 

Catherine A. London 

Jennifer Schmidt Major 

Heather A. McLeod 

Bridget L. Meier 

Meredith Davis Mulhern 

Lindsey C. Neef 

Meghan M. Pollord 

Emily L. Poore 

Laura Walters Price 

Cossie W. Ross 

Amy A. Sanford 

Emily P Sartor 

Sara E. Skoglund 

Amy M. Smith 

Kristin A. Smith 

Erin E. Sobotta 

Mory Kothryn Taylor 

Meredith Tillery 

Jill A. Triono 

Kelly A. Turney 

Devon L. Vosconcellos 

Erin J. Vlosoty 

Wendy C. Webb 

Jessica L West 

Notasho T White 

Brand! R. Whitley 

Krista M. Wigginton 

Elizabeth C. Wilbun 





Sweet Briar Seniors pledged 
more than $20,000 to the 

The Class of 2000 raised a Class 
Gift of $20,070 for the Annual 
Fund. Presented with several 
challenges by members of the 
Board of Directors, the Class 
achieved 81% participation and 
increased its total Class Gift to 

The Senior Class Campaign was 
enthusiastically led by Co- 
Chairs Lucy Brooks and Ginny 
Gilbert who chose "Making Our 
Mark" as the theme for the gill 
effort. The Class of 20()()'s 
impressive results left its mark 
on Sweet Briar. 

Here's to 2000! 

Anita LeShoy Allen 
Angelina Mario Alongl 
Amanda Oarty Ankerman 
Amanda Marie Atkinson 
Josie Erin Beets 
Melissa Jean Bellan 
Ashley Elizabeth Block 
Susan Christine Bobb 
Suzanne Nicole Bollinger 
Diana Lynn Booth 
Wendy Irene Bromlett 
Shonlel Shavon Btonch-Fleming 
Lindsay Evelyn Brooker 
Lucy Courtney Brooks 
Melissa Brown 
KIbby Jane Bryenlon 
Pomelo Christine Bump 
Kimberly Leoch Burge 
Kothryn Ann Cesarz 
Jackie Ann Chothom 
Kristy Lynn Cholhom 
Alison Michelle Cooper 
Soroh Sunshine Cunningham 
Lindsey Michelle Custer 
Margaret Elizabeth Dovis 
Allison LyAnn Davis 
Noelle Elyce Dworski 
Kimberly Ann Eorhort 
Mory Evangeline Easterly 
Mary Melissa Fouber 
Andrea Cecil Fulghom 
Virginia Marie Gilbert 
Germoine NIckole Goltsche 
Lino FIflewerg Hoilelul 

Kristin Homoker 
Rebecca Jane Homby 
Elizabeth Kiendl Homshow 
Kimberly Anne Harden 
Alisso Joanne Horrls 
Alicia Childs Hart 
Anne Jackson Houslein 
Christina Emma Herman 
Mory Ashley Hill 
Ellzobeth Suson Hylond 
Amondo Elizabeth Jones 
Ellzobeth Ann Keating 
Torroh Lyn Kehm 
Mory Kothleen Kenefick 
Marleno Koper 
Nicole Jeonnetle Lomm 
Kristen Lowlor 
Ardyce Gregor Lee 
Soroh Ardess Lester 
Jessica Ann Livingston 
Christine Anne Monley 
Rebekoh Jo Monsell 
Jessica Lynn McComas 
Emily DemoresI McGregor 
Tiffony Koy Moseley 
Alelheo Moren Okono 
Dlno Ruth Orblson 
Emily Stevens Pegues 
Jennifer Lome Perkins 
Lindsay Ann Perkins 
Carolyn E.D. Ponle 
Ellsso Moe Pugh 
Toro Louise Putegnat 
Amanda Lynn Rice 
Mondy Lee Rockwell 
Nicole Heather Rodriguez 
Louro Wessells Rose 
Morllen Jordos Sorlon 
Abby Bradford Schmidt 
Chhovl Shormo 
Chrlstlona Down Shields 
Anne-Ryon SInnott 
Corol Lee Skriloff 
Amy Hess Snowder 
Elinor Folrchlld Stebblns 
Alison Freyo Slockdole 
Kote McClure Strocclo 
Emily Suzanne Taylor 
Cameron Nicole Theodores 
Christian Dionno Turner 
Benedicle Mortlne Valenlln 
Totum Duncan Webb 
Holly Ann Wilmeth 
Kothryn Ann Wright 
Julisso Mercedes Yobor 
Victoria Catherine Zok 



parent giving 

1999-2000 STEERING 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eubanks Jr. - 

Mr. and Mrs. Edword L Fretwell Jr. - 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Andrew 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wayne Bostoin 
Dr. and Mrs. Anihony J. Conle 
Mr. and Mrs. Overton Currie Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eney 
Mr. and Mrs. Marc forris 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Honket 
Mr. David Harris 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Howell 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglos C. Hughes 
Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hunker 
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kemper III 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kientz 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Allen Martin Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maxwell 
Mr. Arthur McOougol 
Mr. ond Mrs. Wayne McOwen 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morse Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Perlow 
Mrs. Cecil M. Phillips 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R Reid Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rowland III 
Mr. Daniel E. Shonnon 
Ms. Michelle Whitehead 
Ms. Debbie N. Whittle 

Sweet Briar College is most 
grateful to the Society of 
Families for the generosity of 
the parents listed below: 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Abdel-Alim 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Morshall Acuff Jr. 

Anne Ellice Adam '62 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Addison 

Elaine 0. Ahnell 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Albanis 

Jean Love Albert '46 

Carol R. AlboH 

Ll. Col, and Mrs. John L. Alderson 

Mrs. William W. Alexander 

Beverly Alexandre 

Richard H. Allen Jr. 

Diana Stout Allen '42 

Mrs. Homer I. Altice 

Mr. ond Mrs. Pot C. Anerollo 

Pomelo Henery Arey '71 

Mr and Mrs. Jock L. Armentrout Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Truman Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Aronhalt 

Mr. ond Mrs. Clavio f. Ascori 

Mr. ond Mrs. Edward L. Ashe 

Mrs. Quincy C. Ayres 

Suzanne Philion Bobcock '61 

Mr. ond Mrs. Guilford C. Bobcock 

Ms. Sondra Boer 

Sharon M. Bagg 

Alberto Zolock Boigent '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bake 

Myro Carr Baldwin '36 

Mrs. James L. Baldwin 

Mr. and Mrs. Julian W. Bonton 

Mr. and Mrs. Donold A. Barkley 

Patricio Levi Bornett '49 

Louise Smith Barry '44 

Anno Whitoker Bortel '41" 

Mr. and Mrs. leRoy Bortlett III 

Colherine Price Bass '45 

Clara McDonald Boss '52 

Jocquelyn 0. Botes 

Mork A. Bougher 

Brenda J. Boon 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Beard 

Emmo Gloss Beasley '38 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom M. Betherer 

Mr and Mrs. William H. Beck Jr. 

Patricio A. Becker 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Beebe Jr. 

Mrs. Henry Behnke 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P Bellon 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. S. Bellows 111 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bender 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Bender 

Mrs. William Bennett 

Edwano M. Bennett 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Benson 

Morcia Rhodes Berglund '55 

The Hon. ond Mrs. Maurice Bernboum 

Mr. ond Mrs. Melville J. Berry Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. Betz 

Jean Shay Beveridge 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Biothrow 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Billings 

Sadie Allen Blackburn '45 

Nancy Dicks Blonton '36 

Reverand and Mrs. Joseph W. Bobb 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bohannon 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bolz 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Bonne!! 

Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47" 

Pamela Booth 

Jo Nelson Booze '54 

Dr. and Mrs. George M. Boswe!! Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Viorel Boteo 

Blair Bunting Both '40 

Laura Hoiley Bowen '56 

Mr and Mrs. Jomes N. Boyd 

Benjamin C. Boylslon 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Bradford 111 

Grocey Luckett Bradley '39 

Mr. ond Mrs. W. Waldo Bradley 

Beverly Smith Bragg '54 

Edith Page Gill Breokell '45 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Bredin 

Virginia McGuire Brent '42 

Anne McJunkin Briber '43 

Margaret Cuthbert Brooddus '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Brod 

Dr. and Mrs. Owen W. Brodie 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brodie 

Ruth Ellyn Brooks 

Bruce H. Broughton 

Soro Shollenberger Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid K. Brown 

Rebecca A. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Brown 

Frances M. Brown Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bryant 

Alice Lancaster Buck '44 

Mrs. Borry A. Bump 

Marie Ironmonger Bundy '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T Burkey 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Burkhordt Jr. 

Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

Reverand ond Mrs. Marvin R. Busie 

Mr and Mrs. Frederick Butcher 

Jean Show Byrne '65 

Mr. ond Mrs. Craig J. Coin 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Colondro 

Mr. ond Mrs. Roland E. Cole Jr. 

Mary Swih Calhoun '31* 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Collis Jr. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Jerry W. Camden 

(Anne Richards Camden '69) 
Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Cameron 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Compbell 
Katherine H. Campbell 
Sandra L. Campbell 
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand L. Corongelo 
Bruce E. Carder 
Mary Cooke Corle '59 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Carson Jr. 
Jone Munnerlyn Carter 
Mr. and Mrs. Leigh K. Carter 
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Castro 
Dr and Mrs. Rodolfo Cells 
Mrs. Steven W. ChoHee 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Chandor 
Dr. ond Mrs. Yung Feng Chang 
Mr. ond Mrs. Lewis M. Chenoult 
Barbara Derr Chenoweth '38 
Eugenie Childress 
Betty Blockmer Childs '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Chmielinski 
Margaret Robertson Christion '47 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Lynch Christian Jr. 
Mary Whipple Clark '35' 
Jone Block Clark '56 
Lynn Adams Clark '61 
Mrs. John A. Clark 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence I. Clark III 
Dr and Mrs. Terrence I Clark 
Carolyn Monteilh Clarke '42 
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Clarke 
Kirklond Tucker Clorkson '53 
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Clayton 
Martha Mansfield Clement '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Clinchy 
Susan F. Cootes 
Mr. and Mrs. William T Cocke 

Mr. and Mrs. Williom H. Cogswell III 

Nancy B. Cole 

Malcolm H. Cole Jr. 

Joyce M. Coleman '85 

Mr and Mrs. Michael E. Collins 

Michael J. Collins 

Mr and Mrs. John B. Colquitt 

Frances Ulmer Conley '47 

Jocelyn Palmer Connors '62 

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Conle 

Eleanor Wright Conwoy '32 

Joan Kells Cook '55 

Shirley Sulliff Cooper '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Cooper 

Linda R. Corozollo 

Mr. and Mrs. Jomes M. Corcoran 

Mrs. Robert 0. Costa 

Sandra D. Costin 

Julio Holt Coyle '47 

Mr and Mrs. W. Ford Cramer Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth H. Crondoll Jr. 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. John I. Crow 

John T Crawford 

Marilyn Hannah Crocker '46 

Faith Rohmer Croker '54 

Mr and Mrs. W. Howard Crosslond 

Mrs. R. Godwin Crysler 

Mr. and Mrs. John T Cunningham III 

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Curling 

Mr. and Mrs. Orison B. Curpier 

Mr. ond Mrs. Overton A. Currie Jr. 

Fronces Gardner Curtis '47 

Mr. and Mrs. David F Cushmon 

Mr. ond Mrs. Brian R. Cusick 

Mr. ond Mrs. Charles H. Cuthbert Jr. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Steven G. Cutting 

Lucy Coll Dobney '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Daley 

Roberta T Doniel 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Daniels 

Harold R. Dann 

Josephine Harlan Darby '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dorden 

Mr. and Mrs. Brute S. Dorney 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Dougherty 

Mrs. Ernest G. Davis Jr. 

Dr. ond Mrs. William R. Davison 

Mr and Mrs. G. Richard Day 

Judith Borthold De Simone '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. DePriest 

Mr. ond Mrs. Robert Del Monte 

Mr. and Mrs. Christion M. Oelvoie 

Mr ond Mrs. William J. Dennig 

Mr ond Mrs. Mork H. Devine 

Marilyn Mondle Dick '46 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Dickerson 

Margaret Stuart Wilson Dickey '41 

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Dickinson 

Noncy Dingmon-Cobb 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Dixon Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Dize 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Doczi 

Mary Tolcott Dodson '38 

Mr. ond Mrs. Henry C. Oolon 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Donald 

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid H. Dorminey 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris S. Doughtie 

Nancy Pingree Drake '43 

Julio Reynolds Dreisbach '27 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Dudley 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Dudmon 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Duffie 

Jone Yoe Duggan '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Duke 

Emilil Lawson Dunbar 

Jeonnette Mondle Dunlop '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Dunn 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Dusenbury 

Mr. ond Mrs. Jomes G. Ehlen Jr. 

Grace DeLong Einsel '52 

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Elkins 

Margaret Ross Ellice '34 

Mr and Mrs. Allen S. Elliott Jr. 

Jone Campbell Englert '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Ervin Jr. 

Cecile Wotermon Essrig '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Eubanks Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 0. Evans Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chorles R. Eveler 

Dr. and Mrs. Eric B. Forber 

Tabb Thornton Farinholt '59 

Elizabeth S. Former 

Augusta Soul Farrier '39 

Beryl Bergquist Forris '71 

Reglna Fields 

Mr. and Mrs. Williom R. Fink 

Elaine Floyd Fisher '57 

Linda A. File '67 

Rachel Mays Fitzgerald 73 

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy T Flaherty 

Sheila Flonnery 

Elizabeth Owens Fletcher '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll G. Foley 

Mr. and Mrs. Woyne £. Follin 

Judy S. Forbes 

David E. Forbes 

Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36 

William W. Foshoy Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Fowler 

Decca Gilmer Frockelton '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Fronson 

Sharon L. Fronz 

Joanne Williams Eraser '51 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Frozier Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Chorles A. Free 

Carlo de Creny Freed '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Freemon 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Fretwell Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Friberg 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Thomas Friend 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Friend 

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid R. Fronk 

Loetitio Seibels Frothinghom '41 

Mr and Mrs. Dwight A. Fry 




Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Funkhouser Jr. 

Vivian W. Gaelano 

Mrs. Philip Gallery 

Dr. ond Mrs. Robert C. Garcia 

Norberto L. Garcia 

Noncy E. GavitI 

Harriet Willcox Gearhart '45 

Mrs. Douglas T. Geddes 

EJso Gettleman 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. GhrisI 


Kalherine Lang Gibson '50' 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Gibson Sr. 

Paul W. Girord 

Alice Williams Glover '42 

Laura Hand Glover '86 

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan C. Glusac 

Veronica Good 

Martha G. (apehart 

Mr. ond Mrs, John K, Goodwin 

Mary Murchison Gornto '69 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gottsche 

Clara B. Graff 

Lee Stevens Gravely '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Grovley 

Saro Ironmonger Greer '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gregory 

Mr. ond Mrs. Williom A. Gregory 

Catherine Smart Grier '46 

Mrs. William R. Griswold 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gross 

Mr. ond Mrs. Paul H. Grosvenor 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Groves 

Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Grymes Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Gunn III 

Alice Trout Hogon '49 

Estella R. Hoger 

Mrs. Williom N. Hale 

Barbara Murphy Hole '60 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hall 

Judith Burnett Holsey '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Homby 

Mrs. Horry R. E. Hampton 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P Homshow 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Hanket 

Reverond and Mrs. Robert L. Hanson 

Mr and Mrs. Robert C. Horden 

Dr. and Mrs. Byron B. Harder 

Mary Holland Hardin '46 

Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Hardy 

Lynn Prior Harrington '58 

Elizobelh Trueheart Harris '49 

Dole Hutter Harris '53 

Virginio Robinson Harris '59 

Edward R. Harris Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Harris 

David W. Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Harris 

Georgia Herbert Hart '40 

Martha C. Houser 

Elizabeth BrownSerman Hayes '41 

John T Hayes 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Hoyes 

Mr and Mrs. McKinley M. Hayes 

Mr. ond Mrs. felix T Haynes Jr. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Richord M. Hoys 

Mary Frye Hemphill '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Henderson Jr. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Victor W. Henningsen Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John P Herlehy 

Mr. ond Mrs. Leonard G. Herring 

Mary Payne Hester '59 

Cynthia Harbison Heye '35 

John R. Hicks Jr 

Mr ond Mrs. Poul R. Higginbotham 

Mr. ond Mrs. John T Higgins 

Charles L. Hill 

Penelope M. Hill 

Mr. and Mrs. Sigel J. Hoffman 

Ann Jeffers Hogorty '55 

Mrs. Lloyd R. Hoilman 

Esther Jett Holland '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney G. Holthaus Jr 

Mario Garnett Hood '61 

Mr. and Mrs. James P Hopkins IV 

Joanne Hopkins 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Horok 

Ella Phillips Holchkiss '29' 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Howell 

Suson Taylor Hubbard '51 

Mr and Mrs. Paul G. Hudnoll 

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid R. Huffman 

Mr and Mrs. Douglas C. Hughes 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hunker 

Mr. ond Mrs. Arthur Hutchison 

Mr. ond Mrs. Mark L. Hylond 

Sara L. Ike 

Dr. and Mrs. Dino W. Insolaco 

Jeon C. Izquierdo 

Barbara Gorforth Jockson '55 

T Holler Jackson Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L Jackson Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Evan R. Jomes 

Sara Collison Jamison '29 

Mr. and Mrs. Gory Joy 

Margery Scott Johnson '57 

Mrs. Irving A. Johnson Jr. 

Col. and M5. Kenneth W. Johnson 

Dr. and Mrs. Richord L. Johnson 

Mr and Mrs. Hordy Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Donold Johnson 

Kotherine Esles Johnston '40 

Mrs, Carl A. Jones 

Nancy Porsons Jones '36 

Arnold Susong Jones '36 

Kotherine Door Jones '43 

Lucy Kiker Jones '43 

Dollis Johnson Jones '54 

Judith Cowen Jones '60 

Mr ond Mrs. Meredith C. Jones Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Jones 

Mr. ond Mrs. Horry E. Jones 

Mrs. Albert N. Jones 

Anne Dickson Jordan '45 

Colleen M Jozwiok 

Leon J. Kaplon 

Mr. and Mrs. John F Keating 

Mr and Mrs, Leonord J. Keating Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs, Chorles J, G. Keck Jr. 

Nancy J. Keese 

Nancy Voughn Kelly '48 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kemper III 

Mr. and Mrs. Worth Kendall 

Mr and Mrs, Robert J. Kenehck 

Jane Johnson Kent '48 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kientz III 

Mr, and Mrs, Aubrey C, King 

Captain ond Mrs. John J. Kingston 

Mr, and Mrs, Cenop Kirotli 

Nancy A. Kirby 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Donald Kistler 

Jean Pollard Kline '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Winfield S. Knoke 

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Koper 

Gerald Kottke 

Mr. and Mrs. Lance D. Koury 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kovotch 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kroh 

Mr. and Mrs. Gunther Krohn 

Mr, and Mrs, Albert M, Kruschwitz 

Mr, and Mrs, Robert E, Kuehlwein 

Emilie Kuhlman-Furrer 

Mrs. Charles J. Kurtz Jr. 

Albert A. La Londe 

Victorio Munn and Bruce Lamb 

Mr, and Mrs, Michael L, Lompton 

Elizabeth Todd Landen '50 

Mr, and Mrs, John J, lowlor III 

Mr and Mrs, Kenneth L. Lowson 

Mr and Mrs, Corville B. Leaf Jr 

Mr and Mrs, Richard J, Leory 

Mr and Mrs, Robins H, Ledyord 

Rebekoh Strode Lee '34 

Mr, and Mrs. Ronald E. Lehenbouer 

Mr and Mrs, Stanley Leming 

Richard E. Leslie 

Mr and Mrs. Samuel R. Lester 

Dorothy Wood Letts '50 

Anne Bundy Lewis '42 

Mr ond Mrs, Jock C. Lewis 

Charles C. Lewis 

Jane Perry liles '53 

Sue Toylor Lilley '51 

Mr ond Mrs. Carl G. Lind 

Anne Corbitt Little '34 

Elinor Clement Littleton '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Potrick P. Loftus 

Theresa L, Lombard! 

Mrs, Albert Long 

Tereso A. Lopez 

Mr and Mrs. Paul A. Louis 

Mr. ond Mrs. Don C. Loy 

Virginio Timmons Ludwick '53 

Mr and Mrs. Mark Whelon Lussier 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P MocDonald III 

Mrs. Fronklin H. MocGregor 

Margaret Holcomb MocMillon '37 

Mr ond Mrs. Williom D. Modden 

The Rev. ond Mrs. Chorles F Mogistro 

Mary Virginia Grigsby Mallctt '49 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Moltby 

Melonie Maltese 

Mr. ond Mrs. Joseph J. Moncusi Jr. 

Rebecca Douglass Mopp '37 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Moroffi 

Mr ond Mrs, Felix D, Morkhom IV 

Dr and Mrs. Virgil H. Marshall 

Condict S. Mortok 

Dr and Mrs. A. Dallas Mortin Jr. 

Mr ond Mrs. Steven W. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs, Cunnie A. Martin Jr. 

Emily Wilkins Mason '44 

Mr ond Mrs. Norman Mason 

Mr ond Mrs. Linwood S. Mather Jr. 

Fronces Foulkner Mathews '38 

Mr ond Mrs. Richard V Mottingly Jr 

Genevieve Moxon-Stark 

McNoir Currie Maxwell '63 

Mr ond Mrs. Homish W H. Moxwell 

Emory Furniss Maxwell '74 

Corel J. May 

Mr ond Mrs. Howard J. Mayo 

Mr ond Mrs. Jomes L. Mays 

Mary M. Hogon 

Elizabeth Hutchens MtColeb '50 

Mr ond Mrs. Richord D, McCartney 

Kothryn Mendelson McDonald '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Donogh M, McDonaugh 

Arthur L McDougol 

Captain Joseph M. McDowell 

Lindo A, McKeever 

Claudia Antrim McKenno '48 

Karen L McKinley 

Holly I, McKinley 

Mr ond Mrs, William G, McKoy 

Rebecca Towill McNoir '60 

Mr and Mrs, Colin A, P McNeose 

Mrs. James S McNider Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. McOwen 

Mr and Mrs. Robert S. Meade 

Mr and Mrs. C Richard Melvin Jr. 

Anne Old Mercer '38 

Sydney Overslreet Meredith '50 

Mr and Mrs, Charles F Meyer 

Mr and Mrs, Joseph R Mikolaitis 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Milbonk 

Mortho Jeon Brooks Miller '41 

Mr and Mrs, William G. Miller 

Mr and Mrs, Lowell E, Miller 

Mr ond Mrs, Lewis N. Miller Jr. 

Catherine Lotterhos Mills '56 

Mr and Mrs. Samuel R. Mink Jr 

Katharine Show Minton '52 

Royol R. Miree Jr 

Kotherine Oglesby Mixson '33 

Sue Lowlon Mobley '55 

Mr ond Mrs. Ben E. Mobley 

Mr. and Mrs. Withers W. Moncure Jr. 

Mr. ond Mrs. C. Robert Monnich 

Irene Mitchell Moore '42 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Morgan III 

Mr, and Mrs. Thomas B. Moring 

Virginia Von Winkle Morlidge '28 

Mrs. Frank A. Morris Jr 

Voughon Inge Morrissefte '54 

Mr. and Mrs. John 8. Morse Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Joel T. Morton 

Mr and Mrs. Robert F Moshicr 

Anne Porker Mulhollond '56 

Mr ond Mrs. Arthur Mullen 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas N, Mullen 

David 8, Mullens 

Grace Bugg MullerThym '42 

Mr and Mrs. Robert C. Mulligan 

Mr ond Mrs, Hons-Wolf G, Munkwitz 

Chorlotte SprunI Murchison '46 

Solly Myers 

Judy Gulches Needhom '63 

Elizobeth Doucett Neill '41 

Diane King Nelson '48 

Theda Shermon Newlin '32 

Mr and Mrs. J. Wilson Newman 

Mr ond Mrs, Jomes W. Newman Jr. 

Anne Walker Newton '38 

Mr and Mrs. Walter R. Nexsen 

Mary Cochron Nicholson '37 

Mr ond Mrs. Peter Nickodem 

Natalie S. Nielsen 

Mr ond Mrs. Charles H. Noble Jr 

Lossie Toylor Noell '41 

Mr and Mrs. David M. Nolton 

Nancy F. Norman 

Mr ond Mrs. Peyton Norville 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph W. O'Donnell 

Mrs. Jomes E. O'Heorn 

Mr and Mrs. Donald R. Ober 

Mr and Mrs. Leonard W. Ogborn 

Mr ond Mrs. Robert D. Okonok 

Mr and Mrs. Christopher D. Olmsteod 

Mr and Mrs. Michael L. Ortengren 

Mrs Prime F Osborn 

Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 

Mr and Mrs. Albert V Osterholm 

Mr. ond Mrs. Jerold M. Ostrow 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Oswald Jr 

Cynthio Wilson Ottawoy '57 

Christine E. Ottersberg 

Mr and Mrs. Michoel K. Pockord 

Borboro Rose Page '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Palermo 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Palmer 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P Ponnell Jr. 

Alice Dobney Parker '32 

Katharine Niles Parker '36 

Borboro Thompson Parker '41 

Dr ond Mrs, Jerry L. Porker 

Mr ond Mrs. Jomes W. Porker 

Renis Siner Poton '55 

Mr ond Mrs. Berley S. Poxton 

Mr ond Mrs. Dovid G. Peek 

Kathleen Garcia Pegues '71 

Kathleen Peoples Pendleton '55 

Andrew H. Perkins 

Elizabeth Graves Perkinson '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Borry A. Perlow 



999-2000 HONOR ROL 


Margaret Eggers Perry '44 

Ellen Gllliarr Perry '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Williom H. Pelree 

Joon M. Petty 

Mr. and Mrs. Danny E. Pfeiffer 

Anne Allen Pflugfelder '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pike 

Mr. and Mrs. Ballard F. Pinkard Jr. 

Ruth Carpenter Pitts '58 

Rebecca S. Pitts '78 

Dorothy Devore Piatt '44 

Marie Chapin Plumley '37 

Bowdre Budd Poer '46 

Mr. ond Mrs. John D. Pollack 

Mr. ond Mrs. Dale W. Polley Sr. 

Richard E. Ponte 

Cotherine Tih Porter '44 

Caryl A. Potter III 

Nancy Dutton Potter 

Ann Houslein Potterfield '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Pottmeyer 

Morgaret Morris Powell '54 

Undo Byrd Powell '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Powell 

Mr. ond Mrs. Donald J. Prem 

Margoret Croighill Price '41 

Mr. ond Mrs. Harry T. Pringle Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. Proctor 

Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Prothro 

Allen Boyd Puckett III 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Pugh 

Patricio Owens Purvis '50 

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Quesenberry Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Williom H. Quortrup Jr. 

Betty Johnson Ragland '48 

Mr. and Mrs. William 0. Rokow 

Mr. and Mrs. Wolter A. Reiter Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Reither Sr. 

Ann Moore Remington '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Renfrew 

Emory Hill Rex '41 

Mr ond Mrs. Billy D. Rhoodes 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie C. Rice 

Celio Loving Richeson '58 

Sharon F Riddell 

Susan Van Cleve Riehl '47 

Dr. and Mrs. Gory H. Riggs 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rihl 

Christoph Ringier 

Carroll Weitzel Rivers '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Robertson 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Robison Jr. 

Ann B. Robison 

Mrs. Milton L. Roessel 

Dr. ond Mrs. James E. Rogers 

Nan Locke Rosa '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnie F Roth Jr. 

Patricio Trougott Rouse '48 

Mr. ond Mrs. Leo G. Roux 

Anne Wilson Rowe '57 

Raymond G. Ruff 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Russo 

Mr. and Mrs. Burt T. Ryan Jr. 

Betty Phillips Sonford '58 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Sormenlo 

Jean Oliver Sartor '39 

Elizobeth Miller Soyler '55 

Roselle Foulconer Scales '43 

Janice W. Schipper 

Dr. and Mrs. Guy L. Schless 

Morgoret Cornwell Schmidt '37 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Denny Schmidt 

Mr. and Mrs. Michoel W. Schmitz 

Mrs. Andrew J. Schroder II 

Mrs. Modon M. Sharma 
Burney Porrott Sheeks '55 
Mr. ond Mrs. Gilbert H. Sheinboum 
Lolo Steele Shepherd '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Sherrord V 
Mr and Mrs. Richord A. Shiller 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Shillestod 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenelm L. Shirk 
Abby Patterson Shultis '66 
Jane Slock Sigloh '56 
Stephonie Hormon Simonord '72 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Sinex 
Dr. and Mrs. Williom H. Sipe II 
Borboro H. Skriloff 
Mr.o nd Mrs. Stephen J. Slode 
Suson Hendricks Sloymon '60 
Margoret Lotterhos Smith '54 
Mr. ond Mrs. Charles W. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel 0. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P Snider 
Eleonor Potts Snodgrass '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Snyder 
Helen Elliott Sockwell '48 
Mr. ond Mrs. Jose L. Solivon 
Mr. and Mrs. Furman South III 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Sparks 
Stephanie Bredin Speokman '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Speck 
Joan Hobbs Spisso '72 
Potti BirgeSpivey '61 
Carole H. Stalling 
Robert E. Stanley 
Roy L. Steers Jr. 
Virginia Lutz Stephen '61 
Mr and Mrs. Gerry U. Stephens 
Cotherine Lowder Stephenson '39 
Serena Alles Stevens '30 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Romsoy 
Mr. and Mrs. William Raney 
Catharine Clark Rosmussen '50 
Oovid R. Rowlings 
Nancy Messick Roy '52 
Mr. ond Mrs. Jomes R Read 
Mary McDuffie Redmond '47 
Mr. ond Mrs. Somuel I Reid Jr. 

Frances Longino Schroder '44 

Francis M. Schuler 

Mr. ond Mrs. Francis A. Schultheis 

Elizabeth Shepherd Scott '43 

Mrs. John H. Scott 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P Scott 

Bonnie L. Seitz '01 

Daniel E. Shannon 

Nedro Greer Stimpson '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomos R. Stinnett 

Mr. ond Mrs. John L. Stokes 

Anne Green Stone '53 

Mr. and Mrs. C. F Stover 

Ruth Lowronce Street '27 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Stringfellow Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernord G. Sturgeon 

Mory Lane Bryan Sullivan '58 

Morionne Oliveri Svobodo '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Swnles 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Swonson 

Williom 8. Sweoringen 

Dr. and Mrs. Jomes A. Swenberg 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Swisher 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred F Szok 

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Tolober 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Joseph Tornowski 

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor 

Dr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Teogue 

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson M. Terry 

Mr. ond Mrs. Jomes E. Theodores 

Mrs. Frances Thomas ' 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvert Thomos 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Thomos 

Camellia A. Thomos 

Emily B. Thomos 

Mr. and Mrs, Truman T Tillotson 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Tinfo 

Ruth Ullond Todd '22 

Jane Roseberry Tolleson '52 

Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Toro-Leyton 

Newell Bryon Tozzer '55 

Mr. ond Mrs. Jomes H. Tranlham 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Trosk Jr. 

Betsy Gilmer Tremoin '42 

John C. Trembloy 

Maude C. Trione 

Mr. and Mrs. William 0. Turney Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronold L. Tyree 

Mr. ond Mrs. Wilfred C. Vorn 

Mr. ond Mrs. Roy B. Vornodo 

Ann May Via '54 

Jerrold R. Voss 

Mr. ond Mrs. Gory R. Wogner 

Constance Werly Wokelee '53 

Mr. ond Mrs. Frederick C. Walker 

Helen Gwinn Wolloce '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Walters 

Mr. and Mrs. J. T Walters 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wolters Jr. 

Mr. ond Mrs. George 8. Wolton Jr. 

Betty Byrne Gill Wore '55 

Potricio Coxe Wore '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Richord C. Waring 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Worner 

Mr. and Mrs. Woodward A. Warrick Jr. 

Mrs. L. Brodford Waters 

Potricio Whitoker Woters '44 

Mrs. John I. Watson 

Helen Grovott Watt '44 

Lee Montague Watts '39 

Mr, ond Mrs. Andrew D, Weaver 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Webb 

Mr. ond Mrs. Wilbur C. Webb 

Mr. ond Mrs. Robert C. Webb Jr. 

Sondro P Webb 

Langhorne Fuller Webster '58 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Webster 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Weekes 

Mr. ond Mrs. John R Wegerski 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Weilbocher 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Weiler Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs, Joy M. Weinberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis ?. Weiner 

Mrs. Richard C. Weiss 

Mr. ond Mrs. John H. Wells 

Alice G. and Curtis G. West 

Dr. and Mrs. Gus S. Wetzel II 

Alice Stonsbury White '52 

Mr, and Mrs. Jomes W. White 

Mr. ond Mrs. Hugh F White 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. White 

Michelle Whitehead and Delmor Greenleof 

Margaret Ballard Whitehurst '39 

Cezzonne Jones Whittington 

Cynthia G, Wielnnd 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Wilcoxson 

Fayette McDowell Willett '43 

Cecil Butler Williams '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronold W. Willioms 

Mary Poindexter Willingham '36 

Josephine Hopp Willinghom '38 

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Willock III 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles 8. Wilson 

Mr. ond Mrs. Stephen W. Wilson 

Adelo Cocke Winfree '36 

Betty Leffel Wingote '48 

Florence Bogley Witt '42 

Mr. ond Mrs. Roland M. Witt Jr. 

Williom 8. Wolf Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Werner 

Letho Morris Wood '32 

Elizobeth Bond Wood '34 

Dorothy Wolloce Wood '48 

Dione Duffield Wood '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid K. Woodbury 

Olivia Rhodes Woodin '41 

Joan Bromon Wright '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Wright Jr. 


Marion Mundy Young '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Young 

Comille Williams Yow '55 

Copt, and Mrs. Terrence L. Zockowski 

Mr. and Mrs. Elwin J. Zarwell 

Jonis Thomos Zeonoh '52 

Poge McFoll Ziebold '60 

Cynthia Zirkle 

W. Denmon Zirkle 

Jane Lewis Zollicoffer '50 

Mr. ond Mrs. Joseph Zuckermon 




friends, faculty and staff 

Friends, faculty, and staff of the 
College made a grand tolal of 
271 gifts during 1999-2()(K). 
Warmest thanks to each of the 



Leiand R. Abbey 

Mrs. Victor Ackermonn 

David P. Adorns 

Judith M. Alperin-Fried 

Dr ond Mrs. Gregory T. Armstrong 

Mr. ond Mrs. Robert W. Artinion 

louren Ashwell 

Mrs. Newell A. Augur Jr. 

Nonty Godwin Boldwin '57 

Mr. ond Mrs. Neil Baldwin 

Ellyn (. Bollou 

Robert H. Barlow 

Oede T. Bortlett 

Gordon G. Beemer H '21 

Miriom F. Bennett 

Solly C. Benoist 

Sarah R. Berman 

Elizo Bernheimer 

Mr. and Mrs. Chorles E. Berry 

Barbara Bloir 

Sandro Bogort 

Catherine Sims Bomon 

Miller Boord 

Kenneth W. Brodl 

Robert S. Brinker 

Karen T. Brott 

Walter H. Brown H '49 

Nicole Chrislensen Brown 

Mary Brunn 

Mr. ond Mrs. Carl W. Colondro 

Faith Calhoun 

Anthony Caprio 

Joseph f. Carroll 

Joe T. Carson 

Motuley Carter Jr. 

Mrs. Michael Stewart Carter 

Claudia Chang 

Mabel M. Cbipley '39 

Mortho Mansfield Clement '48 

Soro Catherine Clyburn '99 

Fern F. Colburn 

Diane linn Conray 

Paulo B. Cook 

Joan Cooper 

Goile S. Cooper 

Paige Critcber 

Thomas I. Crowell 

Ann R Cunningham 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Doniel 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Douer 

Colvert G. de Coligny Jr. 

D. J. OeRozio 

Monito R Dean 

Mrs. Charles H. Delwiller 

Peter B. Dirlam 

Vincent J. Doddy 

Martha Dubarry 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodmon H. Durfee 

Kemp V. Dwenger 

Hillary B. Eboch 

Thomas Echeverrio 

Ernest R Edwords 

Alan M. Engler 

G. D. Fader 

Cormo C. Fountleroy 

Jonotbon Fielding 

Melissa Coffey Fitz '98 

Emily Floyd 

Shelby French 

Ethel L. Froewiss 

Mary Fuller 

Caroline D. Gabel 

Forrest L. Goger Jr. 

John A. Gollucci 

Anne S. Gamble 

Moxine Gorner 

Joseph A. Gilchrist Jr. * 

Robert M. Gill 

Mrs. Glen Gilson II 

K. Sue Giovonini 

Mary Goodwin 

Mrs. William H. Grady 

Max Groeber 

Gretchen G. Grovley '98 

Madeleine F Green 

Alice C. Grover 

Corole A. Grunberg 

Morgol H. Hobn 

Mr. ond Mrs. Frank R Hall HI 

John T. Hannah 

Mary f. Hansen 

Adeloide H. Hopolo 

Patricio Harrington 

Donold R. Hart Jr. 

Elizabeth H. Hoyes 

Melisso G. Henning '99 

Helen S. Hertz 

Lucy Hervier 

Glorio A. Higginbotbom 

Dr. ond Mrs. Bruce Hillner 

Tom Hoey 

Mrs. Lloyd R. Hoilmon '74 

Mary Jane S. Oliver Hubbord '62 

Gwen Hudson 

Arthur R Humphrey III 

Julio Mills Jocobsen '45 

R. Eugene Joegers 

John G. Joffe 

Anno M. Moore and Jock Jonetotos 

Mr. ond Mrs. Leslie A. Jonka 

Woyne Johnson 

liso Johnston 

Richard T Jordan 

Arnold Joseph 

Joan L Kornosh 

Carole Karp 

Barbara A. Kelly 

Patricio A. Kendall 

Anlo Kingdon 

Ernest N. Kirrmonn ' 

Mrs. John S. Klein 

Catherine Smith Koppelmon 

Michoel S. Koppisch 

Susan Kotto 

Peter M. Lobomborde 

Louro Locchio-Rose 

Dorthy Senghos Lokner 

Rebecca Mossie Lone 

Wolter G. Longlois 

More-Olivier Longlois 

Mario Lovicsko 

Horriet Lawrence 

Susan F LeBlonc 

Sondro A. Leibowitz 

Elizabeth Grones Leonard '76 

Andreo M. lelourneou 

Mork J. Levin 

Anne S. Levy 

Deborah J. Lindblom 

Jane T Lingo 

Jane B. Long 

David L. Longfellow 

John D. Lyons 

Kolherine Moedonald 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mocneil 

Mrs. William H. Mocon 

Michoel J. Madden 

Sondro Moddox '59 

Frank H. Moier 

CoH D. Monfield 

Richard L. Mongione 

Robert G. Marshall 

Ms. Delia E. Martinez 

Kolhleen M. Lorenz Moslrongelo 

Colby Cosh Moys '84 

A. Porks McCombs 

Mr. ond Mrs. Normon E. McCulloch Jr. 

Denise A. McDonold 

Jomes H. Mclnerney Jr. 

Peter McRobbie 

Lynn M. McWhood 

Mr. ond Mrs. William H. Meadows III 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Meier 

Trocy Meisenboch 

Jack Mendelsohn 

Mary Lou Merkt 

Stephen Mirobello 

Michoel L. Moore 

Jacques Morin 

Jenny L. Mortimore 

John C. Mueller 

Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 

Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 

Byron Nimocks 

Marino Nowell 

Michael J. Olecki 

Shelley Shreve Oliver '98 

Betsy D. Ose 

Julie Porker 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Parker 

Williom M. Possono Jr. 

Christine Potronik Holder 

Marjory S. Potterson 

Mr. ond Mrs. John L. Potteson Jr. 

Ivono Pelnor-Zoiko 

Groce Perry 

C. Gregg Pelersmeyer 

Elmer Peterson 

Joy Philpott 

Mrs. William Pogue 

Mr. ond Mrs. David Pokress 

Gertrude Prior '29 ' 

Mr. ond Mrs. Michael J. Roftus 

Jon Romsey 

Korly Rausch 

Kerri A. Rowlings '97 

Ann Morrison Reams '42 

Jomes W. Reid 

James M. Rentschler 

Anne H. Richards '84 

Kothorine Richordson 

Potience Richeson '91 

Phyllis J. Ringlet 

John C. Risher 

Rachel R Robbins 

Williom A. Robertson 

Captain and Mrs. Evan D. Robinson 

Phyllis K. Rohrlich 

Williom D. Romey 

David Rosenbloom 

Richard C. Rowland ' 

English Showolter Jr. 

June Siegel 

Mortha L. Simpson 

Mory Elizabeth Skerkoske 

Charles lee Smith 111 

R. Mason Smith 

Brent Stoil-Gordner 

Borboro H. Sleiner 

Judy Stento 

Jomes f. M. Stephens Jr. 

Morgo Stever 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Stone 

louro l. Slottlemyer 

Mr ond Mrs. Williom W. Sumils 

Potricio Sweeney 

Susan A. Tolbot 

Corel W. Toylor 

Motgarel Taylor 

Joan Thiele 

Deol Tompkins 

Garland Toney Sr. 

Angelo H. Toussoint 

Calvin K. Towie 

Mrs. Richard Hancook Turley 

Daniel Voillancourt 

Mr. John Vincent 

George K. Visich 

Pomelo W. Wolloce 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wolloce 

Mrs. John W Weor 

Charles M. Weis 

Jomes M. Wells 

John Welwood 

Dr. and Mrs. Horold B. Whiteman Jr. 

Clarissa M. Rowland 
Dr. and Mrs. Robin 0. Russell 
Jone M. Sondlin 
Tom M. Schoumberg 
Helene P Schewel 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott 
Bonnie L. Seitz '01 
Antoinette R Seymour 
Alberta IliK Shottuck 
Thomas C. Shelton 
Joseph R Sherer Jr. 
Colborine A. Shirley 
Beverly 0. Shivers 

Ann Morsboll Whitley '47 
M. Lyndon Whitmore 
Herbert N. Wigder 
Julio Wilkerson 
Dorthy C. Wilkinson 
Mory Anne Wilson '57 
Jeanne L. Windsor 
Mr. and Mrs. Richord Wollesen 
Elizabeth Bond Wood '34 
Marilyn Yolom 
Nichole C. Yoroush 
Jocelyn A. Ziemian 
Louise Swiecki Zingoro '60 




wi iams associates 


The Indiana Fletcher Williams 
Associates are those individuals 
who. like Indiana Fletcher 
Williams. ha\e made provisions 
tor Sweet Briar in their estate 
plans. It is through such plan- 
ning that the future financial 
stab'lity of Sweet Briar is 
secured. The College is most 
grateful to the 31.'? Williams 

Eugenio Butnell Affel '42 
Kolhleen Word Allen '40 
Jeon Cole Anderson '31' 
Corolyn Scott Arnold '57 
Satoh Garland Bobcock '83 
Carole Gilkeson Baker 
Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 
Brooks Barnes '43 
MorieGoffney Barry '41' 
Myth Monnich Boyoud '80 
Elizabeth M. Beole '63 
Ruth Will Beckh '26 
Polly Benson-Brown '58 
Deborah Kocik Benton '79 
Pouline Dickey Beroult '69 
Janet Martin Birney '53 
Clare Newman Blonchord '60 
Ann Young Bloom '59 
Carolyn Martindale Blouin '30' 
Colhorine Fitzgerald Booker '47' 
Barbora Sampson Borsch '59 
Patricio Brown Boyer '49 
Joanne Raines Brinkley '57 
Betty Suttle Briscoe '34 
Mrs. Owen W. Brodie 
Eleanor Alcotl Bromley '34' 
Alice Cory Farmer Brown '59 
Noncy Dixon Brown '63 
Cotherine Coge Bruns '55 
Sorah M. Bumbough '54 
Julia Thomas Burleigh '28 
Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 
Carl W. Calandrn 
Eugenia Dickey Caldwell '65 
Anne Russell Carter '34 
Elizobeth Slonly Coles '63 
Lynn Mather Choretle '86 
Ellen Ramsay Clark '49 
Kirklond Tucker Clarkson '53 
Martha Mansfield Clement '48 
Anne Slelle Cole '78 
Kim Polmore Cool '62 
Mr and Mrs. W. Ford Cromer Jr 
Sally Fishburn Crockett '52 
Susan Bronson Croft '64 
Faith Rohmer Croker '54 
Paul D. Cronin 

Nonnette McBurney Crowdus '57 
Jone Guignard Curry '23 
Chesley Dole-Arnurius '43 
Diane Dollon '67 
Lydio C. Daniel 

Peter V. Doniel 
Juliet Halliburton Davis '35 
Monica F Dean 
Ruth Frye Deoton '54 
Ruth Hemphill DeBuys '41 
Maigorel Mohlmon Degler '54 
Andreo Denson-Wechsler '62 
Lynne Gardner Delmer '68 
Elise Wachenfeld de Papp '55 
Margaret Huxley Dick '36 
Margaret Stuart Wilson Dickey '41 
Carol Anne Dickson '86 
Wilma Dotson 
Patricia Potter Duncan '41 
Ernest P Edwords 

Mory Ellen Thompson Beach Elo '42 
MicheloA. English '71 
Noncie Howe Entenmonn '56 
Eleanor Crosby Erdmon '60 
Mary Rich Ewing '36 
Filzollen Kendall Fearing '23 
Kolherine Guerronl Fields '53 
Fronces Johnson Finley '37 
Elizabeth Glenn Fisher '83 
Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36 
Corol McMurtry Fowler '57 
Elinor Word Francis '37 
Rebecca Young Frazer '35 
Cloro Coll Frazier '40 
Dorothea M. Fuller '53 
Borbora Ripley Furniss '42 
Forrest L. Goget Jr 
Stewort Gommill III 
Lynn Crosby Gommill '58 
Reed Johns Gay '53 
Alfred G. Genung 
Nancy Nolle Genung '37 
Adelaide Boze Glascock '40 
Jane Piper Gleoson '74 
Virginia Chamblin Greene '55 
Mory Kimboll Grier '53 
Euro Litton Griffin '78 
Claire Dennison Griffith '80 
Roshoni M. Gunewordene '85 
Alice Trout Hogon '49 
Anne Sheffield Hole '54 
Virginia Hardin '37 
Adele Vogel Horrell '62 
Ann Pegrom Harris '59 
Elizabeth Trueheart Harris '49 
Jeanne Harris '40 
George T Harrison 
Marion Bower Harrison '48 
Vesta Murray Haselden '38 
Kolherine Powell Heller '78 
Moyde Ludinglon Henningsen '48 
Victor W. Henningsen Jr 
Dorothy Compton Marks 

Herbruck '51 
W Gibbs Herbruck 
Anne Herrmonn '64 
Kristin E. Herzog '70 
Anno Mary Chidesler Heywood '45 
Jane Burnett Hill '40 
Morgoret Preston Hodges Hill '49 
Esther Jett Hollond '43 

Martha C. Holland '72 
Anne Gothng Honey '60 
Kathleen M. Horon '71 
Anne Sluckle Houston '46 
Cissy Humphrey '76 
Belle Brockenbrough Hulchins '29' 
Morybelle L. Iliff '61 
Mory Boiley Izard '52 
Marian Shonley Jocobs '44 
Julia Mills Jacobsen '45 
Elizabeth Cox Johnson '27 
Helen Cornwell Jones '40 
Lucy Kiker Jones '43 
Gwen Speel Kaplan '60 
Kothleen A. Kovanogh '74 
Jane Johnson Kent '48 
Nancy Hudler KeuHel '62 
Soroh Toms Kreker '39 
Helen Murchison Lane '46 
Fronces Griffith Loserson '70 
Alice F Lauboch '35 
Natalie Roberts Lemon '31 
Ann Colston Leonard '47 
Anne Noyes Lewis '43 
Jane Perry Liles '53 
Elizabeth Hongei Lippincott '42 
Anne Corbitt Little '34 
Judith Perkins Llewellyn '48 
Viiginio Timmons Ludwick '53 
Mary Jane Luke '48 
Sara Finnegon Lycett '61 
Mrs. William W. Lynn Jr 
Kolherine Mocdonold 
Meri Hodges Major '54 
Mory Virginia Grigsby Mollett '49 
Mory Seaton Morslon '31 
Margaret Sheffield Mortin '48 
Buckley A. Moynard 
Ono C. Maynard 
Maddin Lupton McCallie '48 
Mory Lee McGinnis McClain '54 
Margaret Graves McClung '53 
Nancy B. McDonald '88 
Aimee Des Pland McGirt '47 
Vera Searcy McGonigle '37 
Mrs. Peyton F. McLomb 
Dorothy Woods McLeod '58 
Helen McMahon '23 
Anne Milbonk Mell '71 
Suzanne Bossewitz Mentzinger '52 
Julia Gray Saunders Michoux '39 
Margaret Sondidge Miller '37 
Norma Potteson Mills '60 
Catherine Taylor Moore '78 
Louise P Moore '50 
Morgoret Preston Moore '42 
Mokonoh Dunham Morriss '66 
Joy Reynolds Mouledoux '84 
Janet Trosch Moulton '39 
Lysbeth Muncy 
Kathleen Bailey Noger '53 
John 8. Nason III 
Laura Conway Nason '61 
Muriel Borrows Neoll '40 
Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson '43 
Mrs. Lowrence G. Nelson 

Mary Johnson Nelson '64 
Lindsay Smith Newsom '67 
Anne Walker Newton '38 
Emily Marsh Nichols '34 
Alvin B. Nordhem 
Shirley Houseman Nordhem '42 
Anne Borough O'Connor '41 
DeniseWisell O'Connor '71 
Jean C. Old '47 

Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 
Anno Choo Pai '57 
Kolharine Niles Parker '36 
Ann N. B. Porks '39 
Joanne Holbrook Potion '52 
Gray Thomas Payne '75 
Kathleen Garcia Pegues '71 
Kolhleen Peoples Pendleton '55 
Ellen Gilliam Perry '45 
Morgoret Eggers Perry '44 
Frances Gregg Petersmeyer '43 
Or and Mrs. Cornelius W. Pettinga 
Susan Dern Plonk '73 
Ruth Myers Pleasants '34 
Catherine Tift Porter '44 
Ann Hnuslein Polterfield '42 
Patricio Powell Pusey '60 
Elizabeth Kernon Quigley '48 
Solly Reahord '30 
Ann Morrison Reams '42 
Bettie Arnold Reed '64 
Janice L. RenneSleffen '74 
Catherine Cox Reynolds '49 
Caroline Moody Roberts '53 
Rosemary Frey Rogers '34 
Mory Ann Mellen Root '53 
Elizabeth Moyfield Roughlon '34 
Frances Meek Rowe '42 
Helen J. Sanford '42 
Yvonne Leggelt Sanford '39 
Betty Rou Sonlnndreo '70 
Judith Wellon Sargent '59 
Ellen Harrison Saunders '75 
Kothryn Smith Sthauer '56 
Margaret Cornwell Schmidt '37 
Patricio Hossler Schuber '47 
E. Elaine Schuster '58 
Isabel Scribo '35 
Harriet Houston Shoffer '64 
Eleanor Bosworth Shannon '47' 
Virginia Dunlop Shelton '53* 
Joseph R Sherer Jr 
Mary Alexonder Sherwood '53 
Martha McBroom Shipmon '31 
Polly Sloon Shoemaker '53 
Deboroh Sneod Shroder '78 
J. Thompson Shroder 
Susanna Judd Silcox '52 
Allison Stemmons Simon '63 
Sandra Stingily Simpson '57 
Anne Sinsheimer '51 
Jone Collins Sjoberg '53 
Mary Virginia Camp Smith '36 
Noncyellen Keone Smithers '78 
Morion Brown Snider '38 
Anne Haw Spencer '89 
Evelyn Manov Sprinsky '71 

Agnes Cleveland Stockhouse '31 ' 
Robert A. Steckel 
Melonie Bowen Steglich '78 
Sereno Ailes Stevens '30 
Judith Bensen Sligle '67 
Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman '34 
Bonnie Wood Slookey '34 
Virginia Burgess Slruhsnker '44 
Louise Worfield Stump '52 
Virginia Barron Summer '47 
Dorothy Denny Sutton '44 
Kolherine Upchurch Tokvorian '72 
Jeon G. Taylor '49 
Wilhelmino Rankin Teter '30 
Douglas Dockery Thomas '62 
Morgoret Smith Thomosson '36 
Janet D. Thorpe '39 
Jane Roseberry Tolleson '52 
Virginia Hudson Toone '53 
Kothorine Tracy '26 
Anne Bush Train '49 
Alexandra Marcoglou Tully '47 
Lucy Oennington Von Zondt '73 
Birdsoll S. Vioult 
Sarah Underbill Vioult '60 
Mortho von Briesen '31 
Adeline Jones Voorhees '46 
Morion R Walker '72 
Wendy Igleheort Walker '78 
Helen Gwinn Wallace '41 
Jessica Bemis Word '63 
Betty Byrne Gill Ware '55 
Barboro K. Warner '46 
Joan Davis Warren '51 
Woodward A. Worrick Jr 
Potricia Whitoker Waters '44 
Julio Baldwin Woxter '49 
Mory Stevens Webb '49 
Gwendolyn Weiner '62 
Jane Weslbrook '53 
Connie Burwell White '34 
Helen Littleton White '41 
Kenneth S. White 
Harold B. Whitemon Jr 
Ann Morsholl Whitley '47 
Patricio Colkins Wilder '63 
Corrington Willioms Jr 
Emory Gill Williams '40 
Mory Anne Wilson '57 
Florence Barclay Winston '57 
Helen Pender Withers '48 
Mary R Witt '74 
Helen B. Wolcott '35 
Diane Duffield Wood '57 
Elizabeth Bond Wood '34 
Keitt Motheson Wood '63 
Wendy Bursnoll Wozniak '76 
Susan Snodgrass Wynne '72 
Dorothy Malone Yates '42 
Frank J. Yeoger 
Kothryn Prothro Yeager '61 
Susan Yeotts '95 
Jacqueline Lowe Young '53 




friends of art 

The Friends of Art 1999-2000 
membership of 201 made gifts 
to the galleries and the arts pro- 
gram. Our special thanks to all 
who supported The Friends of 
Art this year 

Joon Johnston Ambrose '63 
Borboro Grocey Bocker 71 
Nonty Godwin Boldwin '57 
Pomelo Lorson Boldwin '64 
Mary frnn Brown Bollard '49 
Mr and Mrs. Donald A. Borkley 
Robert H. Barlow 
Louise Smith Borry '44 
Barbara Rockefeller Bortlett '63 
Ann Rilchey Boruch '62 
Myth Monnich Boyoud '80 
Miriam F. Bennett 
Elisabeth Vaughan Bishop '44 
Borboro Blair 
Virginia W. Bloir '98 
Anne Booth '64 
Mr, ond Mrs. James N. Boyd 
Anne Mdunkin Briber '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brodie 
Alice Cory Farmer Brown '59 
Cotherine Bornett Brown '49 
Mary London Smith Brugh '57 
Virginio Lee Butters '66 
Catherine Coldwell Cobaniss '61 
Mr and Mrs. Carl W. Colondro 
Eugenia Dickey Caldwell '65 
Mr and Mrs. Williom A. Campbell 
Aline H. Corter '94 
Borboro Derr Chenoweth '38 
Claire Cannon Christopher '58 
Betty Forinholl Cockrill '44 
Eleanor Myers Cole '46 
C. Gail Robins Constanline '67 
Kim Polmore Cool '62 
Borboro Bush Cooper '81 
Bonnie Loyd Crane '50 
Jennifer L. Crispen 
Foith Rohmer Croker '54 
Mr and Mrs. Poul D. Cronin 
Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 
Mr ond Mrs. Peter V. Daniel 
Kolherine Robison Dovey '83 
Juliet Halliburton Dovis '35 
Toro M. Day '98 
Morgorel Mohlmon Degler '54 
Borboro Woodword Downs '64 
Nancy Pingree Drake '43 
Margaret McClellon Driscoll '92 
Mortho Duborry 
Mr and Mrs. Robert J. Duffie 
Celio Williams Dunn '61 
Kimberley McGrow Fusion '92 
Carmo C. Fountleroy 
Elizobelh Morton Forsyth '36 
Chloe Fort '62 


L. Lloys Frales '88 
Cloro Coll Frozier '40 
Corlo de Creny Freed '51 
Dorotheo M. Fuller '53 
Forrest L. Goger Jr 
Soroh Belk Gombrell '39 
Jone Piper Gleoson '74 
Noncy Holl Green '64 
Allison Roberts Greene '81 
Elizobelh H. Groves '96 
Tonyo N. Grudier '98 
Jeon Lewis Guergoi '87 
Mr and Mrs. David L Holl 
Alison S. Holl '97 
Lois Slreett Homrick '66 
John T. Honnoh 
Potricio fiorringlon 
Fronces Caldwell Harris '42 
Dole Hotter Harris '53 
Elizabeth Forsyth Harris '60 
Elisabeth Walloce Hortmon '53 
Vesto Murray Haselden '38 
Morsho Albert Haugen '72 
Kale L. How '92 

Moyde Ludington Henningsen '48 
Kristin E. Herzog '70 
Mory Jane S. Oliver Hubbord '62 
Sally Wright Hyde '65 
Morion Shonley Jacobs '44 
Moin free Jalenok '88 
Barbara M. Joslrebsky '87 
Phyllis A. Joyner '55 
Anne Wimbish Kosonin '59 
Martha Legg Katz '52 
Noncy Hudler Keuffel '62 
Morguerite Kromer Kircher '84 
Bruce Wotts Krucke '54 
Aileen H. Loing '57 
Helen Murchison Lane '46 
Rebecco Mossie Lane 
Grayson Harris Lone '83 
Korol A. Lawson '81 
Kolherine E. Lemming '99 
Mr and Mrs. Stonley Laming 
Dr and Mrs. George H. Lenz 
Ann Colston Leonard '47 
Elizobelh Grones Leonard '76 
Dorothy Wood Letts '50 
Anne Noyes Lewis '43 
Helen Smith Lewis '54 
Ann E. Lindquist '92 
Fronces Mortin Lindsoy '50 
Jone T. Lingo 
Constance Etz Logon '90 
Lillion Dogger London '73 
8eotrice Dingwell Loos '46 
Sara Finnegon Lycett '61 
Noncy Coppedge Lynn '61 
Catherine M. Lynn '64 
Noncy E. MocMeekin '65 
Mary Virginia Grigsby Mallett '49 
Sarone McHugh '81 

* deceased 

Gwen Marie McKinney '03 
Rebecco Towill McNoir '60 
Rebecco McNutt 

Julio Gray Sounders Michoux '39 
Norma Polteson Mills '60 
Janet Staples Muni '44 
Susan Waller Nading '72 
Mrs. Lowrence G. Nelson 
Diane King Nelson '48 
Emily Kolhryn Corter Nichols '01 
Roberta Harmon O'Neil '73 
Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 
Harriett Tovenner Owens '44 
Susan Kirby Peacock '73 
Emily Stevens Pegues '00 
Edno Sysko Pehier '42 
Elizabeth Few Penfield '60 
Susan Dern Plonk '73 
Eleonor Coin Pope '58 
Anne Litle Poulel '64 
Annabelle Forsch Prager '43 
Elizabeth Cole Pringle '62 
Borboro Mooter Purdue '32 
Noncy Pesek Rosenberger '51 
Ann Morrison Reams '42 
Amondo S. Rich '79 
Susan Von Cleve Riehl '47 
Deborah Schmidt Robinson '89 
H. Therese Robinson '83 
Noncy Josephs Rohrer '69 
Anne Wilson Rowe '57 
Jill Sleenhuis Ruffolo '80 
Lynn Peorson Russell '69 
Mogdoleno Solvesen '65 
Helen J. Sonford '42 
Jeon Oliver Sorter '39 
Morshall Melcolf Seymour '64 
Sondro Stingily Simpson '57 
Emily Pleasants Smith '65 
Morsho Phillips Smith '74 
Helen Ookley Smith '73 
Catherine Cossidy Smith '81 
Lochrone Coleman Smith '76 
Alice Allen Smyth '62 
Soro Davis Spencer '48 
Brent Sloil-Gordner 
Tracy L. Steele '92 
Jeon Blonton Stein '44 
Annie Word Stern '66 
Janet E. Storey-Honick '73 
Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz '63 
Katharine Bonsoll Strong '39 
Ann Percy Stroud '62 
Shirley Hoymon Sudduth '60 
Grace E. Suttle '60 
Penelope Todler '91 
Mildred Newman Thoyer '61 
Susan Boline Thompson '80 
Jonet 0. Thorpe '39 
Jone Roseberry Tolleson '52 
Sondro Schwortz Tropper '73 
Patricia Balz Vincent '39 


Alice Cory Former Brown '59 

Melissa McGee Keshishion '71 

Louro Lee Brown '63 

Caroline Casey Lindemonn '49 

Jeon Walker Compbell '64 

Soro Finnegon Lycett '61 

Fay Mortin Chondler '43 

Mary Seolon Morslon '31 

Cloire Connon Christopher '58 

Antonio Bredin Mossie '77 

Jocelyn Palmer Connors '62 

Mr ond Mrs. Williom H. Meodows HI 

Jeon Inge Cox '65 

Irene Mitchell Moore '42 

Juliet Halliburton Dovis '35 

Ruth Myers Pleosonts '34 

Borboro Woodword Downs '64 

Anne Lille Poulel '64 

Celia Williams Dunn'61 

Noncy Pesek Rosenberger '51 

Morionne Hutton Felch '79 

Lynn Kohler Rogerson '76 

Lynn Crosby Gammill '58 

Jill Sleenhuis Ruffolo '80 

Allison Roberts Greene '81 

Lynn Pearson Russell '69 

Mr and Mrs. Philip Greer 

Mory Lou Morion Seilheimer '63 

Elizabeth Forsyth Harris '60 

Mary Virginia Comp Smith '36 

Elisobeth Wolloce Hortman '53 

Elynor Neblett Stephens '57 

Mr ond Mrs. Victor W. Henningsen Jr 

Penelope Logokos Turak '74 

Lesley Bissell Hoopes '68 

Wendy C. Weiler '71 

Jocqueline Mobie Humphrey '60 

Connie Burwell White '34 

Donno Pearson Josey '64 

Noncy C. White '79 

Sophie Clemence Wackenhul ' 02 

Judith Atkins Wall '61 

Pomelo W. Wolloce 

Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Wolloce 

Jessico Bemis Word '63 

Polricio W. Wolers '77 

Helen Grovott Walt '44 

Soroh Clifford Weaver '95 

Longhorne Tuller Webster '58 

Pomelo S. Weekes '83 

Mr and Mrs. George H. Weiler Jr 

Wendy C. Weiler '71 

Mr ond Mrs. John H. Wells 

Murrell Rickords Werth '44 
Dorothy C. Westby '60 
Kolherine V Whitby '95 
Helen Littlelon While '41 
Noncy C. White '79 
Polricio Calkins Wilder '63 
Dorothy C. Wilkinson 
Josephine Hopp Willingham '38 
Mory Anne Wilson '57 
Tomoro Young '02 


friends of library 

During 1999-2000, 178 
members of The Friends of the 
Sweet Briar College Library 
added to the Library's collec- 
tions. The Library gratefully 
acknowledges the all-important 
support of this group. 

Mrs. WilliDm W. Alexander 
Martha Gorrison Anness '48 
Juliette M. Anthony '62 
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Armstrong 
Mr. and Mrs. Clovio F. Ascari 
Nursol I. Aygen '76 
Nancy Godwin Boldwin '57 
Mr and Mrs. Neil Baldwin 
Mary Fron Brown Bollard'49 
Mr and Mrs. Julian W. Bonton 
Marie Gaffney Barry '41* 
Mono Wilson Beard '51 
Barbara Blair 

Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47" 
Dr. ond Mrs. George M. Boswell Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. James N. Boyd 
Patricio Brown Beyer '49 
Beverly Smith Bragg '54 
Edith Vongehr Bridges-Cone '41 
Jomee Thompson Briggs '94 
Suzonne Jones Consler '63 
Joe T. Carson 

Bettye Thomas Chambers '62 
Katharine Bornhardl Chose '62 
Barbara Derr Chenoweth '38 
Claire Cannon Christopher '58 
Mr ond Mrs. David R. Clayton 
Mr. ond Mrs. Walter G. Clinchy 
Mr and Mrs. William H. Cogswell III 
Gloria Medero Coleman '62 
C. Gail Robins Conslontine '67 
Goile S. Cooper 
Maty King Croddock '68 
Ll. Col. and Mrs. John I. Crow 
Virginia Ramsey Crawford '59 
Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 
Ann P. Cunninghom 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Daniels 
Debroh L Denemork '70 
Alice V. Dodd '65 
Nancy Pingree Drake '43 
Mr ond Mis. Robert J. Duffie 
Mr and Mrs. Gordon C. Duke 
Jean Ridler Fohrenboch '45 
Mory-Fleming Willis Finloy '66 
Mary Vinton Fleming '46 
Decco Gilmer Frockelton '41 
L Hoys Froles '88 
Cloro Coll Frozier '40 
Dorothea M. Fuller '53 
Sarah Belk Gombrell '39 
Bonilee Key Garrett '43 
Elizobeth C. Gibson '48 
Mary McGuire Gilliam '47 

Paul W. Girard 
Morion Phyllis Girord '69 
Barbara Davis Godbout '71 
Louro Radford Goley '52 
John I. Goulde 
Jo Gulick Grant '50 
Judy Wilson Grant '66 
Noncy Hall Green '64 
Mrs. William R. Griswold 
Judith Evans Grubbs 
Elizabeth Cumnock Gunn '38 
Alison S. Hall '97 
Mary F Hansen 
Adelaide H. Hapolo 
Dole Nutter Horris '53 
Ann Pogrom Harris '59 
Elizabeth Forsyth Harris '60 
Margaret R. Harris '98 
Georgia Herbert Hart '40 
Deborah R. Harvey '82 
Mory Groetzinget Heard '63 
Polricia Wornom Henry '77 
Melissa Schoen Hitt '85 
Alice A. Hodges '74 
Mrs. Lloyd R. Hoilman 
Esther Jett Holland '43 
Lesley Bissell Hoopes '68 
Allen W. Huszti 
Karen Looker Hyde '54 
John G. Joffe 

Col. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Johnson 
Mrs. CnrI A. Jones 
Lucy Kiker Jones '43 
Louise Corrigon Jordan '39 
Richard T Jordan 
Anne Wimbish Kosonin '59 
Nancy D. Kershner '90 
Nancy Hudler Keuffel '62 
Marguerite Kramer Kirther '84 
Bruce Watts Krucke '54 
Helen Murchison Lone '46 
Mr and Mrs. Kenneth L. Lowson 
Kotol A. Lawson '81 
Abigail Lesnick Leibowitz '36 
Mr and Mrs. Stanley Leming 
Dr and Mrs. George H. Lenz 
Susonne Gay Linville '32 
Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb '59 
Catherine M. Lynn '64 
Mary Virginia Grigsby Mollett '49 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph J. Moncusi Jr. 
Carl D. Monfield 
Cheryl Mores 
Mary Seolon Morston '31 
Antonio Bredin Mossie '77 
Borbora Offutt Mathieson '70 
McNair Currie Maxwell '63 
Anne Stupp McAlpin '68 
Moddin Lupton McCallie '48 
Sorone McHugh '81 
Dorothea Campbell McMillan '66 
Rebecca McNutt 

Jeonnelte Bush Miller '71 

Reuben G. Miller 

Stephen Mitobella 

Mr and Mrs. Ben E. Mobley 

Mr and Mrs. C. Robert Monnich 

Margaret Gillmer Myers '66 

Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson '43 

Diane King Nelson '48 

Jane W. Nelson '66 

Frances Stith Nilsson '72 

Mr and Mrs. Carmen J. Palermo 

Elizabeth Few Penfield '60 

Mr and Mrs. E. Lee Piepho 

Jeonnette N. Pillsbury '72 

Susan Dern Plonk '73 

Catherine Tift Porter '44 

Elizabeth Tyson Postles '31 

Morgoret Craighill Price '41 

Borbaro Munter Purdue '32 

Mr and Mrs. James P Read 

Ann Morrison Reoms '42 

Michael D. Richards 

Anne H. Richards '84 

John C. Risher 

Rosemary Frey Rogers '34 

Amy Jean Ross '94 

Clarissa M. Rowland 

Helen J. Sonlord '42 

Dr and Mrs. Guy L. Schless 

L Angelyn Schmid '87 

Brent M. Shea 

Morsho Phillips Smith '74 

Lochrone Coleman Smith '76 

Margaret Stanton 

Satah Anderson Stanton '89 

Virginia Burgess Slruhsoker '44 

Marie E. Sushko '67 

Grace E. Suttle '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred R Szok 

Kotherine Upchurch Tokvorion '72 

Emily B. Thomas 

Margaret Smith Thomasson '36 

Janet D. Thorpe '39 

George K. Visich 

Jessica Bemis Word '63 

Mr and Mrs. Woodward A. Worrick Jr 

Sarah Watson '70 

Helen Grovott Watt '44 

Mr and Mrs. Andrew D. Weaver 

Mrs. Richard C. Weiss 

James M. Wells 

Mr ond Mrs. John H. Wells 

Elizabeth Smith White '59 

Dr and Mrs. Harold B. Whiteman Jr 

Sallie Yon Williams '63 

Josephine Hopp Willingham '38 

Mary Anne Wilson '57 

Liso Fowler Winslow '73 

Elizabeth Bond Wood '34 

Justine Domhoff Wright '38 

Susannah Scogel Young '85 

Mr. and Mrs. Elwin J. Zarwell 


Jean Love Albert '46 

Antonio Bredin Massie '77 

Mr and Mrs. J. Bruce Bredin 

Evelyn D. Mullen '31 

Bettye Thomas Chambers '62 

Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 

Fay Martin Chandler '43 

Mr ond Mrs. J. Wilson Newman 

Dorothy H. Crosby 

Dr and Mrs. Cornelius W. Pettingo 

Laura L. Crum '79 

Vernon W. Piper 

Juliet Halliburton Davis '35 

Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 

Frances Biggers Flock '79 

Nancy Pesek Rosenberger '51 

Lynn Crosby Gommill '58 

John C. Risher 

Jone Piper Gleoson '74 

Margaret A. Rogers '56 

Laura Rodford Goley '52 

Anne Wilson Rowe '57 

Pomelo Coggbill Graham '74 

Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott '36 

Mr ond Mrs. Philip Greer 

Catherine C. Seaman 

Gladys Wester Norton '30 

Mary Virginia Camp Smith '36 

Morjorie Ris Nylond '33 

Stephanie Bredin Speokmon '68 

Caroline Casey Lindemonn '49 

Constance Lone Vucurevich '69 

Mrs. William W.Lynn Jr. 

Jane Miller Wright '48 

John J. Marquis Jr 

Margaret Jones Wyllie '45 


corporate and 


Gifts from corporations and foundations 
represent an important commitment to 
academic freedom of choice and the con- 
tinued strength of independent liberal arts 
colleges. We are grateful to the follow- 
ing for gifts during 1999-2000: 
ACA laboratories Fund 
Albert B. Cord Chorltofale Foundation 
Ashtrofl Foundolion 
Boston Foundation 
Btodley Foundation 
Braitmoyer Foundation 
Brown Chariloble Trust, Bruce Ford 
Burns Family Foundolion 
Cahouel Charitable Trust 
Copilol Concrete 

Cor! ond Phyllis Delering Foundation 
Caroline J. Sanders Foundation 
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc. 
Chubb and Son, Inc. 
Community Foundation 
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis 
Community Foundation of Louisville 
Cord Charitable Foundation 
Eosley Chorilable Trust 
Fidelity Investment Chorilable Gift Fund 
Foundation For The Carolinos 
Guy I Steuort Foundalion, Inc. 
Haskell Fund 

Holcombe and Nancy Green Foundation 
Hotter Family Foundalion 
James Moore Foundation for Otologic Research 
Jeffress foundolion 
Jessie Ball duPonI Fund 
John and Mory Camp Foundolion 
Josey Foundalion 
Kuntz Foundalion 
land Amerko Foundation 
lone Charitable Trust 
lettie Pale Whileheod Foundolion, Inc. 
lowe, Brockenbrough & Tattersoll, Inc. 

lulher and Claire Griffith Foundalion 


Morie G. Dennett Foundalion 

McCance Foundation Trust 

Medio Group 

Merck Compony Foundation 

Mid Atlanhc Arts Foundalion 

Minor Foundalion, Inc. 

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundolion 

MonlogueBetts Company 


Ooklown Foundation 

Overton ond lavona Currie Foundation 

Pole Foundation, Inc. 

Pellegrino-Reolmulo Choritoble Foundation 

Peninsula Community Foundolion 

Pennsylvania lumbermens Mutual Insurance 

Robert L. and Kotherina H. Maclellan Foundolion 

Rouse-Bottom Foundalion 

Rust Foundation 

Sarah Belk Gombrell Foundalion 

SC Wax Fund, Inc. 

Scion Natural Science Associalion, Inc. 

Self Foundohon 

Sheffield Horrold Chariloble Trust 

Slonley & Dorothy Pauley Charitable Trust 

Slupp Bros Bridge-Iron Co. 

Sutherlond Foundolion, Inc. 

The BBC Foundation 

The Bruce Ford Brown Chorilable Trust 

The Cholfonl Foundalion, Inc. 

The Chorles Schwab Corporalion Foundation 

The Francis and Miranda Childress foundation 

The Howe Foundolion, Inc. 

The Joe ond Lois Perkins Foundolion 

The Judith Rothschild Foundation 

The McCance Foundolion Trust 

The Rose and Waller Montgomery Foundation 

The New York Community Trust 

The Powell Foundation 

The Scudder Charitable Foundalion 

The Seilheimer Foundalion 

The Sportonburg County Foundation 

The Starke Foundolion 

The Storrett Foundation 

Tlie Walter G. Canipe Foundalion, Inc. 

Turner Foundalion, Inc. 

Virginio Commission for the Arts 

Virginia Foundalion of Independent Colleges 

Von Der Meer Tennis University 

W. D. Campbell Insutonce 

W. L lyons Brown Foundalion 

Walker Family Foundalion 

Winslon-Solem Foundolion 

GIFTS IN 1999-2000 

AT&T Foundation 

AON Corporation 

ARCO Foundation, Inc. 

Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Aetno Foundalion, Inc. 

Agilent Technologies 

Air Products 

Alcoa Foundation 

American Express 

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. 


BOC Group 

Banc One 

BonkAmerico Foundation 


Bank of America 

Bank of New York 

Baxter Allegiance Foundohon 

Bell Allonlic Foundation 


Bemis Compony Foundolion 

Boeing Company Foundation 

Borden Foundolion, Inc. 

Brislol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. 

Brown-Formon Corporation 

Burlington Industries Inc. 

Burlington Northern Sonto Fe Foundation 

CAN Insuronce Companies Foundalion 

CIGNA Foundohon 

CIT Foundolion 


CSX Corporalion 

Corolina Power ond Light Compony 

Coterpillar Troctor Co. 

Champion Inlernaliono! Corporahon 

Chose Monhotton Foundation 

Chesapeake Corporotion Foundation 

Chevron Products Company 

Chicago Title and Trust Co 

Chrysler Corporalion Fund 


Coca-Colo Company 

Corning Incorporated Foundolion 

Crestar Bonk 

Crum & Forsler Insurance 

Doimler/Chrysler Corporahon Fund 

Dominion Resources, Inc. 

Dow Chemical Company Foundolion 

Dow Jones and Company Inc. 

Dun & Brodslreel Corporahon Foundation 

ENRON Foundalion 

Eli Lilly and Compony Foundalion 

Easlern Nalionol Pork ond Monument Assodotion 

Exxon Educohon Foundolion 

Exxon Mobile 


FonnieMoe Foundohon 

Fidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund 

First Union Corporalion of NC 

Flrsl Union Nohonol Bonk 

First Virginia Bonks Inc. 

Ford Molor Company 

Foster Wheeler Corporahon 

GE Fund 

GTE Foundalion 

Georgia Power Company 

Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. 

Goldman Sachs & Co. 

Green Point Savings Bonk 

H&R Block Foundohon 


Horroh's Enlertoinmenl, Inc. 

Hartford Insurance Group 

Hercules Inc. 

Hershey Foods Corporation Fund 

Hewlett- Pockord Company 

H.J. Heinz Company Foundation 

Hoechsl Celanese Foundohon 

Hoffmonn-LoRoche Inc. 

Household Finance Foundohon 

IBM Inlernolionol Foundohon 

IKON Office Soluhons 

INCO Uniled Sloles, Inc. 

ING (US) Financial Services Corp. 

Illinois Tool Works foundalion 

Imasco Holdings, Inc. 

Inlernolional Paper Company Foundohon 

Investment Technology Group, Inc. 

J.P Morgan & Company Inc. 

Joe and Lois Perkins Foundohon 

John Hancock 

KPMG Pool Marwick Foundolion 

Konsos City Southern Industries, Inc. 

Kemper Notional Insurance Companies 

Knighl Foundohon 

Kuntz Foundohon 

Lowyers Title Foundolion 

Lehman Brothers, Inc. 


Lever Brothers Company 

Lockheed Mortin Corporalion 

Lorillord Tobocco Co. 

Lolus Developmenl Corporotion 

lucent Technologies 

MBNA Americo Bonk 


Moritz, Inc. 

Marsh & Mclennon Companies, Inc. 

Mass Mutual life Insurance Co. 



foundation friend 

Moy Department Stores Company 

McGraw-Hill Companies Foundation, Int. 
McKesson Foundation, Inc. 
Mellon Bank 

Merck Compony Foundotion, Inc. 
Merrill Lynch ond Company 

Foundation, Int. 
Microsoft Corporation 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
MonSonto Fund 
Morgan Slonley Foundotion 
Motorola Foundation 
Murphy Oil Corporation 
Mutuol of New York 

Notional City Bonk 
Notionsbonk Corporation 
Neimon-Marcus Group 
The New England 
New York Life Insurance Co. 
Newport News Shipbuilding 
Niogoro Mohawk Foundation 
Norfolk Southern Foundation 

Northern Telecom, Inc. 
Northwestern Mutual Life 
Olin Corporation Charitable Trust 
Openoko Corporation, Inc. 
PNC Bank Foundation 
PPG Industries Foundotion 
PepsiCo Foundation 
Pfizer, Inc. 

Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 
Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance 

Pioneer Group, Inc. 
Price Woterhouse LLP Foundation 
Procter and Gamble Fund 
Provident Companies 
Prudential Foundation 
Quicksilver Resources, Int. 
RJR Nabisco Foundation 
Roytheon Company 
SBC Foundation 
SC Johnson Wax Fund, Inc. 
Sonofi Winthrop, Inc. 
Sedgwick Jomes, Inc. 
Shell Oil Company Foundation 
Signet Banking Corporation 
SmithKline Beechom Foundation 
Southern New England 

Stanley Works 

Struever Brothers Ectles & Rouse 
SunTrust Bank; Atlonto Foundation 
Swedish Motcb North Amerito Inc. 
Swiss Bank Corporation 
T Rowe Price Associotes Foundation 
TRW Foundotion 
Texaco foundation 
Texas Instruments 

The Guardian 

Time Worner, Int. 

Times Mirror Foundation 

Tiret/Permo Flex 

Towers Perrin Company 

Tronsomerito Foundation 

Tropicono Products, Inc. 

U.S. Bancorp 

UPS Foundotion 


Union Camp Corporation 

The Vanguard Group 

Wachovia Bank of North Carolina 


Woshington Post 

Wosle Management, Inc. 

Wells Fargo ond Co. 

Western Asset Monogement Company 

Westinghouse Foundotion 

Weyerhouser Company Foundation 

W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 


Sweet Briar College is most 
grateful for the continued annual 
support received through the 
Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges (VFIC). 
During 1999-2000. the College 
received S202.704. Such support 
represents the awareness of the 
business community of the 
importance of higher education 
in Virginia. 


(These names provided by the VFIC) 

$150,000 and Above 

AT&T Foundation 

Jessie Boll duPont Fund Endowment 

The Pew Charitable Trusts 

Robins Foundation 

E. Claiborne Robins Scholars 

Sylvan Learning Systems 

$100,000 and Above 


The Botlen Foundation 

Collis Warner Foundation 

Jessie Boll duPont Fund 

Philip Morris Companies Inc. 

Reynolds Metals Compony Foundation 

Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic 

Wothovio Bonk, NA 

$50,000 ond Above 

Bonk of Amerita - Virginia 
Beozley Foundation, Int. 
CSX Corporation 
Camp Foundations 

Camp Foundation 

Comp Younts Foundation 

J. L Comp Foundotion 

Ruth Comp Campbell Foundation 


Foundation for Independent Higher 

Norfolk Southern Corporation 
North Shore Foundotion 
George A. & Lorraine C. Snell and 
Snell Construction Corporation 
SunTrust Bonk Mid Atlantic 
United Parcel Service/Foundation for 

Independent Higher Education 

$30,000 and Above 

BB&T of Virginia 
Bornhort Endowment 
Colonial Williomsburg Hotel 

Properties, Inc. 
Ethyl Corporotion 
Emily S. & Coleman A. Hunter 

Charitable Trust 
Shelley Krosnow Estate 
Landmark Communications, Inc. 
The Virginian-Pilot 
The Roanoke Times 
Mossey Foundation 
Perry Foundation, Inc. 
E. Cloiborne Robins, Jr. 

$25,000 and Above 

Bassett Furniture Industries, Int. 
First Union Mid-Atlantit 
GE Finontiol Assuronte 
Mrs. E. Cloiborne Robins 
Universal Corporotion 

$20,000 and Above 

Ameritan Elettric Power 
Robert B. Cloytor/ 

Norfolk Southern Fund 
Mr. Ralph 8. Davis 
First Virginia Bonks, Inc. 
Maurice L. Mednick Memoriol Fund 
The Pittston Company 

$15,000 and Above 

Clork-Winchcole Foundotion 

Rrst Union Securities 

Medio General, Int. 

Bristol Hernld-Courier 

The Charlottesville Doily Progress 

Culpeper Star-Exponent 

Danville Register & Bee 

The Lynchburg Doily & News 

The Manassas Journol Messenger 

Potomac News 

Richmond Times-Dispatch 

Suffolk News-Herold 

Target Stores 

Washington Forrest Foundation 

$10,000 and Above 

William E. Belts, Jr. 
Carpenter Company, Int. 
The Cose Foundation 
Columbia Energy Group Charitable 

Gottwold Foundation 

Morkel Corporation 
Mrs. Jeonette Moore 
RelioStar Foundotion 
Roanoke Elettrit Steel Corporation 
Ukrop's/First Market Bonk 
The Wilton Companies 

$7,500 and Above 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

Croddotk-Terry Foundation, Int. 

Ernst & Young 

Mr. and Mrs. Brute C. Gottwold 

Hunton & Williams 

Notionwide Insurante Company 

C. E. Richardson Benevolent Foundation 

Tredegor Corporation 

Vulcan Materials Company 

Washington and Lee University 

$5,000 and Above 

Jane Parke Batten 

Birdsong Peanuts 

Mocon R Brock, Jr. 

Canon Virginia, Int. 

Capital One 

Preston C. Coruthers 

Christian & Barton 

Cirtuit City Foundotion 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cutthins, III 

Deloitte & Touthe 

Eagle Corporation 

Empire Mothinery & Supply Corporation 

English Foundation ■ Trust 

Ferguson Enterprises, Int. 

C. B. Fleet Company, Int. 
The Fred Whitoker Compony 
The Fort James Foundation 
Frederifksburg Savings Charitable 

Furnate Associotes/Lorton Londfill 
Mr. and Mrs. Williom H. Goodwin, Jr. 
Garland and Agnes Taylor Gray 

The Herndon foundation 
Invensys Controls 
Ainsley J. Lester, III 
Chos. Lunsford Sons and Associates 
Mary and Daniel Loughran 

Foundation, Inc. 
Mays & Valentine 
McGuireWoods LLP 
H. P McNeol 
Lewis N. Miller, Jr. 

NBCI 2 Jefferson Pilot Communicotions 
Nolond Company Foundation 
Owens & Minor Inc. 
Clarence R. Payne 
Performance Food Group Co. 
W. Russell Ramsey 
Rouse-Bottom Foundation, Int. 
Shenandooh Life Insurante Compony 
Snell Construttion Corporation 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Snow 
Southern States Cooperative, Int. 
SouthTrust Bonk of Alabama, N.A. 
Sprint Mid-Atlantic Telecom, Inc. 
The Titmus Foundation, Int. 
The Trulond Foundation 
Viosystems Tethnologies Corp. 
Weinstein Monogement Company, Int. 
Westvaco Corporation 
Williams Mullen Clark & Dobbins 



memorial g 

Many alumnae, parents, and 
friends made gifts lo Sweet 
Briar for capital or current sup- 
port in the form of memorials. 
Listed below are the names of 
those in whose memory gifts 
were made in 1999-2000. 
Letho Audhuy '58 
Thomos I. Boldwin 
(alherine M. Barker '50 
Mrs. E. Borry 
Belle Boone Beard 
Eleonor A. Bromley '34 
Susan B. Bruth '46 
Eugenia Griffin Burnett '10 
Frank E. Calhoun 
Mary W. Crowell '42 
Mory Groy Curtis '36 
Helen Smith Davenport '57 
Jovon De Rotto 
Judy B. DeSouzQ '66 
Mary Treadway Downs '39 
Elizabeth Avery Duff '45 
Morgorel Mory Dyer 
M. Beverly Lev»is Eomes '70 
Alice R. Edens '47 
Judith M. Elkins 
Claire Staflorl Ewolt 
Adele McC. Farman 
Mildred W. Gornett '27 

Elizabeth C. Gawthrop '39 
Mathilda B. George '23 
Elizabeth Williams Gilmore '30 
Mary L. Glozier '28 
Cotinne F Groy '36 
Elizabeth W. Gregory '48 
Ann Rylond Griffin '48 
Mrs. Bowen Griffith 
Dow Grones '45 
Ashley D. Hammond '93 
Milan Hopola 
Hugh L. Holland Jr 
Corel Myers Hunter '44 
Dorothy Keller lliff '26 
Ruth P. Irvin '68 
Shirley L. Johnson '47 
Joan R. Kent 
Ello Prince Knox '56 
Jon Lodeesen 
Edith Durrell Marshall '21 
Thomas E. Martin Jr. 
Katherine B. McKelwoy '48 
Mrs. Ado French McWone '51 
Martha J. Miller '41 
Winifred W Morriss '28 
Virginia Mowry '35 
Virginia R. Neilson '80 
Betty Boss Norris '46 
Loren Oliver 
Louise C. Orr '29 

The following individuals left 
gifts to Sweet Briar through 
their estates during the 1999- 
2000 fiscal year 
Anno Whitoker Bortel '41 
Audrey T. Belts '45 
Betty Bean Block '49 
Mary Swift Calhoun '31 
Constance Currie Fleming '40 

Joseph A. Gilchrist Jr. 
Frances W. Gregory '36 
Lucile Cox Jones '36 
Elizabeth F Hibbs '29 
Ella Phillips Holchkiss '29 
Ernest N. Kirrmonn 
Rebekoh Strode lee '34 
A, Porks McCombs 
Eleanor Bosworth Shannon '47 


Norman Pottcson 
Ralph A. Pesifi 
Virginia N. Pillsbury '44 
Mary Pringle '34 
Mory Carter Richardson '34 
Clarice Robinson '39 
Richard Rowlond 
Frances M. Ruddell '35 
Orvel Sebring 
Caroline R. Sellers '46 
Ann H. Shofer '64 
Eleanor B. Shonnon '47 
Debro B. Shannon 
Virginio W. Shellon '45 
Virginio Dunlap Shellon '53 
Louise W. Steele '56 
Byrd Stone '56 
Catherine M. Slorek '53 
Jeon E. Telford '46 
Cecile M. Tetreoult 
Margaret W. Von Buren '47 
Zolo G. Wore '49 
Catherine G. Weotherford '59 
Elizabeth M. Weis '43 
Ellen I Wilson '46 
Benjamin Bonn Woodord 
Leigh Woolverton '82 
Helen Yankee '29 

estate gifts 

Frances H. Thomas 
Sarah Everett Toy '28 
Cornelia Murray Weller '33 
Lois Peterson Wilson '26 
Belle Brockenbrough Hutchins '29 
Mory Whipple Clark '35 



report of the vice president 
for finance & administration 

by Mary Lou Merkt 

Sweet Briar College moves into the new century with tremendous advan- 
tages. We benefit from a unique heritage, progressive academic programs, 
superior technological capabilities, an unparalleled physical location, 
exceptional faculty, staff, and students, a healthy endowment, and a vision- 
ary' president. Our challenge for the future will be to continue in our role as good 
stewards of these extraordinary assets and remain competitive in an ever-changing 

As is the case with several of Sweet Briar's peer institutions, the College does 
not depend heavily on tuition and fees to support its operating budget. In fact, only 
14.9% of its annual budget is financed through tuition and fees. As depicted in 
Graph A, alumnae and friends, through generous gifts, contribute significantly to 
the operating budget and allow present day students to enjoy the benefits of a Sweet 
Briar education at an affordable cost. Table B illustrates recent increases in tuition, 
which have been consistently below the national average. 

For the year ended June 30, 2000, contributions to the endowment totaled 
$2,634,650 and $2,025,175 was given to support the operating budget. The 
College's endowment stood at $120,834,558 as of June 30, 2000. It remains one of 
the highest per student college endowments in the country. As shown in Table C, 
the endowment showed a slight decline from its June 30, 1999 value, highlighting 
its vulnerability to stock market changes. 

The College's campus is a true gem. The beautiful, historic buildings set in the 
breathtaking, rural location we are blessed with, are an integral part of our heritage 
and a strong recruiting tool. Many improvements are nearing completion on cam- 
pus, including the Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center, restoration of the 
exteriors of the buildings listed on the historic register, new signage, renovation of 
one of the dairy bams into an art studio and conversion of the train station into an 
environmental science laboratory. Planned improvements include a new Student 
Commons Building (scheduled for completion 2002), which will modernize our 
dining areas, provide for student meeting and social space, and afford one-stop 
shopping for students, including access to the Bookshop, Post Office, Cashier's 
window, and other important venues students must frequently visit. The Student 
Commons will be a strong tool for recruitment and retention, and is being financed, 
again, through the generosity of forward-thinking donors. 

As we move ahead, we must ensure that the College's dreams continue to be 
realized. The administration, faculty, and staff are committed to efficiency in offer- 
ing a superior education, while alumnae and friends are heeding the call to provide 
the needed support. Given this strong partnership. Sweet Briar will move into the 
twenty-first century in a place of distinction. 


Source of Operating Budget 



Fees, Room and Board 



Year Ended 







1 .46% 












sbc board of directors 

1 999-2000 

Sara Finnegan Lycett '61 

Michela English '71 

Mary Johnson Nelson '64 

Ann Ritchey Baruch '62 

William J. Cabaniss, Jr. 

Paul W. Dudman 

Madeleine F. Green 

Nancy Hall Green '64 

Bradley Hale 

Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 

C. Gregg Petersmeyer 

A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. 

Myth Monnich Bayoud '80 

Jane Merkle Borden '65 

Elizabeth Stanly Gates '63 

Mary-Fleming Willis Finlay '66 

Carol Young McMurtry Fowler '57 

Katherine Gumerson '97 

L. Parker Harrell, Jr. 

Melissa G. Henning '99 

Nancy Hudler Keuffel '62 

Norma Patteson Mills '60 

Vaughan Inge Morrissette '54 

Kathleen Garcia Pegues '71 
C. Cotesworth Pinckney 

Mark H. Prothro 

Anne Wilson Rowe '^7 

Kindle L. Samuel '98 

Stephanie Bredin Speakman '68 

Mildred Newman Thayer '61 

Elizabeth Smith White '59 

Susan Snodgrass Wynne '72 

Sweet Briar College's fiscal year is July 1 to June 30 



charitable estate planning 

Estate planning is a complex process and 
almost always requires the services of an 
estate planning professional. But your 
most important concern in planning your 
estate is to decide how you want others to 
benefit from the assets you will transfer at 
your death. 

First, think of all the people to whom you 
are close, as well as the charitable organi- 
zations you would like to support, and 
determine what you would like to provide 
to each person and charitable organization. 
Then, when you do visit a professional 
estate planner, he or she will help you 
accomplish your goals by employing the 
best techniques to comply with the laws 
and to reduce taxes. 

Unfortunately, attorneys often fail to men- 
tion ways an individual can help charitable 
organizations; if you are inclined to make 
a gift to a charitable organization, be 
advised to bring the matter up with him or 
her yourself. 

Following are a few ideas that might be 
employed when looking at your estate 


A will is a legal document that tells your 
executor how you want your estate to be 
divided at your death. A common mistake 
married people make when they want to 
leave everything to their spouse is not 
employing a basic estate tax-saving tech- 
nique; the bypass trust. 

Leaving your spouse everything outright is 
not always a good idea, especially for 
those whose estates are large enough to be 
taxable. Because everyone — both spous- 
es — enjoys an amount that is exempted 
from federal taxation, a person should 
establish a trust at death to protect that 
amount. In 1997, Congress decided to 
gradually raise this exempt amount from 
$600,000 until it reaches $1,000,000 by 
the year 2006, to keep up with inflation. 

Example: A parent with a $5 million 
estate can leave her husband everything 
without incurring a federal estate tax at 
her death. By doing so, however, her 
husband will have (assuming no increase 

Lucille Cox Jones '36 and her husband. Dr. 
Robert Epes Jones left Sweet Briar over 
$500,000 through their will to establish 
an endo>ved scholarship in memory of 
Lucille's mother, Louise Jones Cox. 

in value) a taxable estate of $5 million 
upon his death. The federal tax on that 
amount, using current tax tables and 
after taking into account her estate 
exclusion, is around $2 million. This 
leaves the children about $3 million. If 
she instead establishes a bypass trust of 
up to $1 million, the total tax will 
decrease by at least $200,000, so the 
children receive more. 

Using the bypass trust, the mother effec- 
tively divides her estate into two parts; one 
consists of the assets in trust; the other 
consists of the remaining assets. Her hus- 
band will have access to the remaining 
assets and will also receive income from 
the trust. (He also will have access to the 
trust principal if he desires.) In this way, 
the husband's estate includes only the 
remaining assets, because the assets in 
trust bypass his estate entirely, without 
estate tax. 

A proper estate plan must take into 
account the possibility that the younger or 
healthier spouse may die first. 

The benefits in the example above are 
realized only if the wife predeceases her 
husband. If the husband dies first, the 
woman will still have all the assets in her 
estate, and will be without the benefit of 
protecting one of their two exemption 
amounts from taxes. 

To ensure that taxes are not unnecessarily 
incurred, one should have at least 
some assets in his or her own name. A 
spouse can give as much as he or she 
wishes to the other without incurring a gift 
tax because the tax laws allow unlimited 
gifts between spouses. Ideally, each 
spouse should own up to half the estate, 
and each person's will should include a 
bypass trust for the other's benefit. 


The easiest form of charitable estate plan- 
ning is naming a charitable organization in 
your will — a bequest provision. Specify 
an asset, an amount of money, a percent- 
age of your estate or variety of other des- 
ignations. The main benefit of a 
bequest — your decision can be changed at 
any time. In the U.S., about 90% of estate 
transfers to charitable organizations are 
made as a result of bequest provisions. 


There are a variety of ways to plan an 
estate and include charitable contributions. 
Much of the value given to a charity is 
derived from reduced federal estate taxes, 
leaving other heirs substantially the same 
inheritance they would have received with- 
out the chaii table gift. 

For more information, call or write; 

Deal Tompkins 

Director of Capital and Planned Gifts 

P.O. Box G 

Sweet Briar. VA 24595 


The information in this publication is not 
intended as legal advice. For legal advice, 
please consult an attorney. Figures cited in 
examples are based on current rates at the 
time of printing and are subject to change. 



Office of Developent 


Sweet Briar College 

Sweet Briar, VA 24595 

(804) 381-6161 

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362S 4e 234 
BOX 112 
SWEET BRIAR Uft 24595-0112